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This compilation consists of six parts; the first is, English GRAMMAR, in which is contained every thing necessary to be committed to memory, either by youth or adults. For it will be found that nothing is omitted, except such remarks as were deemed too prolix and superfluous in a book intended chiefly for the use of schools. But the substance of the most esteemed and popular treatises is comprised in so small a compass as must expedite the scholar's

improvement, improvement, by enabling him to learn the whole in a short time. The next part is COMPOSITION, in which is comprehended nearly every principle, or rule, contained in publications adapted for the instruction of youth; and the number of examples, which illustrate and explain each precept, are so methodically arranged as to render them distinct and perspicuous. SYNONYMY constitutes another division, as tending to promote greater correctness in the choice of words, and as corresponding with the preceding subject. To which succeeds a short dissertation on the beauties and defects of the EngLISH LANGUAGE, contributing additional information of the same kind, and suggesting a proper plan for the student's further improvement in elocution. The fifth section consists of SELECT ORATIONS, of such a moderate length as not to be irksome and laborious 1


for the pupil to learn by heart, which also afford specimens of elegant composition ; and by reciting some of the most eloquent speeches of celebrated orators is. perhaps the best mode of acquiring a proper confidence and address in delivering his own sentiments. The sixth and last part comprehends a variety of beautiful pieces of Poetry, which will give the scholar a taste and refinement in his language and ideas. In general such only have been selected as are not too long to be soon learnt, and which convey so many pleasing reflections, moral

precepts, and elegant descriptions as cannot fail to be interesting and instructive.

From the preceding analysis it will appear that the subjects contained in this compilation combine in affording a comprehensive view of the Elements of the English Language. And as the whole


is adopted to the capacities of students in general, and calculated for the use of schools, it will be found a short and easy Guide to the attainment of a correct style, as well as a useful Compendium for the Practice of Elocution,

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