Imatges de pÓgina

EXECUTED by all parties, and attested. by two witnesses.

SEPARATE RECEIPTS for consideration monies indorsed, and witnessed.


BY INDENTURE of three parts between ], of, &c. of the first part; ], of, &c. of the second part;

July 24th,




and [

], of, &c. of the third part,

], of, &c. had become

tenant in tail after possibility of issue extinct,
of the freehold and copyhold hereditaments
and premises thereinafter granted and re-
leased, and covenanted to be surrendered:
and said [
], was entitled to the re-
version or remainder in fee simple, expectant

[merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

said [
] to lend him the same, which he
had consented to do upon having the repay-

ment thereof with interest secured to him by
the bond of the said [
], and by a
mortgage of such remainder or reversion in
manner thereinafter mentioned.

And reciting that the said [

that day executed a bond to said [

in the penal sum of


] had

[ocr errors]

l., which said bond

is conditioned to be void on payment by said ], his heirs, executors, administrators, or assigns, of said 7. with interest for the same, after the rate, at the time, and in manner thereinafter mentioned.

IT IS WITNESSED that in consideration of by said [

] to said [


] lent and paid; and for the better securing the repayment thereof with interest as thereinafter mentioned.

HE, the said [

], did grant, bargain,

], his

sell, and demise, to the said [

executors, administrators, and assigns,

ALL, &c.

And all houses, &c.

And the reversion and reversions, remainder

and remainders, &c.

And all the estate, &c.

], his exe

TO HOLD unto the said [
cutors, administrators, and assigns, for one
thousand years, from the day next before the
day of the date of the now abstracting deed,
and fully to be complete and ended; without
impeachment of waste;

SUBJECT nevertheless to the estate for life
of the said [

], by virtue of a cer

tain indenture of release, dated

and common recovery suffered in pursuance thereof,

And subject also to the following proviso for redemption, viz.

PROVISO, that if the said [

], his heirs,

executors, administrators, or assigns, did and should pay, or cause to be paid unto said [

}, his executors, administrators, or

assigns, the full sum of

7. with lawful in

day of

terest for the same, on the then next ensuing, without deduction in any respect whatsoever; and if the said [ 1, his heirs, executors, administrators, or assigns, did and should in the mean time pay and discharge all taxes and other payments in respect of said premises, then said term of one thousand years thereby created should cease.

AND IT IS FURTHER WITNESSED that for better securing the repayment of said 7. with interest as aforesaid, he, said [ ], did thereby cove

nant to surrender with all convenient speed after the execution thereof, according to the custom of the manor of

ALL that the remainder or reversion, ex

pectant on the decease of the said [ 1 of and in

ALL (set forth copyholds,)

TO THE USE of the said [

], his heirs

and assigns for ever, according to the custom of said manor of

SUBJECT nevertheless to the aforesaid proviso for redemption.

COVENANT by the said [

], that he was lawfully entitled to said freehold and copyhold premises in fee, in reversion, or remainder, immediately expectant on the decease of said [


AND had good right to convey and surrender, subject as aforesaid,


FOR quiet enjoyment after decease of said 1, and after default in payment, to receive and take the rents and profits thereof, to his and their own use and benefit.

And for further assurance after default in payment.

PROVISO and declaration, that in case said [ ] should depart this life before said it should be lawful for said [ to have quiet possession, with perception and de

day of

[ocr errors]

tention of rents, until default in payment of said 7. and interest, according to the above

sum of



securing said 7. and interest, the said [


should at all times, after the decease of said ], during the continuance of a certain


term of

years assigned to him by

said indenture of release, dated


possessed of and interested in same term, upon

the trusts following, viz.

IN TRUST, in the first place, for better

securing said

And subject thereto,

7. and interest.

[blocks in formation]
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