Imatges de pÓgina

RECEIPT for consideration money, indorsed, signed by [


], and wit

MEMORANDUM of livery of seisin, indorsed, signed and witnessed.

Conveyance and Confirmation.

June 4th, 1828.

BY INDENTURE between [

the eldest son and heir at law of [

], of &c. of one part; and [



devisees in trust, named in the will of the said ], deceased, of the other part,


RECITING that the said [

day of

], by his last will and testament in writing, bearing date the , gave and devised divers messuages, lands and hereditaments, of which he or some person or persons to his use, or in trust for him, was or were seised for an estate of freehold or

inheritance at the time of his decease, situate in the said will mentioned, unto


the said [ ], his heirs and assigns, in trust to sell and convert into money the said estates, for the purposes in the said will montioned; and of his said will appointed the said [ sole executor;

AND RECITING that the said testator died on or about the

day of

after his decease the said [

and soon

] duly proved the said will in the prerogative court of the Archbishop of Canterbury;

AND RECITING that the said [

] being

satisfied that his said father was, at the time of making and publishing his said will of sound and disposing mind, memory, and understanding; and that the same was duly executed in the presence of and attested by three witnesses, as the law directs; and being also desirous to perform the said will without the charge and expence of proving the same in the Court of Chancery, by examining of witnesses to perpetuate the testimony thereof: and that the said will should in all things be ratified, confirmed and established, made good and effectual, according to the true intent and meaning thereof: and to prevent all other suits in law or equity, and all questions, controversies, and disputes, concerning


the validity or execution of said will, he the
said [
] had agreed to confirm the
same; and to bargain, sell, and confirm the
messuages, lands, tithes and hereditaments,
thereby devised to the said [

manner therein mentioned.

] in

IT IS WITNESSED that for the ends, intents, and purposes aforesaid, and in pursuance of the said agreement, and also in consideration of 10s. to ] paid by said [

said [
HE, the said [

and confirm, unto said [

and assigns,


], did bargain, sell,

], his heirs

ALL and every the hereditaments and
and premises whereof or wherein the
said [
], deceased, or any other
person or persons, to or for his use or
in trust for him, was at the time of his
decease seised, possessed of, interested
in, or intitled to, any estate of freehold
or inheritance, situate, &c., and which
in and by his will were given and de-
vised to the said [
], his heirs
and assigns, upon the trusts therein

And all the estate, &c.

And the reversion and reversions, remainder and remainders, &c.

TO HOLD unto the said [

1, his heirs

and assigns,

UPON THE TRUSTS in the will of the said ], mentioned of and concerning the



AND IT IS FURTHER WITNESSED, that to the intents and purposes aforesaid, he, the said [ ], did, for himself and his heirs, in all things ratify, confirm, and establish the said will of the said ୮ ], deceased; and all and every the devises, bequests and limitations, directions and appointments, thereby made or therein contained, according to the true intent and meaning thereof. EXECUTED by said [ ], and at

tested by two witnesscs.


Sept. 3rd, 1814.

COVENANT to produce deeds.

BY INDENTURE between A. of

of the one part, and B. of

the other part.


RECITING the before abstracted indenture of appointment and release dated

AND RECITING that in the contract entered into by said A. with the said B. for the purchase of the said premises, it was stipulated, that inasmuch as the deeds and instruments relating to the title to the said four messuages thereby agreed to be sold related also to the title to the said capital messuage called


the property of the said A., the said deeds and instruments should be retained by the said A., who should covenant for the production of the same to said B. in the

usual way.

IT IS THEREFORE WITNESSED that in pursuance and performance of such agreement, and in consideration of the premises, the said A. did cove. nant with said B. his heirs, appointees, and assigns, (unless prevented by fire or other in

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