Imatges de pÓgina

And the remainder and the remainders, reversion and reversions, &c.

And all the estate, &c.

AND the said [


] and Elizabeth his

DID also thereby limit, direct, and appoint, That the said in part abstracted indenture and fine levied in pursuance thereof, as far as the same regarded or related to the said hereditaments and premises thereinafter and herein before limited, directed, and appointed, SHOULD BE AND ENURE,

And that the same hereditaments should be and remain, and be held and enjoyed, and that the conuzee in the said fine named, and his heirs, and all and every person and persons who was or were seized of the said hereditaments, his or their heirs, should staud seized thereof,

TO THE USE of the said [

heirs and assigns,

], his

IN TRUST nevertheless for the only benefit and advantage of the said [

his heirs and assigns for ever.

Executed by the said [

[ocr errors]

] and

Elizabeth his wife, and attested by two witnesses.

Bargain and Sale.

BARGAIN and SALE to make a tenant to precipe for suffering a recovery by tenant for life and remainder man.

May 3rd 1838.

BY INDENTURE made between [
of, &c. of the first part; [

second part; [

third part; and [


day of


] of the

[merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small]

Esquire, deceased, by his will dated the

duly executed and attested so as

to pass freehold estates of inheritance, the hereditaments and premises thereinafter bargained and sold were limited to the said [

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] in

] and [


for life, with remainder to said [
tail general, with divers remainders over.
AND RECITING that said [

had agreed to suffer a common recovery of the said hereditaments, in order to bar all estates tail and remainders expectant thereon, and to limit the uses of the said recovery in manner thereinafter mentioned ;

IT IS WITNESSED that in pursuance of the said agreement, and for the docking, barring, and ex

tinguishing all estates tail, and the reversions and remainders, charges and limitations thereon expectant or depending; and all other estates, rights, and interests whatsoever in or out of all or any of the hereditaments thereinafter bargained and sold; and also in consideration of 10s. by said ], paid to said [ ],


[blocks in formation]


ratify and confirm, unto the said [

and to his heirs and assigns

ALL, &c. &c.

And the reversion and reversions, and remainder and remainders &c.

And all the estate, &c.

TO HOLD the same unto and to the use of

the said [

for ever.

TO THE INTENT that said [

], his heirs and assigns

] might become perfect tenant of the immediate freehold and inheritance of and in all said hereditaments, by the now abstracting indenture, bargained and sold, against whom one or more common recovery or common recoveries, with double voucher, might be thereof suffered as thereinafter expressed.

DECLARATION that for the purpose aforesaid it should be lawful for said [

1, in the then next term to sue forth and prosecute out of the Court of Chancery one or more writ or writs of entry, sur disseisin en le post, so that one or more common recovery or common recoveries might be suffered of said hereditaments, thereby demanding against said [

] the said hereditaments, which said common recovery, and all other common recoveries, conveyances and assurances then levied, or to be levied, suffered or executed of said hereditaments and premises, SHOULD BE, OPERATE, AND ENURE, TO THE only proper use of the said [

heirs and assigns for ever.

], his

], and

], and attested by two witnesses.

EXEMPLIFICATION of recovery, wherein

EXECUTED by said [




[blocks in formation]

vouchee, and the said [

] second vouchee.

OF, &c.

was demandant, said

] first

Describe the premises precisely as they are found in the exemplification.

AN ABSTRACT of the title of [

] Esq.,

to a capital freehold messuage and other hereditaments in the parish of

in the county of Devon.

BY INDENTURE of feoffment between

Jan. 1st, 1700.



], of, &c. of the one part, and

], of, &c. of the other part.

IT IS WITNESSED, that in consideration of the sum



1. to said [
]; he said [

], paid by said ] did grant,

bargain, sell, alien, enfeoff, and confirm unto said


his heirs and assigns for ever,

All that capital messuage, &c.

(state the parcels.)

And also all houses, &c.

And the reversion, &c.

And all the estate, &c.

TO HOLD the same unto and to the only use

of him said [

for ever.

] his heirs and assigns

With a clause of warranty, whereby said [

agreed to warrant and defend said

capital messuage, &c. against himself and his

heirs, and all persons
them, to said [

by two witnesses.

claiming under him and 1, his heirs and assigns. ], and attested

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