Imatges de pÓgina

capital messuage, &c. with the appurte-
nances, including the timber thereon, (which
had been duly valued), free from all incum-
brances, except the land tax, at or for the
price or sum of
pounds, which ap-

peared to them the said [

] to be a reasonable price for the same hereditaments

and timber thereon.

IT IS WITNESSED, that in pursuance of the said recited contract and agreement, and for carrying the same into effect, and in consideration of the sum of pounds to them, the said [ paid by the said [ ], at or immediately before the execution of the now abstracting indenture, and the receipt of which said sum of

said [

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pounds, and that the same was in full, &c. they, the said [ ], did thereby admit and acknowledge, and of and from the same sum, and every part thereof, they, the said [ ], and also the ], did acquit, release, exonerate, and discharge the said [ ], his heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns; they, the said ], at the request and by the direction of the said [ ], testified by that writing under the hand and seal of the said [ ] by that present deed, sealed and delivered by them the said ]; in the presence of and attested by the two credible persons whose names were intended to be indorsed upon those presents as witnesses


attesting the sealing and delivering thereof by the said [


DID revoke, determine and make void, all and singular the uses, trusts, powers, and provisoes limited and created by the said thereinbefore recited and hereinbefore abstracted indenture of release, save only such part or parts of the said uses, trusts, powers and provisoes as were necessary for the purpose of giving effect to the now abstracting indenture, and to the sale and disposition thereby intended to be made:

AND IT IS BY THE NOW ABSTRACTING INDENTURE FURTHER WITNESSED, that in pursuance and further performance of the said contract and agreement for sale, and for carrying the same into effect, and for the considerations therein aforesaid, they, the said [ ], in pursuance and execution and by force and virtue of the power and authority to them for that purpose given to or vested in them, under or by virtue of the said thereinbefore recited and before abstracted indenture, and in pursuance, exercise, and execution, and by force and virtue of every power and authority whatsoever vested in or enabling them in that behalf,

DID, by that present deed or instrument in writing, sealed, delivered, and attested as therein aforesaid, limit and appoint, direct

and declare, that immediately and for ever from and after the sealing and delivery of those presents by them, the said [



ALL the herein before abstracted premises SHOULD go and be, continue and remain, and that the said hereinbefore recited and before abstracted indenture of release should operate and


TO THE USE of the said [
and assigns for ever.
COVENANT from the said [
had done no act to incumber.

COVENANTS by the said [

], his heirs

] that they

] for title.


EXECUTED by the said [
and attested by two witnesses, with re-
ceipt for consideration money indorsed,
signed, and witnessed.


By Indenture made between [ 6th April, of the parish of Saint Peter's, in the county of Brecon, Esquire, and Eliza


beth his wife, of the one part, and [

], of in the county of Cornwall, gentleman,

of the other part;

RECITING that by an indenture dated the
second day of May, 1837, made between the
said [
] and Elizabeth his wife, of

the one part, and [

] of the other part, and by virtue of a fine with proclama

tions therein duly acknowledged and levied by

the said [

the said [

] and Elizabeth his wife, to ] and his heirs, of Easter Term, in the twenty-third year of his late Majesty King George the Third, pursuant to a covenant in the said indenture contained, All the hereditaments thereinafter and by the now abstracting indenture granted, limited, directed, and appointed, were limited and assured, To the use of such person or persons, for such estate and estates, interest or interests, and to and for such ends, intents,

and purposes, and with, under, and subject to such powers, provisoes, declarations, and agreements, as the said [ ] and Eliza

beth his wife, by any deed or deeds, instrument or instruments in writing, to be sealed and delivered by him in the presence of, and to be attested by two or more credible witnesses, should from time to time direct, limit, or appoint the same, or any part thereof.

IT IS WITNESSED that for divers good causes and considerations them the said [ ] and Elizabeth his wife thereunto specially moving, (and in pursuance and exercise of the power and authority to them reserved and given by the said in part recited indenture, and by virtue thereof, and of all other powers and authorities to them or either of them given, or enabling them in that behalf,) and each of them

DID (by the now abstracting deed or instru-
ment, under both their hands and seals,
execute in the presence of the two credible
witnesses whose names are hereupon indorsed
as witnesses thereto, and attesting the execu
tion thereof as aforesaid,) grant, limit, direct,
and appoint,

TO THE USE of the said [
heirs and assigns for ever,
All, &c.

], his

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