Opinions of Eminent Lawyers, on Various Points of English Jurisprudence, Chiefly Concerning the Colonies, Fisheries, and Commerce of Great Britain: Collected, and Digested, from the Originals, in the Board of Trade, and Other Depositories, Volum 2

Reed and Hunter, 1814 - 532 pàgines
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Pàgina 463 - Congress shall earnestly recommend it to the legislatures of the respective States, to provide for the restitution of all estates, rights and properties which have been confiscated, belonging to real British subjects...
Pàgina 451 - Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, to be free, sovereign and independent States; that he treats with them as such, and for himself, his heirs and successors, relinquishes all claims to the Government, propriety and territorial rights of the same, and every part thereof.
Pàgina 379 - And it is agreed, that all persons who have any interest in confiscated lands, either by debts, marriage settlements, or otherwise, shall meet with no lawful impediment in the prosecution of their just rights.
Pàgina 430 - That there shall be no future confiscations made, nor any prosecutions commenced against any person or persons for, or by reason of the part which he or they may have taken in the present war; and that no person shall, on that account, suffer any future loss or damage, either in his person, liberty or property...
Pàgina 263 - In pursuance of His Majesty's order in council, hereunto annexed, we do humbly certify our opinion to be that negroes are merchandise.
Pàgina 306 - The first act of the parliament was " a most joyful and just recognition of the immediate, lawful, and undoubted succession, descent, and right of the crown
Pàgina 380 - ... grant, sell, or devise the same to whom they please, in like manner as if they were natives ; and that neither they, nor their heirs or assigns, shall, so far as may respect the said lands, and the legal remedies incident thereto, be regarded as aliens.
Pàgina 409 - Natural allegiance is therefore a debt of gratitude, which cannot be forfeited, cancelled, or altered, by any change of time, place, or circumstance, nor by any thing but the united concurrence of the legislature.
Pàgina 66 - To the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners for Trade and Plantations. MAY IT PLEASE YOUR LORDSHIPS, In Obedience to your Lordships...
Pàgina 202 - The common law of England is the common law of the plantations, and all statutes in affirmance of the common law,* passed in England antecedent to the settlement of a colony, are in force in that colony, unless there is some private act to the contrary ; though no statutes made since those settlements are there in force, unless the colonies are particularly mentioned.

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