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Santa , N. M., July 28, 1854. SIR: I have the honor to inform you that during my absence from this Territory, the acting governor, the Hon. Wm. S. Messeny, deemed it necessary to call out the militia to assist in protecting our frontiers, and the suppression of Indian hostilities. Concurring, as I do, in the necessity and propriety of this step, it becomes my duty to ask of you that the necessary steps be taken to cause these men to be paid at as early a day as practicable, and to assure you that all concur in the opinion that these militiamen have rendered good service to their country. Should you deem it necessary that Congress shall make a specific appropriation before these men can be paid off, I would inform you that four hundred were called out; that they were in actual service at times varying from one to two months; and that I estimate twenty-five thousand dollars to be a sum sufficient for their compensation.

It may not be improper that I should inform you that these militiamen furnished their own arms and ammunition, horses, forage, and subsistence,during the time they were in service. I have the honor to be, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Governor of New Mexico. Hon. JEFF'x Davis,

Secretary of War, Washington City.


Washington, September 11, 1854. SIR: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 28th July last, informing me that during your absence from the Territory, the acting governor had called out four hundred militia to assist in protecting the frontiers and suppressing Indian hostilities, and asking that the necessary steps may be taken to pay for their services.

In reply, I have to inform you, that as the men were called out without the usual requirements, or the competent authority, it will require special legislation to bring the case within the action of this department. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Secretary of War. His Excellency D. MERIWETHER,

Governor of New Mexico, Santa , N. M.




JANUARY 29, 1855.—Laid upon the table, and ordered to be printed.

Mr. FAULKNER, from the Committee on Military Affairs, made the



The Committee on Military Affairs, to whom was referred the resolution of the House, inquiring as to the expediency of refunding to the Territory of Utah certain expenses incurred by said Territory in 1853, have, according to order, had the same under consideration, and respectfully report:

That there is no evidence in the case of such a character as to enable the committee to judge of the necessity of the expenditure; that the vouchers submitted are not authenticated either by the governor or any other of the federal officers of the Territory; that the committee have no cognizance either of a proclamation of the governor calling out the troops, which necessitated this expenditure, or of any of his messages to the Territorial legislature with reference thereto. The committee, therefore, without prejudicing any application for the claim in future, when it may become better supported by evidence, ask to be discharged from the further consideration of the subject.

2 Session. $

No. 40.


JANUARY 29, 1855.-Laid upon the table, and ordered to be printed.

Mr. FAULKNER, from the Committee on Military Affairs, made the fol

lowing REPORT.

The Committee on Military Affairs, to whom was recommitted House bill No. 615, entitled “A bill for the increase and better organization of the army, and for other purposes,” have, according to order, had the same under consideration; and, having availed themselves of the oral testimony and written views of several distinguished and intelligent officers of the army, in maturing the details of the bill, they respectfully submit the same to the House, and ask that the accompanying testimony and letters may be printed.

Memorandum of the order of papers.

1. Winfield Scott's testimony. 2. Letter of General Jesup. 3. Letter of General Totten. 4. Letters of Adjutant General Cooper and Judge Advocate Lee. 5. Letter of General Lawson. 6. Letter of General Gibson. 7. Letter of Colonel Craig. 8. Letter of Colonel Abert. 9. Letter of Major Mordecai. 10. Letter of Captain Maynadier.

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