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ments, due in 1844, on the Mexican indemnities. To that appropriation was the following proviso, to wit:

Provided, It shall be ascertained, to the satisfaction of the American government, that said instalments have been paid by the Mexican government to the agent appointed by the United States to receive the same, in such manner as to discharge all claim on the Mexican government, and said agent to be delinquent in remitting the money to the United States."

In direct answer to Mr. Green's inquiry, I report to you that no part of said appropriation of $275,000 has been drawn from the treasury.

The following clause is in the act of August 10, 1846, vol. 9, page 94. “For paying the principal and interest

of the fourth and fifth instalments of the Mexican indemnities due in April and July, in the year 1844, the sum of $320,000: Provided, The claimants, each for himself, shall relinquish to the United States his right to said instalments: Provided further, That each of the claimants shall agree to take in payment the scrip of a stock bearing interest at five per cent., payable in five years." Stock was issued under that act to the amount of.... $303,573 92 Of this amount, there has been redeemed.

301,987 06

Balance outstanding...

1,586 86

Mr. Green's letter is returned.
Most respectfully, yours,


Secretary of the Treasury.

I certify that the above letter is a true and correct copy of the original.

C. W. CARRIGAN, Clerk.


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March 3, 1855–Laid upon the table and ordered to be printed.

Mr. WITTE, from the Select Committee, made the following


The Select Committee to whom was referred the message of the President of

the United States, accompanied by a list of the prices asked for sites for courl-houses and post offices for the United States in the cities of New York, Philadelphia, and Boston, ask leave to submit the following report:

That the following suins be appropriated for the purchase of sites and the erection of buildings for the use of the courts of the United States and post offices: for the city of New York, five hundred and fifty thousand dollars; for the city of Philadelphia, four hundred and seventyfive thousand dollars; for the city of Boston, four hundred thousand dollars; the same to be expended under the direction of the President of the United States, Secretary of the Interior, and Postmaster General, and they appoint such commissioners as they deem expedient to carry the object into effect.

With a view also to carry into effect the act providing for a courthouse and post office in the city of Baltimore, your committee recommend that four hundred thousand dollars be appropriated, subject to the like conditions provided herein for the cities of New York, Philadelphia, and Boston.

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