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[To accompany bill H. R. No. 772.]

FEBRUARY 23, 1855.

Mr. Bocock, from the Committee on Naval Affairs, made the following

REPORT. The Committee on Naval Affairs, to whom was referred the petition of Harrison Hough, have according to order had the same under consideration, and respectfully report the following facts: That the petitioner was appointed purser's clerk in due form on the 20th August, 1843, on board of the United States frigate Savannah, then bound for the South sea. (See his letter of appointment filed in the case.) That the petitioner entered upon his duties and performed them without complaint until he was taken sick in October, 1846, the frigate being then in the Pacific ocean. This (his attack) was very severe, and lasted so long that it became necessary to appoint another clerk, his mind being somewhat affected. That the said frigate returned to the United States on the 8th of September, 1847, and her crew were paid off on the 23d of said month, the petitioner only being allowed pay to the 1st January, 1847, although he remained on board all the time to the arrival of the ship at the time aforesaid. And the whole question is, ought the petitioner, under the circumstances detailed, to be allowed his pay for the period between the 1st of January and the time at which the frigate returned home. Your committee are of opinion that the petitioner, stricken down by an act of Providence—the consequence of his public service, probably-ought to be allowed his usual pay to the return of the frigate home, and report a bill accordingly.

2d Session.

No. 109.

[To accompany bill H. R. No. 773.]

FEBRUARY 23, 1855.

Mr. EDMANDS, from the Committee on Invalid Pensions, made the fol



That the committee have investigated the case of Jesse French, and beg leave to report, that French makes declaration, under oath, that he enlisted in the army of the United States, and received an honorable discharge in May, 1815. In an exposed service, while encamped at French Mills, in the winter of 1813, he was laid up with rheumatism. He was at that time sergeant in Captain Abraham F. Hull's company of the 9th regiment of infantry. He has never recovered from the sickness then incurred, and is now almost a cripple. The committee are satisfied as to the excellent character of the applicant, in addition to the evidence he furnishes, and report the following bill.

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