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and three agents provided to protect the interest of the United Stat at $1,500 a year for each, a sum at that day worth more than fi times what it is now in California.

Then followed the acts in 1806, 1807, 1811, 1813, 1814, 1815, 15 1818, 1819, down to the act of 3d March, 1819, conferring power on registers and receivers, as commissioners, for the adjudication of cla: for the country now falling, in part, within the limits of the pres State of Louisiana, and part within the present limits of the States Mississippi and Alabama, giving them authority to appoint clerks, translators, at $1,500 per annum, and a like sum to each of the co missioners for their services in relation to such claims.

We also find that in the intermediate years, and in some instances the years already mentioned, Congress passed laws for the adjudicat of claims, stipulating compensation in the Illinois, Indiana, and Mi igan Territories; and returning to Louisiana, which opened a wii sphere of governmental action, have continued their legislation throu successive years down to the last session of Congress.

In like manner when we acquired the Floridas by the treaty of c sion in 1919, Congress also created a Board of Commissioners for 1 setilement of foreign titles; and on the 26th May, 1824, passed a l. referring to the courts, with appeal to the Supreme Court of the Unit States, claims within whai was known, under the Spanish régime, Upper Louisiana, embracing the present States of Missouri and A kansas. This law makes provision in the way of compensation district attorneys, United States marshals, and judges.

Then, also, Congress, by a law passed the 23d May, 1828, conferr jurisdiction on the superior court of Florida, for the adjudication claims arising from foreign titles, with a right of appeal to the Supre Court. The 10th section of the act made it “lawful for the President the Cnited States to appoint a law agent, whose special duty it sh be to superintend the interests of the United States in the premises, continue him in place as long as the public interest requires his cont uance; and to allow such pay to the agent as the President may thi reasonable.” And the 11th section of the same act declared it “ la ful for the President to employ assistant counsel, if, in his opinion, 1 public interest shall require the same; and to allow to such couns and the district attorney, such compensation as he may think reasoi ble.” Such assistant counsel, we understand, was employed, and t record of the proper department will no doubt show that liberal co: pensation was awarded.

Then, again, on 17th June, 1844, Congress passed an act extendi the provisions of the act of Congress approved 26th May, 1824, Lou siana, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Alabama, conferri jurisdiction on the courts for the examination of foreign titles, and ca rying with it all the emolument provisions necessary to the object, a? opening an immense field of litigation, by which claims, after ihe lap of more than half a century, were brought before the highest court the Union for final settlement.

In the mean time look at the enormous expenses the United Stat necessarily incurred in creating the numerous commissions all over t country, where the foreign titles and ancient settlements existed, whe

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