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Ist Session.


APRIL 6, 1830.
Read, and laid upon the table.

Mr. WICKLIFFE, from the Committee on Retrenchment, submitted the fol

lowing, as amendments of the Joint Rules of the two Houses of Congress:

Resolved, That the following be added to the Joint Rules of the Senate and House of Representatives:

No petition, voucher, or papers, which have been presented or submitted to either House, asserting a claim against the United States, shall be withdrawn from the files but upon leave first had, in which case it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Senate and Clerk of the House, as the case may be, to retain correct copies of all papers so withdrawn.

2. When a claim shall have been reported against by a committee, or decided against by either House of Congress, after the adoption of this rule, and shall be a second time submitted to Congress, by petition, memorial, or resolution, unless the same be accompanied by the affidavit of the claimant, or the statement of the member presenting the same, that new and important testimony is for the first time presented, which, in his opinion, is calculated to change the report heretofore made by the committee to which it had been referred, or the judgment of the House heretofore pronounced, the said petition, memorial, or resolution, proposing to refer said claim to the consideration of a committee, shall lie upon the table without further consideration,



APRIL 12, 1830
Read, and laid upon the table.

MR. HEMPHILL submitted the following


Resolved, That the Secretary of War be, and he is hereby, authorized and required to cause an examination and survey to be made of the route for a road from Pittsburgh, through Beaver-town, in the State of Pennsylvania, thence through New Lisbon, Canton, Wooster, Mansfield, and Bucynus, in the State of Ohio, and so on, as near a westerly direction as the ground and other circumstances will admit, to the east line of the State of Indiana ; and, also a route for a road from Beaver-town, aforesaid, through Petersburgh and Poland, to Ravenna, in said State of Ohio; and that he report to Congress, at its next session, plats of the surveys and estimates of the cost of constructing said roads of earth, at a width of not less than thirty-eight feet.

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