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A'PRIL 15, 1830.
Read, and laid upon the table.

Mr. DE WITT submitted the following


?solved, That the Clerk, under the directions of the Speaker, cause ta rinted the usual number of copies of the Rules of the Senate and of the se of Representatives, together with Jefferson's Manual and the Constiin of the United States, accompanied by a copious index; and that he : the same bound in a volume for the use of the House.




MAY 4, 1830.

Mr. WICKLIFFE submitted the following


solved, That the Secretary of the Treasury be directed to collect, and nunicate to this House, at the next session, such information (and report riews on the same) as in his opinion may be useful and important to Tess in enacting regulations for the navigation of steam boats or steam Is, with a view to guard against the dangers arising from the bursting eir boilers.

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t Session.


May 13, 1830.
Read, and laid upon the table.

Mr. TALIAFERRO submitted the following


'HEREAS salt is an article which enters into the daily consumption of y human being in our country, as a matter of primary and unavoidable ssity; and is, to a very great extent, procured at a high price, compared the cost of producing it, which too often exposes the poor consumer to grinding exactions of the vender and monopolist of the article: influd by such, and by other obviously sound considerations, Congress never except under circumstances of great and emergent fiscal necessity, imposed

on salt: And whereas, since the necessity, for which the existing tax on was imposed (after five years' entire exemption of it from duty) in the 3 1813 and 1816, has been successfully met and overcome by the patient ing and faithful payment of this and the other taxes by the people, and Government no longer needs the revenue arising from the existing tax alt: esolved, That, from and after the 30th day of September next, the duty used on all salt imported into the United States, and the Territories thereof, | be ten cents per the measured bushel; and that, from and after the 30th of September, 1831, salt may be imported as aforesaid, free of any duty tever. 'esolved, That the Committee on Ways and Means be instructed to pre and report a bill in conformity with the foregoing resolution.

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