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Ist Session.


FEBRUARY 10, 1830.

Read, and postponed until the 20th February, instant.

Mr. Burges submitted, for the consideration of the House, the following


Resolved, That the Clerk of the House of Representatives be directed to cause a digested index to be prepared to the Executive papers, reports of committees, decisions of the two Houses on points of order, and other documents, from the origin of the Government; and, also, a general index to. the Journals of the two Houses, from the first to the present Session of Congress.


FEBRUARY 25, 1830.
Read, and laid upon the table.

Mr. GOODENOW submitted the following


Resolved, That the Clerk be, and he is hereby, authorized and required to purchase three hundred copies of the “Journal of the American Congress, from January 1, 1774, to July 31, 1788,” published by Way & Gideon, 1823: Provided, The same shall not cost exceeding two dollars and twentyfive cents per volume, full bound and lettered; which three hundred copies the Clerk is directed to dispose of as follows, viz: two copies to be sent to the Executive of each of the States and Territories of this Union, for public use; one copy to each of the Clerks of the Circuit and District Courts of the United States, for the use of their respective offices; and one copy to each of the members of this House who were not of the 18th, 19th, or 20th Congress; and the residue to be placed in the Library of Congress, to be hereafter disposed of as this House may direct.

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