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Ist Session.


January 8, 1830.—Read, and laid upon the table.

MR. Bates, from the Committee on Military Pensions, to which was refer

red so much of the President's Message as relates to a revision of the Pension laws of the United States, submitted the following resolution:

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Resolved, that the Committee on Military Pensions be instructed, agreeably to the President's recommendation in his message of the 6th December last, to review the Pension law, for the purpose of extending its benefits to every soldier who aided in establishing our liberties, and who is unable to maintain himself in comfort; and to report to the House a bill for that also, that said Committee be further instructed, agreeably to said recommendation, to report a bill for the relief of all those who were, during the last war, disabled from supporting themselves by manual labor.

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1st Session.


JANUARY 13, 1830.
Read, and laid upon the table.

Mr. SPENCER submitted the following


Resolved, That the President of the United States be requested to cause to be procured, through the commanders of our public armed vessels, and our ministers and consuls abroad, such varieties of the sugar cane, and other cultivated vegetables, grains, seeds, and shrubs, as may be best adapted to the soil and climate of the United States.

Resolved, That the Secretary of the Treasury cause to be prepared a welldigested manual, containing the best practical information on the cultivation of the sugar cane, and the fabrication and refinement of sugar, including the most modern improvements, and to report the same to the next session of congress.

1st Session.


JANUARY 27, 1830.
Read, and committed to a Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union.

Mr. DRAYTON submitted the following


Resolved, That all duties upon imports, which operate oppressively upon the great body of the people, or unequally upon certain portions of them, ought to be repealed or modified.

Resolved, That the importation of raw wool, the prime cost of which does not exceed ten cents per pound, ought to be admitted without being subject to the payment of any duty; and that the duties upon all other kinds of wool ought to be reduced.

Resolved, That the drawback which existed upon the exportation of spirits distilled from molasses, before the Act of 19th May, 1928, ought t, be gain allowed, and that the duties upon molasses, cotton bagging, sail-duck, and unmanufactured iron, hemp, and fax, ought to be reduced.

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