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under his contract. The committee have examined among the printed reports, and the clerk's office, for the documents presented in the case of Mr. Skinner, without being able to find them. Before the committee would

in the fir find hommentar pres further investigate the case of Mr. Hardesty, they would require some evi. dence to show that there was a privity of contract between him and the United States, or that he was recognised as a sub-contractor, and thus dealt with, and that the compensation he now asks has not already been adjusted with Mr. Skinner. With this view of the case, the committee more the following resolution:

Resolved, That the petitioner is not entitled to relief.



May 13, 1830.
Printed by order of the House of Representatives.

Documents accompanying the bill from the Senate, entitled An act

for the relief of certuin officers and soldiers of the Virginia State line during the Revolutionary war.


March 5, 1830. Resolved, That the Committee on Public Lands be instructed to inquire into the justice and expediency of authorizing those persons, their heirs or devisees, whose claims to military bounty land, under the acts and resolves of the Virginia Legislature, for services rendered during the Revolutionary war, remain unsatisfied, by reason of the reservations made by Virginia, in her compacts with Kentucky and the United States, having proved deficient, to enter their claims on the public lands lying within the States of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois, which may have heretofore been brought into market, and remain unsold; or of making such other provision as reason and equity may seem to require.. Attest,


Resolution of the Assembly of Virginia, of the 2d of January, 1781,

ceding to Congress lands on the Northwest side of Ohio river, under certain conditions and restrictions.


TUESDAY, the 2d of January, 1781. The General Assembly of Virginia, being well satisfied that the happiness, strength, and safety, of the United States, depend, under Providence, upon the ratification of the articles of the Federal Union between the United States, heretofore proposed by Congress for the consideration of the said States, and preferring the good of their country to every object of smaller importance, do Resolre, That this Commonwealth will yield to the Congress of the United States, for the benefit of the said United States, all right, title, and claim that the said Commonwealth hath to the lands Northwest of the river Ohio, upon the following conditions, to wit: That the territory so ceded shall be laid out and formed into States containing a suitable extent of territory, and shall not be less than one hundred nor more than one hundred and fifty miles square, or as near thereto as circumstances will admit; that the States so formed shall be distinct republican States, and be admitted members of the Federal Union, having the same rights of sovereignty, freedom, and ir dependence as the other States; that Virginia shall be allowed, and fully reimbursed by the United States, her actual expenses in reducing the British posts at the Kaskaskias and St. Vincent's, the expense of maintaining garri. sons and supporting civil government there since the reduction of the sail posts, and, in general, all the charge she has incurred on account of the country on the Northwest side of the Ohio river since the commencement of the present war; that the French and Canadian inhabitants, and other settlers at the Kaskaskias, St. Vincent's, and the neighboring villages, who have professed themselves citizens of Virginia, shall have their possessions and tils confirmed to them, and shall be protected in the enjoyment of their rights and liberty; for which purpose, troops shall be stationed there at the charge of the United States, to protect them from the encroachments of the Britse forces at -Detroit or elsewhere, unless the events of war shall render 16 practicable.

As Colonel George Rogers Clarke planned and executed the secret etter dition by which the British posts were reduced, and was promised, enterprise succeeded, a liberal gratuity in lands in that country for the cers and soldiers who first marched thither with him ; that a quantity land, not exceeding one hundred and fifty thousand acres, be allowe granted to the said officers and soldiers, and the other officers and sou that have been since incorporated into the said regiment, to be laid of tract, the length of which not to exceed double the breadth, in such pa the Northwest side of the Ohio as the majority of the officers shall el and to be afterwards divided among the said officers and soldiers ! proportion, according to the laws of Virginia.

That, in case the quantity of good lands of the Southeast side of th upon the waters of Cumberland river, and between the Green river and Tennessee river, which have been reserved by law for the Virginia upon Continental establishment, and upon their own State estabi should (from the North Carolina line bearing in further upon the land lands than was expected) prove insufficient for their legal boun deficiency shall be made up to the said troops in good lands, to! between the rivers Scioto and Little Miami, on the Northwest sid river Ohio, in such proportions as have been engaged to them by me Virginia. That all the lands within the territory so ceded to i States, and not reserved for, or appropriated to, any of the her mentioned purposes, or disposed of in bounties to the officers and solu. the American army, shall be considered as a common fund for the benefit of such of the United American States as have become on, come members of the confederation or federal alliance of the sal (Virginia inclusive) according to their usual respective proportio general charge and expenditure, and shall be faithtully and bona fic ed of for that purpose, and for no other use or purpose whatsoever; a fore, that all purchases and deeds from any Indian or Indians, or Indian nation or nations, for any lands within any part of the said! which have been or shall be made for the use or benefit of any pri son or persons whatsoever, and royal grants, within the ceded territory sistent with the chartered rights, laws, and customs of Virgina, shall ed and declared absolutely void and of no effect, in the same mai the said territory had still remained subject to, and part of, the wealth of Virginia.

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That all the remaining territory of Virginia, included between the Atlantic ocean and the Southeast side of the river Ohio, and the Maryland, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina boundaries, shall be guarantied to the Commonwealth of Virginia by the said United States.

That the above cession of territory by Virginia to the United States shall be void and of none effect, unless all the States in the American Union shall ratify the articles of confederation heretofore transmitted by Congress for the consideration of the said States.

Virginia having thus, for the sake of the general good, proposed to cede a great extent of valuable territory to the continent, it is expected, in return, that every other State in the Union, under similar circumstances as to vacant territory, will make similar cessions of the same to the United States for the general emolument.

JOHN BECKLEY, C. H. D. January 2, 1781–Agreed to by the Senate.

WILLIAM DREW, C. S. The foregoing is a true copy of the original resolution filed in this office.

GEORGE W. MUNFORD, C. H. D. January 12, 1830.



20 February, 1822. SIR: In obedience to a resolution of the House of Delegates of the 224 ultimo, requiring the Register of the Land Office to furnish to that House « a statement of the whole amount of acres of land-warrants dated before the 1st day of May, 1792, issued for military or naval service upon the State establishment, and also the amount of acres of warrants dated before the 1st day of May, 1792, issued for services in the Virginia line upon Continental establishment, and the amount of acres of land-warrants dated since the 1st day of May, 1792, issued for service in the Virginia line upon Continental establishment, distinguishing the amount of each description," I have the honor to submit the two statements hereto annexed, marked A and B, which furnish the information required as accurately as the records

d documents of this office enable me to give it. The statement A emices the warrants issued prior to the 1st day of May, 1792; and the state

nt B embraces the warrants issued from the first day of May, 1792, inLusive, to the present time; distinguishing the amount of each description of warrants. In some instances warrants have issued in consideration of military services generally, without distinguishing the line in which the service was performed; and I am not enabled, from any document in this office, to ascertain in what line such service was rendered. The amount of warrants issued, in relation to which this uncertainty as to the line exists, will be found distinguished from others in the statements referred to.

I have the honor to be,
Very respectfully,

Your most obedient servant,


of the House of Delegates.

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A STATEMENT showing the amount, in acres, of Virginia Milita ry Land Warrants issued prior to the 1st day of May, 1792, in cur sideration of services performed in the Revolutionary war.

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WM. G. PENDLETON, Reg. Land Office. LAND OFFICE, 2d Feb. 1822.

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