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1st Session.

To accompany bill H. R. No. 430.

APRIL 19, 1830.

Mr. DRAYTON, from the Committee on Military Affairs, made the following


The Committee on Military Affairs, to whom was referred the memorial of Joseph Eaton, an Assistant Surgeon in the army of the United States, report;

That the memorialist was ordered upon duty at Fort Preble, in Maine, and as there were no quarters at the post fit for his accommodation, he was, for a certain period, furnished with a room in the town of Portland; that he subsequently received an order to repair to the fort, but, from the cause already stated, he was under the necessity of hiring a room for his quarters; he therefore asks to be reimbursed the sums which he has expended in paying for quarters, out of his private funds, which the Government was bound to furnish him with.

The fact that there was no room at Fort Preble which was fitted for the accommodation of the memorialist, is certified by the Inspectors General Archer, Wool, and Croghan, by the commanding officer of the post, the as. sistant Quartermaster, by Major General Scott, when on a tour of inspection, and by a number of the officers in the service of the United States. The committee, therefore, have reported a bill, granting to the memorialist the sum of seven hundred and eighty-five dollars and twenty-one cents, being at the rate of $140 a year, from 1st September, 1821, to 22d July, 1827, the memorialist having paid that amount for the hire of quarters, and having charged only what he has paid, which is less than he is entitled to under the regulations of the War Department.

for the defence of the lower country: thus, from time to time, during the continuance of the war, the Governor raised funds and equipped for service, under great difficulties, the troops called from this State, and afforded supplies, to large amounts, upon his own responsibility and that of his endorsers, to the regular troops under the command of General Jackson, greatly to the benefit of the public service.



Statement of W. B. Lewis. I certify, that, during the late war between the United States and Great Britain, and between the former and the Creek Indians, I acted as Assistant Deputy Quartermaster in the service of the United States, at Nashville; and that, during those periods, I was furnished with funds for the use of the Quartermaster's Department, through Governor Blount, from the sale of bills drawn by him on the Secretary of War, which he drew, as he informed me, without any authority so to do, except for the limited sum of ten thousand dollars. I further certify, that, with these funds, thus raised, and other moneys in Treasury notes paid over to me by Governor Blount, I was enabled to procure and furnish the army, under the command of General Jackson, with such articles, in my department, as were indispensable to its operations, and without which the service must have been greatly injured, if not entirely ruined, in this quarter. The sum raised by the sale of Governor Blount's bills was, as well as my recollection serves me, some where between three and four hundred thousand dollars; for all, or the greater part of which, I have reason to believe he was held responsible, in case the Government had refused to pay his bills, or had not been able to do so; which, at that time, in this section of country, was thought by very many to be doubtful: and I am confirmed in this opinion, from the fact that some of his bills were actually protested, and he formally notified thereof; and from the circumstance, also, of a number of individuals, as well as the banks of this place, to whom I sold those bills, having required my own individual endorsement on them, as additional security, to the amount of about one hun. dred thousand dollars, as will appear by reference to the bills themselves.

W. B. LEWIS. June 26th, 1823.

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