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CONTINGENT Expenses and Expenses for Printing, &c. the Public Accounts, Treasury Department, for 1829.

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Jany. 1.

To amount paid for contingent for

The Secretary's office $5,273 49 1st Comptroller's do.

1,502 14
do. do.

1,258 93
1st Auditor's do.

623 02

664 82 3d do. do.

559 00 4th do. do.

1,437 36
5th do. Jo.

624 44


1,050 64
General Land Office

6,636 51
Register's Office

4,835 41
General expenditure

7,750 58 Advanced Rev'y claims & stock 1,269 04

By balance in the hands of the Register

1st January, 1829,
By warrants 1st January, 1829,

5th February, 1829,
7th March, 1829,
31st March, 1829,
14th April, 1829,

By sales of furniture, coal, &c. cash re

By warrants 3d July, 1829, $3,000
41h August

4th September, 3,000
9th October,

19th November, 5,000

33,485 38
4,655 52


$38,140 90

By balance,


REGISTER'S OFFICE, 25th February, 1830.

MICHAEL NOURSE, Acting Register.

1st Session.


APRIL 6, 1830.
Re.printed by order of the House of Representatives.

The select committee, to which was referred the consideration of the re

port of the Secretary of the Treası * 'ative to the claim of the representatives of the Marquis de i. oison Rouge to a large tract of land, situated in the parishes of Or ichita and Catahoula, in Louisjana, by a resolution of the House of Representatives of the Congress of the United States, of December 23d, 1824, report:

That, on the 17th of March, 1795, the Governor of Louisiana entered into a contract with the Marquis de Maison Rouge, of which the following is a copy:

We, Francis Lewis Hector, Baron de Carondelet, Knight of Malta, Bri: gadier General of the Royal armies of his Catholic Majesty, Military and Civil Governor of the provinces of Louisiana and West Florida; Don Francis Rendon, Intendant of the army, and deputy superintendent of the royal domains in the said provinces; Don Joseph de Orne, knight of the royal and distinguished order of Charles the Third, principal accountant for the royal chests of

this army, exercising the functions of fiscal of the royal domains, declare: That we agree and contract with the senor Marquis de Maison Rouge; an emigrant French knight, who has arrived in this capital from the United States, to propose to us to bring into these provinces thirty families, who are also emigrants, and who are to descend the Ohio, for the purpose

of forming an establishment with them on the lands bordering upon the Washita, designed principally for the culture of wheat, and the erection of mills for manufacturing flour, under the following conditions:

1st. We offer, in the name of his Catholic Majesty, (whom God presérve) to pay out of the Royal Treasury, two hundred dollars to every family composed of two white persons fit for agriculture, or for the arts useful and necessary to this establishment, as house or ship carpenters, blacksmiths, and locksmiths; and four hundred to those having four laborers; and, in the same way, one hundred to those having no more than one useful laborer or artificer, as before described, with his family.

2d. At the same time, we promise, under the auspices of our sovereign monarch, to assist them forward from New Madrid to Washita, with a skilful guide, and the provisions necessary for them, till their arrival at their place of destination.

3d The expenses of transportation of their baggage and implements of fabor, which shall come by sea to this capital, shall be paid on account of

the royal domains, and they shall be taken on the same account from this place to the Washita: provided, that the weight shall not exceed three thousand pounds for each family.

4th. There shall be granted to every family containing two white persons fit for agriculture, ten arpents of land, extending back forty arpents, and increasing, in the same proportion, to those which shall contain a greater number of white cultivators.

5th. Lastly; it shall be permitted to the families to bring, or to cause to come with them, European servants, who shall bind themselves to their service for six or more years, under the express condition, that, if they have families, they shall have a right, after their term of service is expired, to receive a grant of land, proportioned, in the same manner, to their numbers. Thus we promise, as we have here stated; and that it may come to the knowledge of those families which propose to transport themselves hither, we have signed the prsent contract with the aforesaid senor Marquis de Maison Rouge, to whom, that it may be made plain, a certified copy shall be furnished.




The MARQUIS DE MAISON ROUGE. New Orleans, March 17th, 1795. On the 14th July, in the same year, this contract was approved by the King of Spain.

To the Intendant of Louisiana. Having laid before the King what you have made known in your letter of the 25th April last, No. 44, relative to the contract entered into with the Marquis of Maison Rouge, for the establishment on the Washita of the thirty families of farmers, destined to cultivate wheat, for the supply of these provinces; his Majesty, considering the advantages which it promises, compared with the preceding, has been pleased to approve it in all its parts. By his royal direction, I communicate it to you for your information. God preserve you many years.

GARDOQUI. Madrid, 14th July, 1795.

On the 14th June, 1797, Carlos Trudeau, Surveyor General, certifies to have measured thirty superficial leagues for the said Marquis de Maison Rouge, as ordered by the Governor General.

No. 1.

[TRANSLATION.] Carlos Trudeau, Surveyor General, &c. certifiesto have measured, in favor of the Marquis of Maison Rouge, the several tracts of land represented in those parts of the plat shaded with vermillion, which may contain thirty superficial leagues, to wit: The tract No. 1, on the right bank of the Washita river, to be taken five arpents below the mouth of the Bayou de la Cheniere au Toudre, and thence descending to the Bayou Calumet, with a corres

ponding depth, to complete one hundred and forty thousand superficial arpents; the tract marked No. 2, on the left bank of the same river, commencing two leagues below Fort Miro, and at the point called L'àine, and extending one league below the Prairie de Lee, with a corresponding depth, to complete seventy thousand superficial arpents; the tract marked No. 3, to be taken in front of of the Bayou Loutre, and thence on a line, S. 75 degrees east, to the Bayou de Liar, which line to the Bayou de Liar, the Bayou Bartelemy, and the river Washita, are to include the tract No. 3; tract No. 4, on the right bank of Washita river, to be taken in front of the entry of Bayou Bartelemy, thence descending the river to Bayou la Loutre, with such depth, as that the tracts Nos. 3 and 4 shall include the quantity of eight thousand three hundred and forty-four superficial arpents, which, added to the two first tracts, makes a total superfice of two hundred and eight thousand three hundred and forty-four superficial arpents, equal to the above said thirty leagues, at the rate of two thousand five hundred toises for the side of a league, the land measure in this province. Being well understood, that the land which may be included in the above, either by title in form, or first decrees of concession, are not to be counted in computing the preceding thirty leagues; on the contrary, the Marquis de Maison Rouge promises to be of no detriment to the settlers occupying previously any part of the land, but will maintain and support them in their rights, in consideration, that, if the said thirty leagues shall suffer any diminution on account of previous occupants, the Marquis de Maison Rouge has the right, and there will be no objection to his supplying the deficiency in any other part where the land is vacant. And, that it may so appear, I give this, by order of the Governor General, Baron de Carondelet. All which I certify.

CARLOS TRUDEAU, &c. New Orleans, 14th June, 1797.

The foregoing is the substance of the proces verbal, (certificate) of the Surveyor General, subjoined to the plat, (of which that on the other side is a copy) filed in the claim of Louis Bouligny, holding under Maison Rouge.


Translator to the Board of Commissioners, Attest, L. Posey, Clerk of the Board.

Land Office, Opelousas, 15th August, 1812.

I certify that the above, and the preceding page, is a true copy from the report of the Land Commissioners of the Western District of Orleans, dated the 14th December, 1812; and that the plat attached hereto is a copy of the plat attached to the said report. The original papers, copied in pages 67, 68, and 69, of the book entitled Land Laws, are not in this office.

JOSIAH MEIGS. General Land Office, 12th December, 1820.

On the 20th June, 1797, six days after the survey is stated to have been made, the Governor General made the following order: The Baron de Carondelet, Knight of the order of St. John, Marshal de

Camp of the Royal Armies, Governor General, Vice Patron of the provinces of Louisiana and West Florida, Inspector of troops, &c.

Forasmuch as the Marquis de Maison Rouge is near completing the establishment of the Washita, which he was authorized to make for thirty families, by the royal order of July 14, 1795, and desirous to remove, for

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