Imatges de pàgina
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Vol. No.
Memphis and Tuscumbia road, .

2 293
Medal presented to the President of the United States by Bolivar, 170
Michigan Territory, division of the, .

1 56
an additional body to the Legislature of the, i 141
fixing the salaries of Judges in the

3 304
Michigan, Lake, canal froin Illinois river to,

Miami Esporting Company,

3 873
Mitchell, Samuel, and Peter Yarnall,

3 400
Militia claims of South Carolina,

1 66
Military peace establishment, to designate the class of officers from

which the colonelcy of 2d regi-

ment of artillery should be filled, 1 85
Military land warrants, located betwixt Ludlows' and Roberts’
lines, Ohio,

1 103
Militia of the United States, organization and discipline of the, 1 126
Militia, mounted, for protecting the country south of the Missouri

3 350
Mint establishment of the United States, to extend the,

2 272
Missouri, Legislature of to sell school lands, salines, &c.

1 96
Miami county, Ohio, memorial of citizens of, relative to the Indian


Mississippi Legislature, relative to tariff, internal improvements,
and Colonization Society,

3 300
Mississippi and Ohio rivers, to improve the navigation of the,

Mills, Robert, report relative to the Representatives' Hall, . 1

Ministers, Consuls, and foreign agents, to regulate the emolu-

ments of, (see bills 274 and 275,) 2 220
Missionary Society, Baptist, of New York, relative to the Indians, 2 247

of Pennsylvania, relative to Indians, 2 253
Mounted militia, to defend the country south of Missouri, .

Mississippi and Ohio rivers, two steam boats for improving the
navigation of,

3 379
Montgomery, Alexander,

1 11
Morrison, William,

1 63
Moffit, John,

1 91
Morrison, James, Charles Wilkins, and Jonathan Taylor, execu-
tors of,

Monell, Robert, and Juduthur Gray, sureties of Charles Josslyn, 1

Mobile bay, canal or rail road to connect Tennessee river with, 2 228
Moore, Edward, James L. Ridgley, administrator of,

1 159
Morris, Richard G.

Monroe, James,

2 276
Muire, Jane,

3 303
Musser, George and Sarah, John and Margaret Smith, James G.

Ennis, and Catharine Ennis, heirs of
Jeremiah Buckley,

3 316

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Navigation, commerce, drawbacks, warehouses, &c. &c.,
Navy Department, expenditures of the,

. 1 105

3 393



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Vol. No.
Vewton, Thomas, and George Loyall, contested election, . 2 213
Newton, Thomas, assignee of Robert Crittenden,

3 339
New Jersey, inhabitants of Rahway and Woodbridge, in favor of
the Indian tribes,

2 256
New York, increasing the terms of the court and the salaries of the
Judges, in certain districts, .

3 355
complaint of Martha Bradstreet against Alfred Conk-
ling, district Judge in the State of,

3 342
Norton, Stephen, Peter Bargy, and Hiram Wolverton,

2 248
Norton, William C. Daniel, Bargy, and Wolverton,




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1 103
1 128
2 211
2 265
3 « 299
3 337



3 379
3 387
1 23

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2 209

Oficers and soldiers of the Virginia State line, lands to satisfy the

claims of,
Officers, brevet, Paymaster General and Surgeon General

, rank of,
Officers, to designate the rank from which the colonelcy of the 2d

regiment of artillery should be filled,
Ohio, respecting Virginia military land warrants located betwixt

Ludlow's and Roberts' lines, in the State of, .
sale of the public lands in to the State of,
and Baltimore rail road, .'
inhabitants of Trumbull county, respecting the Indians,
Legislature in favor of the tariff of 1828,
and Mississippi rivers, to improve the navigation of the,

to build two steam boats for clearing

obstructions in the,
and Baltimore Rail Road Company, :
memorial of the ladies of Steubenville, in the State of, rela-

tive to the removal of the Indians,
and Chesapeake canal, west of the Alleghany mountains, to

subscribe stock in,
titles of lands in the 13th township and 7th range, in the

State of,
Ohl, John F.,
Olney, Stephen,
Ore, James, Conalesky or Challenge, Giles McAnulty, and George

Stiggins, :
0. Brodie, Alexander,

and Lewis Marks, ·

Payne, Robert, Walter Lacy, Daniel Clarke, administrators of Ben-

jamin Clarke,
Pay and rank of officers of the Army,
Patten, Nathaniel,. .
Park, Thomas,
Parish, Jasper,
Payne, Major M. M.,
Parker, John A.,
Paine, Captain Thomas,
Patents to issue to foreigners, non-residents, ,

2 280


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3 411
3 406
1 53

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Vol. No.
Pennsylvania Legislature, relative to the Colonization Society, 1 24
Pension laws, to extend the benefit to all revolutionary soldiers, 1 2
Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington City, improvement of the, 2 184
Pennsylvania, Legislature in favor of the tariff of 1828,

1 146
inhabitants of Lower Dublin, Philadelphia county,
in favor of the Southern Indians,

2 254
Baptist Association in favor of the Southern Indians, 2 253
inhabitants of Montgomery county, in favor of the
Southern Indians,

2 261
inhabitants of Montgomery county, in favor of the
Southern Indians,

2 255
Peck, James H., Judge, impeachment of,

3 325
memorial of, (two reports, No. 345,) 3 345

3 385

3 359
Peck, Peter,

3 408
Peace establishment, military, &c.

1 85
Pettigrew, Timothy and Robert A.,

3 368
Pendleton, Benjamin,

3 418
Philadelphia, citizens, relative to duties on iron manufactures, &c. 2 266

Chamber of Commerce, on the reduction of duties on
tea and coffee, .

2 283
dealers in tea, memorial of, relative to the reduction
of duties on tea and coffee,

2 282
ship-builders, rope-makers, memorial of,

3 369
Pittsburg, Uniontown, and Presque Isle road,

2 196
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, citizens of in favor of the Georgia Indians, 2 264
Porliers, James, Alexander Gardepier, Jean B. Vine, and Joseph

Potter, Rowena, guardian of the heirs of Peter Cabet,

Post Office Department, additional number of clerks in the,

1 122
Population, ratio of representation of the,

1 127
Post Office establishment,

3 361
Pre-emption rights to certain persons in Florida,

1 162
Privateer pension fund,


Preston, Francis,

2 234
Price, William,

3 352
President and Vice President, election of, resolutions of Georgia

relative to amending the Constitu-
tion of the United States, . 1

President of the United States, medal sent by Bolivar to the, 1 170
Prudhomme, Antoine, and others,

1 31
President and Vice President of the United States, to reduce into

one the acts providing for electors of the, 2 213
Public buildings in Arkansas, donation of lands to erect the, 1 118
Purchasers of public lands in Alabama, for the relief of,

Public buildings, conveying water to the, (Mr. Skinner,)

2 281
Public lands, to postpone the sale of in Jackson county, Alabama 1 97
Public buildings, conveying water to the, (Mr. Cameron,)

1 145
Public lands, for the relief of purchasers, (see Mr. Clay's resolu-

tion, No. 1, at the end of the last volume of Com-
mittee Reports.)



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Vol. No.
1 47

1 104
1 150
1 153
1 127
1 10
1 83
1 123
1 113
3 338
3 416

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1 2
1 4
1 88
1 159
2 181
2 238
3 387
3 337

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Rank and pay of officers of the Army,
Raymer, Frederic, .
Reeser, Ulrick, heirs of,
Retrenchment, report on the subject of specific appropriations,
Reynolds, Aaron, letter of Col. Ř. M. Johnson,
Representatives, ratio of under the 5th census,
Retrenchment, resolution of Mr. Barringer,
Representatives Hall, memorial of R. Mills relative to the,

memorial of C. Bulfinch relative to the,
Representatives, Draughtsman for the House of,

Draughtsman for the,
Reeves, B. H., G. O. Sibley, and Thomas Mathers,
Revolutionary soldiers, to extend the benefit of the pension laws

to all the,
Rifle stocks delivered at the Philadelphia arsenal by L. Schrack, ,
Ripley and Washburn, contested election, .
Ridgley, James, administrator of Edward Moore,
River, Cumberland, survey of the,
Rivers, Tennessee and Coosa, canal betwixt,
Risley, Timothy,
River, 'Ohio, bridge across the, :
Rivers, Ohio and Mississippi, to improve the navigation of,

to build two steam boats to remove

obstructions in the,
River, Connecticut, survey of the,

Illinois, and Lake Michigan, canal betwixt,
Tennessee, and Mobile bay, canal or rail road to connect

the waters of the,
Richardson, Andrew H., (two of No. 349,)
Road, Memphis and Tuscumbia,

Rail, Company, memorial of the Baltimore and Ohio,
Cumberland, memorial of Indiana Legislature respecting

Uniontown, Pittsburg, and Presque Isle,

, Baltimore and Ohio,
from Villemont to Little Rock, in Arkansas,
rail, or canal, to connect the waters of Tennessee river

with those of Mobile bay,
turnpike, from Virginia line, through Tennessee, to the

Mississippi river,

Roanoke inlet, to re-open the,
Rope-makers, ship-builders, &c., of Philadelphia, memorial of the,
Robinson, Wallace, .
Robison, John,
Roberts and Ludlow's lines, Virginia military land warrants lo-

cated betwixt,
Rodriguez, John,
Rouse, Lewis,
Rogers, David, and sons,

3 379
2 294


2 228
3 349
2 293
1 23




2 196
2 211
2 218

2 228


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Vol. No.
Ross, John G., and Anthony Foreman, Cherokee Indians,

3 367
Ruigers, Arund,

1 22
Rum exported, deventure on, (Henry Bull's letter,)

1 143
Rules, joint, of the two Houses, (see Resolution No. 11,). 1 11
Resolution submitted by Mr. Clay, for the relief of purchasers of

public lands, (see No. 1, at the end of the last vo-

lume of Committee Reports.)
No. 2, submitted by Mr. Bates, Massachusetts, (see

end of last volume Committee Reports.)
No. 3, relative to sugar cane, submitted by Mr. Spen-

cer, (see end of last volume Committee Reports.)
No. 4, by Mr. Drayton, relative to oppressive duties,

(see end of last volume Committee Reports.)
No. 5, submitted by Mr. Buryes, directing the Clerk

of the House to cause a digested index to the Execu-
tive papers, &c., to be prepared, (see end of last vo-

lume Committe Reports.)
No. 6, submitted by Mr. Goodenow, authorizing the

Clerk to purchase three hundred copies of the Jour-
nals of Congress, 1744 to 1748, (see end of last vo-

lume Committee Reports.)
No. 7, relative to the Academy at West Point, sub-

mitted by Mr. Crockett, (see end of last volume

Reports of Committees.)
No. 8, submitted by Mr. Forward, relative to re-

trenchment, (see end of last volume Committee Re-

No. 9, on the subject of the navigation of the Roanoke,

inlet, submitted by Mr. W. B Shepard, (see end

of the last volume of Committee Reports )
No. 10, upon the subject of certain salaries, submitted

by Mr. Barringer, (see end of last volume Commit-

tee Reports.)
No. 11, upon the subject of the joint Rules of the two

Houses of Congress, submitted by Mr. Wickliffe,

(see end of the last volume Committee Reports.)
No. 12, relative to surveys for roads, &c., submitted

by Mr. Hemphill, (see end of last volume.)
No. 13, respecting Jefferson's Manual, submitted by

Mr. De Witt, (see end of last volume.)
No. 14, respecting steam boats and steam vessels, sub-

mitted by Mr. Wickliffe, (see end of the last volume.)
No. 15, respecting duty on salt, submitted by Mr.

Taliaferro, (see end of last volume.)


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Saunders, William, and others, sureties of William Estes,
Sapp, John,
Sandy and Beaver canal,
Scott, Alexander,
Schrack, Lewis,

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