Imatges de pÓgina

Vol. No.
1 98
1 115


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Georgia Legislature, resolution of thc, relative to the tariff,
Georgia, claims for Indian depredations prior to 1802,
Georgia Legislature, for amending the Constitution of the United

Georgia and Florida, boundary lines,
Georgia Indians, memorial of Pittsburg relative to the protection

of the.
Georgetown, District of Columbia, renewing the charter of,
Glover, Creed,
Glass, John,
Gibbs, Benjamin,
Gilbert, Ephraim F.,
Gibbon, James, Captain,
Girod, John F.,
Gill, Whitford,
Gibbs, William,
Godfroy, Gabriel,
Gordon, James,
Governor and Judges of Arkansas, to increase the salaries of the,
Goodwin, Daniel,
Good, John,
Granger, Erastus,
Green, Farnifold, relative to the sentence of a court martial,
Gray, Jeduthur, and Robert Morell, sureties of Charles Josslyn,
Groce, Jared E.,
Greely, Philip and Eliphalet,
Green, Patrick,


2 R64
2 187
1 28
1 87
1 168
2 226
2 251
2 252
3 364
3 396
1 35
2 179

3 314
3 334
1 29

1 167
3 328
3 382


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2 221

2 298
3 315
3 378
2 287
1 83
3 403
2 259
1 113
3 338


Hayner, John,
Hampshire, Hampden and Farmington canal (to accompany bill

Hampshire and Farmington Canal Company,
Hackley, R. S.,
Harris and Farrow,
Harrison, William H.,
Havens, Sylvester, .
Hall of the House of Representatives, (R. Mills,)
Hardesty, Richard,
Henry, William,
House of Representatives, relative to the Draughtsman of the,

relative to a Draughtsman for the,
Charles Bulfinch's report relative to the

Hall of the,
ratio of apportionment upon the fifth

Homans, Benjamin,
Holgate, Samuel,
Hoit, Gates,
Hospital, marine, at Charleston, (two reports, No. 150,)
Hook, Stephen,

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Hoppas, George, and Samuel Watson,
Heard, Johın, assignee of Amasa Davis,
Huron, establish the new Territory of
Hulse, Joseph, the widow and heirs of,
Hubbard, Eber,
Hughs, Charles, James W. Brannin, and Nathaniel Ford,
Hunt, Thomas F.,

Vol. No.
2 231
2 270
1 56
2 232
2 288
3 409
3 419


ties on,

duties on,

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Imports, amending the acts laying duties on,

1 54
resolutions of the Legislature of Georgia relative to du-

1 9S
memorial of the Legislature of Pennsylvania relative to

1 146
memorial of the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce on
reducing the duties on tea and coffee,

2 283
memorial of Philadelphia tea-dealers on reducing the
duties on tea and coffee,

2 282
resolutions of the Mississippi Legislature relative to the
Colonization Society, and duties on,

3 300
resolutions of the Legislature of Ohio on the subject
of duties on,

memorial of the ship-carpenters, 'rope-makers, &c., re-
lative to duties on,

3 369
relative to duties upon manufactures of iron, &c.

2 266
Indian, Captain John Wood, a Cherokee, .

1 82
Indians, claims of Georgia for depredations committed prior to the
year 1802 by the Creek,


Creek, memorial of certain Chiefs of the,

1 169
memorial of the Board for the preservation and improve-
ment of the condition of the,

2 233
removal of the, (to accompany bill 287,)

2 227
Cherokee and other tribes, memorial of inhabitants of Mas-
sachusetts relative to the removal of the,

3 310
Southern, inhabitants of Lower Dublin, in Philadelphia
county, relative to the,

2 254
Cherokee and other tribes, memorial of Rahway and

Woodbridge county, New Jersey, relative to the, 2 256
memorial of the Baptist Missionary Association of Penn-
sylvania relative to the,

2 253
Cherokee, and others, memorial of the inhabitants of

Montgomery county, in Pennsylvania, relative to the, 2 261
memorial of the New York Baptist Missionary Society, 3
Cherokee, memorial of inhabitants of Montgomery county,
Pennsylvania, relative to the, (see bill 287,)

2 255
memorial of the ladies of Steubenville, Ohio, relative to the, 2 209
Georgia, memorial of citizens of Pittsburg relative to the, 2

memorial of the inhabitants of Brown county, Ohio, rela-
tive to the,

2 263
Southern, memorial of the yearly meeting of Friends in
New England relative to the,

2 246

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Vol. No. Indians, inhabitants of Trumbull county, Ohio, in behalf of the, 2 265

laws of the Colonial and State governments relating to the, 3
Cherokee, memorial of, by the delegation of the,

3 311 memorial of the citizens of Miami county, Ohio,

3 302 memorial of Indiana Legislature, .

2 291 Anthony Foreman and John G. Ross, Cherokee,

2 387 inhabitants of Northampton, Easthampton, Southampton, and Westhampton, relating to the,

3 310 Cherokee, memorial of the delegation of the,

3 397 Infantry or artillery, on merging the marine corps in the,

1 158 Indiana Legislature, relative to the mail route from Louisville to St. Louis,

1 178 relative to the Cumberland road, ,

1 174 Innes. George,

2 200 Indigent deaf and dumb,

2 222 Internal improvement, memorial of the Legislature of Alabama

relative to a canal between the Tennes-
see and Coosa rivers,

2 180 Ives, Elisha, .

1 142 Internal improvements, tariff, and Colonization Society, resolu

tions of the Legislature of Mississippi
relative to,

3 300 Improvement of the navigation of Connecticut river, or for a canal or rail road, survey for the,

2 294 of the navigation of the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, 3 337 Illinois river, a canal from Lake Michigan to the,

3 377 Iron, manufacturers of in Philadelphia, memorial

' of the, :. 2 266


3 414 3 360 1

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James, Elisha,
Jeans, Joseph,
Jerome, Jean Baptiste,
Jurors and Judges of the United States' courts, allowance and pay

of the,
Jacocks, William,
Jourdin, Joseph, James Porliers, Alexander Gardepier, and Jean B.

Josslyn, Charles, reimbursing Gray and Monell, sureties of,
Joseph and Mary, schooner, Charles Cramer and others, owners

of the,
Johnson, George,
Johnson, Daniel,
Judges and Governor of Arkansas, to increase the pay of the,
Judicial terms, to lengthen the, and increase the compensation of

the Judges in certain districts,
Judges in the Territory of Michigan, to fix the salaries of the,

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2 279 3 356 3 330 2 235


3 355 3 304


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Kaine, Robert,
Kennedy, Doctor Samuel, heirs of, (two reports, No. 351,)

3 340 3 351



Vol. No.
3 327
3 365


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Kennedy, Joshua,
Keep, Samuel,
Kentucky, resolution of the Legislature of Indiana upon the sub-

ject of mail route to St. Louis, from Louisville, in

the State of,
Kilbourne, David,
Kilbourne, Henry,
King, Gideon, and Ezra Thurber,
King, William, James Davis, and Gentland Lincecum,
Kirk, Sarah, Margaret Cooper, and Jeremiah Van Antwerp, heirs

of Major John Campbell,
Kinnard, David,
Kurtz and Bowie, and others, owners of the ship Alleghany,

1 173
2 189

1 15
2 249



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2 273
3 405
1 100

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La Croix, Hubert, et al.


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sell the,

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Lacy, Walter, Daniel Clark, and Robert Payne, administrators of

Benjamin Clark,
Lauderau, John Pierre, John Brest, representative of,
La Grange, Garret, Isaiah Townsend, Peter and Garret Dox,
Lands, public, in Jackson county, Alabama, to postpone the sales of,
Lands, school, salines, &c., in Missouri, application for leave to
Land warrants, military, located betwixt Ludlow's and Roberts?

lines, in the State of Ohio,
Lands for Fort Washington, to purchase additional,

public, in Ohio, sale of to the State,
public, Legislature of Alabama for the relief of purcha-

sers of;
in the State of Tennessee, to enable that State to issue grants

for certain,
in Louisiana, to authorize the issuing of certificates in cer-

tain cases, (see bill No. 260,)
appropriated for education,

claimed by Antoine Prudhomme, Lewisand Gilbert Closeau,
Land claims in Arkansas, fraudulent, decisions of the courts of that

Territory on,
Lands in Florida, granting pre-emption rights to certain persons to,
Lands to satisfy the Virginia State officers and soldiers,
Land titles in the 13th township and 7th range, in Ohio,
Lawrence, Col. John, heirs and representatives of
Laws for the District of Columbia, code of,
Lay, John 0.,
Larch, Francis,
Lea and Arnold, contested election,
Lee, Edward,
Leland, Baldwin M.,
Lewis, David M.,
Lewis, Michael,
Le Gendre, heirs of,
Levy Court of Calvert county, Maryland,

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Vol. No.
Loyall, George, and Thomas Newton, contested election, . 2 213
Linsey, James,

1 48
Livingston, Walter, deceased, Robert L. Livingston, execuior of;

Lincoln, Jotham, administrator of Samuel B. Lincoln,

1 139
Livingston, Richard and Stephen, heirs of Richard Livingston,

1 172
Little Rock, road from to Villemont, in Arkansas,

2 218
Lincecum, Gentland, James Daviess, and William D. King, 2 249
Lobster fishery, Massachusetts laws respecting the,

1 79
Love, Alexander,

1 125
Louisville, Kentucky, mail route to St. Louis, in Missouri, resolu-
tion of Indiana Legislature respecting the,

1 173
Lord, John,

2 178
Loomis and Bassett,

2 190
Ludlow and Roberts' lines, land claims betwixt,

1 103



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Mays, Elizabeth,

1 9
Maps, charts, &c., upon the subject of employing a Draughtsman, 1 113
Marks, Lewis, and Alexander 0. Brodie,

1 160
Massachusetts laws relative to lobster fishery,

1 79
Massachusetts, Northampton, Easthampton, Westhampton, and

Southampton, inhabitants relative to the Indians, 3310
Massachusetts claims,

2 223
Massachusetts, inhabitants of, relative to the Cherokee and other
tribes of Indians,

2 245
Massachusetts claim, memorial of the Legislature of Maine,

1 107
Marine hospital at Charleston, S. Carolina, (2 reports, No. 150,) 1 150
Marine corps, to alter the organization of the,

1 158
Mail, transportation and opening the on the Sabbath,

2 271
stage route from Lonisville to St. Louis, memorial of Indi-
ana Legislature respecting the,

1 173
Maison Rouge and Bastrop,

3 347
Manufactures, domestic, Legislature of Ohio relative to, ,

3 299
Maine, militia claims of, and Massachusetts,


Mary and Joseph, a schooner, Charles Cramer and others, owners
of the,

2 279
Mathers, Thomas, G. 0. Sibley, and B. H. Reeves,

3 416
Mary, a schooner, heirs of John Dauphine, owner of,

3 301

2 177
Maryland, Levy Court of Calvert county,
MeDuff, Daniel,

1 58

1 67
McDonough, John,
McAnulty, Giles, Conaleskee or Challenge, James Ore, and George

1 69

McLaughlin, Colin,


2 197
McHugh, Susannah,
McClelland, Baldwin M.

2 203
McCarty, James,

2 215

McIver, John,



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McCobb, Parker,

2 244
Meeker, Samuel,



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