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ABINGDON, old parish accompts of, 481.
Abridgement of a library by Pilpay, 247.
Accommodation extraordinary, 562.
Acquaintance table, 377.

Admiral, lord high; office and seal of, 573.
Adoption of children, in France, 220.
"Adrasta," old play, 321.

Advertisement; at Ghent, 59; letter in conse-
quence of one, 60.

Advice, danger of giving, 330

Affectation, less prevalent among women than
formerly, 358.

African young woman's compliment to her
lover, 187.

[blocks in formation]

Agriculture, British, derived from the Romans," Arden of Feversham," old play, 221


"Ahab," by S. R. Jackson, 498.

Air and exercise for ladies, 209.
Airay, Thomas, Grassington manager, notice
of, 69.

Albany and York, duke of, 93; the dukedom
of Albany, 403.

Albemarle, duke of, creditable patronage by,

Alcock, Rev. Mr., the waggish clergyman, 634.
Alderson, Hut., of Durham, 365.

Ale, Prynne". put into the road of writing"
by, 726.

"All Fools," old play, 192.

Allan-a-Maut, engraving, 116.

Allen, Rev. Mr., fatal duel fought by, 722.
Alleyn, the actor, 66
master of the bears and

dogs," 497.

Alliteration, clever specimen of, 155.
Ally, a good one, 632.

Almanacs; Liege, 274; curious notices in
French almanacs, 540.

Alms-houses, [workhouses;] none before the
Reformation, 392.

Ambassadors, former custom of, 663.
Amurath, sultan, effect of music on, 229.
Ancient Britons. See Wales.

Andalusia, deadly irritation of winds in, 278.
Angel help, 751.

Angling, notices concerning, 659.
Angoulême, duchess of; anecdote of, 9.

VOL. 1 -27.

Aremburg, duke of, his love of the arts, 10.
Arithmetical notices, 759.

Armorial bearings; of ambassadors, 663;
having emblems of the devil, 699.
Armories, formerly possessed by private lords
and gentlemen, 391.

Arms [of the human body,] one stated to be
broken by the throbbings of rheumatism,


" Arraignment of Paris," old play, 511.
Arran, earl of, his letter on duke of Bucking-
ham's death, 526.

Arrens, near Marseilles, interring the carnival
at, 271.

Artist's (Young) letter from Switzerland,

Arts, benevolent application of profits from,

Ash, (mountain) an antidote to witchcraft,

Astrologers, account of Hart, 185.
Aubrey, John, curious collection by, 389.
Auld Robin Gray, ballad of; history of, 200

Authors; Mrs. Charke reading her manu
script to a bookseller, engraving of, 125,
suggestions to authors, 248; their two
wishes, 279: peculiarities of in composing,
681; prolific authors, 726.

Autograph of Charles Lord Howard of
Effingham, 573.

Baccnus, bronze head of, found in the Thames,


Bacon, gammon of, at Easter, 89.

lord; his judgment on books, 218;
his method of condensing thought, 682.
(Friar) and his servant, 633.
Badajos, (the dean of) 323.
Bag, duel with, 20.

Bagdad, effect of music after capture of, 229.
Baker, Miss Polly, fiction of, 89.

Baldwin, Samuel, singular burial of, 412.
Ballads, licenses for printing, 586.
Bank, (country) capital for, 59

side bear garden, 489.

Banquet given by Whitelock to queen of
Sweden, 552.

[ocr errors]

of the dead," 515.

Barbers; description of a barber, 241; Dud-
ley, barber, at Portsmouth, 405.
Barley-break, an old pastime, 37.
Barnard, lady Ann, poetess, 200.
Barre, (Du) madame, and the Liege almanac,


Bate, Rev. Mr., three duels fought by, 722.
Bath chairman, mock funeral of, 41.
Bathing, utility of, 819.

Battalia, Francis, a stone-eater, 355.
Battle; prize-fighting formerly sometimes with

swords, 495; "Battle of the Poets," 407;
"Battle of Alcazar," old play, 486; field of
battle, 661.

Battle-bridge, remains of an elephant found
near, 80.

Bayswater, projected improvement at, 215.
Bazaar, (Soho) 153.

Bear garden, (old) Southwark, 489; of elec-
tor of Saxony, 490.
Beauty, compliment to, 344.

Beaux not always mere coxcombs, 666.
Beckenham, Kent, 765; bridge in road to,

Bees; "Parliament of Bees," old play, 133;
a boy bee-eater, curious account of, 746.
Beeston, clerk of, 420.


Begin again," 421.

Behnes, Mr., his bust of duke of York, 93.
Belfast, Easter custom at, 506.

Belgrave, siege of, 155.

Bell, (diving) origin and notices of, 763.

-, (Tommy) engraving of, 651.

Berne, description of, 427.

Birds; a play in which all the characters are
birds, 133; particulars respecting birds,
588, 591. See Parrots, Starlings.
Birmingham old conjurors, 234.
Bishops; one misled by a saint, 415; "bishop
of Butterby," 365.

Black jacks and warming pans, 15.

---letter books, curious criticism on, 425.
Blacksmiths; their endurance of fire, 315;
Gretna-green blacksmith, 431.

Bleeding; for one's country, 90; practised
by a woman, 141; former frequency of
479; in silence and psalmody, ib.
Blind Hannah, engraving of, 221.
Willie, of Newcastle, 461.

Bloody hand, (the) 258.

"Blythe Cock pen," and the merry monarch,


Boar's head, custom concerning, 85, 390.
Bodmin, royal joke on, 348.

Bogs, remarks on timber in, 185.
Bonaparte; his grand procession to Notre
Dame, 503; his system of over-governing,

Bones, curious account of breaking of one,
142; embalming of, 576.
Bon-fire, singular one, 762.

Books; pleasures and consolation of, 16, 217;
old, with new titles, 68; one dedicated to
the author, 125; proper standard of, 248;
(black letter) naif criticism on, 425; when
first made of paper, 507. See Doomsday

Booksellers, an author reading a manuscript
to one; engraving, 125.

Boots, Billy, engraving of, 302.
Bowring, Mr., his " Popular Servian Poetry,"


[blocks in formation]

Brecon, minstrelsy society at, 338.

Breeds, (mixed) curious complaint of, 626.
Brentford Hannahı, [Blind Hannah,] engraving
of, 221.

Berners, dame Julia, treatise on field sports Brewer's drayman, character of, 374.

Brewing, private, 772.

"Bridal of Caolchairn," 784.

by, 392.

Best of a bad matter, 762.

Bibliomaniac ridiculed, 218.

Bibo's (General) tale, 515.

Bride, description of one, 295.
Bridesman, 294, 296.

Bibury, rector of, 501.

Bridlington, irregular stream near,


Britannia's sup-porter, 412.

Bielfeld, baron, his account of the dance of Bristol, Lent custom at, 625.

[blocks in formation]

British Museum, pleasures and facilities of,


poetesses, by Mr. Dyce, 195.
portraits, sale catalogue of, 236.

Britons, (ancient.) See Wales.

Bromholm, former pilgrimage to, 392.
Bronze, antique, found in the Thames. 267.

Brookes, Mr. J., dissection of king's ostrich |
by, 617.

"Brose and Butter," a favourite royal air, 411.
Brothers, younger not allowed formerly to
pursue trades, 393.

Brough, in Westmoreland; twelfth-night cus-
toms at, 26; March fair at, 317; church,


Brougham, Mr., his speech on the founding
of the London university, 596.
Brouwer, a painter, notice of, 10.
Brummelliana, 666.

Bryan, Daniel, a brave old seaman, 631.

Cabbage and tailors, 471.

Cairo, characteristic salutation at, 197.
Camberwell Grove, 809.

Campbell, Mr.T., speech of at Glasgow, 758.
Campbells, the, 778.

Canons, near Edgeware, former celebrity of,


Capital for banking, 59.

punishments, 455, 460.

Caps and hats, fashionable days for new ones,


Captain and lieutenant, mortal duel between,


Cards, fortune-telling, 74.
Carew, lady Elizabeth, 196.

Carnival, ceremony of interring, 271, 273.
Carthago, Nova, its present to Scipio, 265.
Carts, dignity of, 169.
Castle-building, 464.

Coombe, tickling trout at, 662.
Catherine de Medicis, vow of, 475.
Catherinot, a French pamphleteer, 727.
Catholic German universities, 124.
Cawston church, poor's-box in, 747.
Ceremonies, a true paper currency, 219.
Chafin, Rev. Mr., his anecdotes about Cran-
bourne Chase, 32.

Chairman, (Bath) mock funeral of, 41.
Chairs, (arm,) 786.

[blocks in formation]

Christina queen of Sweden, curious collation
given to, 552.

Christmas customs, 390, 391.

Christ's sepulchre and resurrection, 484.
Churches; church processions, 392; church-
houses before the Reformation described,
392; few built in the correct line, 398;
throughout Europe, pope's grant to Italian
architects for building, 393; organs first
used in, 473; (see Organs;) visiting the
churches, 478; curious old church ac-
compts, 481. See Fonts.

Cibber, (Colley) life of his daughter, 125.
"City nightcap," old play, 559.

Clare, Elizabeth, her intense attachment, 458
Clarence, duke of, lord high admiral, 577;
dukedom of Clarence, 409.
Classes of mankind, how many, 455.

Challenges, a poetical solicitor's answer to Clemency, policy of, 401.

one, 724. See Duels.

Chambers, James, the poor poet, 436.

Chancellor, (lord) office of, 729.

Chancery, 540; despatch in, 730
Chandler, Mary, a poetess, 199.
"Changes, (The)" old play, 417
Characters; of servants at hirings, 177; na-
tional, in compliment, 186, &c.; tendency
of former lessons to meanness of charac-
ter, 564; character of the old gentleman,
118; of Kimberley, a Birmingham con-
juror, 285; of the barber, 241; of Mrs.
Aurelia Sparr, 340; of Agrestilla, 358; of
he drayman, 371; a literary character,
410; of "the good clerk," 562; of the
Durham pitmen, 651.

Charke, Mrs., her autobiography, 125; far-
ther notices, 258.

Charlemagne, privilege granted by, 554.
Charles I., curious anecdote concerning, 701.
II., character of, 547; anecdotes of,
701, 732.

Clergyman, a waggish clergyman, 633; duels
fought by, 722; office of lord chancellor
formerly held by, 729.
"Clerk, (the good)" 562.

Clerkenwell, ancient river Fleet at, 75.
Clerks and parsons, anecdotes about, 662.
Clothes, economical allowance for, 668.
Clubs, the ugly, 264, 468; parliament, 280;
the silent, 467; the duellists' in Charles-
town, 721.

Coaches, in 1684, 169; coach and steam
travelling compared, 262.

Coin, (old silver) how to read inscriptions of,


Coke, sir Edward, immense fan used by, 894.
Colas, a celebrated diver, 647.
Cole, Mr. J., his " Antiquarian Trio," 525,


Colliers of Durham, account of, 651.
Colours, the Isabella colour, 558.
Columns, engraving of a curious British one,


Companies, certain uses of, 229. '
Compliments, 196; a natural compliment,


Condemnation, criminal, stupefaction attend-
ing, 457.

Conjurors, (Birmingham) 234.
Conscience, force of, 138, 401.
Constable's "Miscellany," 114.
Convents, ambition of the nuns in, 478.
Cooke, Rev. T., inquiry about, 136; notice
of, 406.

Cookesley, Mr., patron of Mr. W. Gifford, 52.
Cooks for the royal table, 377.

Copper mines, valuable, in Cornwall, 658.
Cordeliers, their lists of candidates how ar-
ranged, €98.

Cornwall, valuable mines in, 658; suffered
little in recent pressure, 659; parsons and
clerks in, 662.

Corporations, anatomy of, 524

Cortusius Lodovick, a lawyer, funeral of,


Coulour, in Golconda, celebrated for dia-
monds, 827.

Counter, tradesman's duty behind, 565.
Country, bleeding for, 9; parties and plea-
sures, 358; little known, 708; former man-
ners of country gentlemen, 391.
Court banquet, innocent gaiety at, 551.
Courtier, shrewd, 405.

Courts of justice, contrast of feelings in, 457.
Covent Garden, gambling-houses formerly in,

Coventry, pageant vehicle and play at, 11.
Cowper, the poet, two letters of, 752.
Crabbe, poet, criticism on, €83.
Cranbourne Chase, notice and engraving of
emigration of deer from, 29; town and
parish of Cranbourne, ib.; bloody affray
in the chase, 32; origin and history of the
chase, 36.

Craven, (Skipton in) theatrical company in,
69; legend of, 515.
Creditors, unblushing impudence of one, 667.
Cresses, green-grocers' devices with, 607.
Cries, London; engraving of the "young
lambs" seller, 395; of the bird-seller, 509;
of the cherry-woman, 685; of the old
water-carrier, 733.

Criminals, capital, feelings of before and after
hanging, 455.

Cromwell, Oliver, anecdote of, 14.

Crown lands, under Elizabeth, 580, 581.
Cruelty relenting at music, 229.
Crusades, effects of, 392.
Cumberland weddings, 794.

Cups, gold and maple, exchange of at coro-
nations, 616.

Cushion dance described, 161.
Customers, how to be considered, 566; a
spruce mercer and a lady customer, 567;
invitation of customers, 627.

[blocks in formation]

Dancing; goose-dancing de cribed, 81; the
dance of torches, 107; cushion dance, 161;
May-day dance of milk-maids, 557; parti-
cular wedding dances, 793.

Davenant, Sir W., his description of London,


"David and Bethsabe," old play, 609.
"David's Sow, (As drunk as)" explained,

Death; "Death's Doings," 240; horror at
mention of, 423; description of a death-
bed, 425; banquet of the dead, 515; cus-
tom of laying salt on the dead, 523; singu-
lar disposal of a royal corpse, 576; singu.
lar phantasms or figures of the dead, 710.
Decimals, 741.

Decker, the dramatist, excellence of, 358.
Dedication, curious, 125.

Deer, emigration of from Cranbourne Chase,
notice and engraving of, 29; driven from
the Highlands, 754; their abhorrence of
sheep, ib., 755.

[blocks in formation]

Dishes for the royal table marked, 377.
Ditton, (Thames) great resort of anglers, 659
Diver of Charybdis, account of, 705.
Diving-bell, origin and notices of, 763.
Doctors, dilemma against, 81.
Doge of Venice, marriage of. 452.
Dolcoath, valuable mine in Cornwall, 658
Doomsday-book, dissertations on, 610.
Dormer, judge, 406.

Dover Cliffs, humane warning against, 450.
"Downfall of May-games," 545.

of Robert, earl of Huntingdon,"
2ld play, 799.
Draining the fens, effect of, 143.
Drama. See Plays.

Drayman, brewer's, description of, 374.
Drayton, his sarcasm on trade, 564.
Dresden, elector's bear-garden at, 490.
"Drunk as David's sow," 379.
Drunkards, the place they go to, 540; warn-
ing to, 824.

"Duchess of Suffolk," old play, 588.
Dudley [a barber] of Portsmouth, 405.
Duels; singular mode of duelling with a bag
20; interesting account of duels, 720,
poetical answer to a challenge, 724.
Dulwich college, and the founder, 495, 497,


[blocks in formation]

Early rising, 796.

East Grinstead old play-bill, 137.
Easter, antipathy to the Jews at, 390; Easter
ceremonies, 477, &c. 502, 554.
Eating, advice against excess of, 81; fire-
eaters, 214; stone-eaters, 353.
Eclipse, [race-horse] engraving and account
of, 617, &c.

Economy equally necessary with industry,

Education, how conducted before the Refor-
mation, 389; lamented by a mulatto, ib.
Effingham, lord Howard of, his autograph,

Egyptians in France, description of, 478.
El Dorado of literature, 741.
Elephant, remains of, found near Battle-
bridge, 80.

Elizabeth, queen, simile used by, 220; wash-
ing poor's feet by, 479.
Elvet bridge, Durham, 413.
Emblems and mottos, 90; emblems used by
servants at hirings, 174, 203.
Epitaphs; by Dr. Lowth on his daughter, 188;
extempore one on a French general, 633.
Errors, clerical, 634.

Ethiopians, mode of salutation by, 196.
Etiquette, cut down by civilization, 219;
nearly fatal excess of, 737.
Etymology; of various English words, 473;
of words of necessity from the German,
and of those of luxury from the French,
"Every Man in his Humour," original scene
of changed, 302.
Ewart's old port, 343.
Excuse, a good one, 796.

Execution, case of revival after apparent ex-
ecution, 455.

Excursions of tradesmen, limits of, 567.
Exercise and air recommended to ladies, 209.

Fairs, former importance of, 205.
Falcon tavern, site of, 497.

families, former discipline in, 394; singular
abandonment of family, 424; picture of
desolation in, 656.
Fanatic, (fasting) 134.

Fans, former size and application of, 394.
Fares of ticket porters, 19.

Farmers in 1782, and in 1822, 463


Faro Straits, 643, 646.
Farthings, 378.


Fasting, extraordinary, 134; fast-pudding
and Friar Bacon, 633.

Fate, plea and answer respecting, 828.
"Father's Home, (A)" 170.
Feast, a fearful one, 520.
Feathers, 141.

February, advice for, 252.
Fees, the best of, 540.

Feet, washing of, at Vienna, 477; and at
Greenwich by queen Elizabeth, 479.
Felons, sensations of, before and after hang-
ing, 455.

Female friendship, 363.

Fens, goose-herds in, 140; effect of draining
in, 143.

Figures and numbers, 759.


of the dead, singular narrative of,

[blocks in formation]

Foot-ball, formerly played in London streets,

Fop and wit, union of, 666.
Fortune; cards for telling fortunes, 74; how
to be commanded, 347; fortune favours
the brave, or butterfly hunting, 678.
"Fortune by Land and Sea," old play, 299.
Fownes, Thomas, and his fox-hounds, 33.
Fox, the quaker, 762.

Franklin, Dr., anecdote of, 89.
Fraock Elan, isle of, 777.

Fraser, Simon, brother of lord Lovat, 633.
French; nobility, 132; valentines, 206; adop-
tion of children by, 220; transmigration of
French noblesse, 242; ceremonies in
France, 271, 272, 502; present jumble of
ranks among, 362; former hospitality to
travellers, 396; nationality of, 504, 505,
decorum of in crowds, ib.; almanacs,
statements of, 540.

Friar Bacon and his servant, 633.
Friendship; destroyed by advice, 330; on the
nail, supposed meaning of, 764.
Fritters in France and England, 271.
Funerals; mock, of a Bath chairman, 41; of a
French general by a British sailor, 631, a
cheerful one, 699.

Futurity, peep into, 74.

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