The Saint Pauls Magazine, Volum 1

Anthony Trollope
Virtue and Company, 1868

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Pàgina 716 - It has lengthened life; it has mitigated pain; it has extinguished diseases; it has increased the fertility of the soil; it has given new securities to the mariner; it has furnished new arms to the warrior; it has spanned great rivers and estuaries with bridges of form unknown to our fathers; it has guided the thunderbolt innocuously from heaven to earth; it has lighted up the night with the...
Pàgina 717 - ... it has accelerated motion; it has annihilated distance; it has facilitated intercourse, correspondence, all friendly offices, all despatch of business; it has enabled man to descend to the depths of the sea, to soar into the air, to penetrate securely into the noxious recesses of the earth, to traverse the land in cars which whirl along without horses, and the ocean in ships which run ten knots an hour against the wind; These are but a part of its fruits, and of its first fruits.
Pàgina 702 - Alas, how easily things go wrong! A sigh too much, or a kiss too long, And there follows a mist and a weeping rain, And life is never the same again.
Pàgina 691 - Over her eyes that gazed too much They drew the lids with a gentle touch; With a tender touch they closed up well The sweet thin lips that had secrets to tell; About her brows and...
Pàgina 691 - ... glance at its stillness and gloom. But he who loved her too well to dread The sweet, the stately, the beautiful dead, He lit his lamp, and took the key And turned it — alone again — he and she. He and she; but she would not speak, Though he kissed, in the old place, the quiet cheek. He and she; yet she would not smile, Though he called her the name she loved erewhile.
Pàgina 510 - "Stop, Mr. Finn; stop. Do not say to me any unkind word that I have not deserved, and that would make a breach between us. I have accepted the owner of Loughlinter as my husband, because I verily believe that I shall thus best do my duty in that sphere of life to which it has pleased God to call me. I have always liked him, and I will love him. For you, — may I trust myself to speak openly to you?" "You may trust me as against all others, except us two ourselves.
Pàgina 273 - I say to you, the hour is coming, and now is, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God, and those who hear will live.
Pàgina 248 - Then Phineas went away, and walked down to Pall Mall with Laurence Fitzgibbon. He would have preferred to take his walk alone, but he could not get rid of his affectionate countryman. He wanted to think over what had taken place during the evening ; and, indeed, he did so in spite of his friend's conversation. Lady Laura, when she first saw him after his return to London, had told him how anxious her father was to congratulate him on his seat, but the Earl had not spoken a word to him on the subject....
Pàgina 691 - Was it the infinite wonder of all That you ever could let life's flower fall ? " Or was it a greater marvel to feel The perfect calm o'er the agony steal ?
Pàgina 692 - There must be pleasure in dying, sweet, To make you so placid from head to feet! "I would tell you, darling, if I were dead, And 'twere your hot tears upon my brow shed, — "I would say, though the Angel of Death had laid His sword on my lips to keep it unsaid. "You should not ask vainly, with streaming eyes, Which of all deaths was the chiefest surprise, "The very strangest and suddenest thing Of all the surprises that dying must bring.

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