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have said above. Health and spirits can they have put Hunt and Keats in large only belong unalloyed to the selfish man — letters I have no doubt that the second the man who thinks much of his fellows number was intended for me: but have can never be in spirits. You must forgive, hopes of its non - appearance, from the although I have only written three hundred following Advertisement in last Sunday's lines; they would have been five, but I Examiner: - To Z. The writer of the have been obliged to go to town. Yester- Article signed Z., in Blackwood's Edinday I called at Lamb's. St. Jane looked burgh Magazine for October 1817 is invited very flush when I first looked in, but was to send his address to the printer of the much better before I left.

Examiner, in order that Justice may be Executed on the proper person. I don't mind the thing much - but if he should

to such lengths with me as he has done 19.

with Hunt, I must infallibly call him to an [Fragment from an outside sheet : Account if he be a human being, and postmark London, November 5, 1817.] appears in Squares and Theatres, where we ... I will speak of something else, or might possibly meet – I don't relish his my spleen will get higher and higher - abuse. and I am a bearer of the two-edged sword. I hope you will receive an answer from

20. Haydon soon if not, Pride! Pride!

TO CHARLES WENTWORTH DILKE Pride! I have received no more subscrip

[Hampstead, November 1817.] tion - but shall soon have a full health,

MY DEAR DILKE – Mrs. Dilke or Mr. Liberty and leisure to give a good part of

Wm. Dilke, whoever of you shall receive my time to him. I will certainly be in time for him. We have promised him one year:

this present, have the kindness to send pr.

bearer Sibylline Leaves, and your petitioner let that have elapsed, then do as we think

shall ever pray as in duty bound. proper. If I did not know how impossible

Given under my hand this Wednesday it is, I should say —do not at this time

JOHN KEATS. of disappointments, disturb yourself about morning of Novr. 1817.

Vivant Rex et Regina — amen. ☆ others.'

There has been a flaming attack upon Hunt in the Endinburgh Magazine. I never

21. TO BENJAMIN BAILEY read anything so virulent — accusing him of the greatest Crimes, depreciating his [Burford Bridge, November 22, 1817.] Wife, his Poetry, his Habits, his Company, MY DEAR BAILEY — I will get over the his Conversation. These Philippics are to first part of this (unpaid) Letter as soon as come out in numbers - called the Cockney possible, for it relates to the affairs of poor School of Poetry.' There has been but | Cripps. - To a Man of your nature such one number published — that on Hunt – to a Letter as Haydon's must have been which they have prefixed a motto from one extremely cutting – What occasions the Cornelius Webb Poetaster who unfortu- greater part of the World's Quarrels ? nately was of our party occasionally at simply this — two Minds meet, and do not Hampstead and took it into his head to understand each other time enough to prewrite the following, — something about vent any shock or surprise at the conduct 'we'll talk on Wordsworth, Byron, a theme

of either party

- As soon as I had known we never tire on;' and so forth till he Haydon three days, I had got gh of his tomes to Hunt and Keats. In the Motto Character not to bave been surprised at

he awokes

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such a Letter as he has hurt you with. fancy of the probable mode of operating in Nor, when I knew it, was it a principle these Matters. The Imagination may be with me to drop his acquaintance; although compared to Adam's drean with you it would have been an imperious and found it truth: – I am more zealous ir feeling. I wish you knew all that I think this affair, because I have never yet been about Genius and the Heart — and yet I able to perceive how anything can be known think that you are thoroughly acquainted for truth by consecutive reasoning - and with my innermost breast in that respect, or yet it must be. Can it be that even the you could not have known me even thus greatest Philosopher ever arrived at his long, and still bold me worthy to be your Goal without putting aside numerous objecdear Friend.' In passing, however, I must tions ? However it may be, O for a life of say one thing that has pressed upon me Sensations rather than of Thoughts! It is lately, and increased my Humility and ca- a Vision in the form of Youth,' a shadow pability of subinission — and that is this of reality to come — - And this consideration truth - Men of Genius are great as certain has further convinced me, for it has come ethereal Chemicals operating on the Mass as auxiliary to another favourite speculaof neutral intellect — but they have not any tion of mine, - that we shall enjoy ourindividuality, any determined Character selves hereafter by having what we called I would call the top and head of those who happiness on Earth repeated in a finer tone have a proper self Men of Power.

And yet such a fate can only befall But I am running my head into a subject those who delight in Sensation, rather which I am certain I could not do justice than hunger as you do after Truth. Adam's to under five Years' study, and 3 vols. dream will do here, and seems to be a Conoctavo and, moreover, I long to be talk- viction that Imagination and its empyreal ing about the Imagination so my dear reflection, is the same as human life and its Bailey, do not think of this unpleasant affair, spiritual repetition. But, as I was saying, if possible do not - I defy any harm to the Simple imaginative Mind may have its come of it - I defy. I shall write to Cripps rewards in the repetition of its own silent this week, and request him to tell me all Working coming continually on the Spirit his goings-on from time to time by Letter with a fine Suddenness — to compare great wherever I may be. It will go on well things with small, have you never by being so don't because you have suddenly dis- surprised with an old Melody, in a delicious covered a Coldness in Haydon suffer your- place by a delicious voice, felt over again. self to be teased — Do not my dear fellow your very speculations and surmises at the

O! I wish I was as certain of the end of time it first operated on your soul ? — do all your troubles as that of your momentary you not remember forming to yourself the start about the authenticity of the Imagi- Singer's face - more beautiful than nation. I am certain of nothing but of possible, and yet with the elevation of the the holiness of the Heart's affections, and Moment you did not think so? Even then the truth of Imagination. What the Imagi- you were mounted on the Wings of Imagination seizes as Beauty must be truth nation, so high that the prototype must be whether it existed before or not, — for I bereafter that delicious face you will have the same idea of all our passions as of What a time! I am continually runLove: they are all, in their sublime, crea- ning away from the subject. Sure this tive of essential Beauty. In a Word, you cannot be exactly the Case with a complex

favourite speculation by my

mind one that is imaginative, and at the first Book, and the little Song 18 I sent in same time careful of its fruits, — who would my last, which is a representation from the exist partly on Sensation, partly on thought

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may know

with many

- to whom it is necessary that years should follow him. At present, I am just arrived bring the philosophic Mind ? Such a one I at Dorking — to change the Scene change consider yours, and therefore it is neces- the Air, and give me a spur to wind up my sary to your eternal happiness that you not Poem, of which there are wanting 500 lines. only drink this old Wine of Heaven, which I should have been here a day sooner, but I shall call the redigestion of our most the Reynoldses persuaded me to stop in ethereal Musings upon Earth, but also in-. Town to meet your friend Christie.19 There crease in knowledge and know all things. were Rice and Martin we talked about I am glad to hear that you are in a fair Ghosts. I will have some Talk with Taylor way for Easter. You will soon get through and let you know, - when please God I your unpleasant reading, and then ! - but come down at Christmas. I will find that the world is full of troubles, and I have Examiner if possible. My best regards to not much reason to think myself pestered Gleig, my Brothers' to you and Mrs.

Bentley I think Jane or Marianne has a better Your affectionate Friend John KEATS. opinion of me than I deserve: for, really I want to say much more to you

- a few and truly, I do not think my Brother's ill- hints will set me going. Direct Burford ness connected with mine - -you know more Bridge near Dorking. of the real Cause than they do; nor have I any chance of being rack'd as you have

22. TO JOHN HAMILTON REYNOLDS been. You perhaps at one time thought there was such a thing as worldly happiness [Burford Bridge,] November 22, 1817. to be arrived at, at certain periods of time MY DEAR REYNOLDS — There are two marked out, - you have of necessity from things which tease me here one of them your disposition been thus led

away Cripps, and the other that I cannot go with I scarcely remember counting upon any Tom into Devonshire. However, I hope Happiness — I look not for it if it be not to do my duty to myself in a week or so; in the present hour, - nothing startles me and then I'll try what I can do for my beyond the moment. The Setting Sun will neighbour — now, is not this virtuous ? On always set me to rights, or if a Sparrow returning to Town I'll damm all Idleness come before

my Window, I take part in its - indeed, in superabundance of employexistence and pick about the gravel. The ment, I must not be content to run here first thing that strikes me on hearing a and there on little two-penny errands, but Misfortune having befallen another is this turn Rakehell, i. e. go a masking, or Bailey

"Well, it cannot be helped: he will have will think me just as great a Promise the pleasure of trying the resources of his Keeper as he thinks you; for myself I do Spirit' — and I beg now, my dear Bailey, not, and do not remember above one comthat hereafter should you observe anything plaint against you for matter o’that. Bailey cold in me not to put it to the account of writes so abominable a hand, to give his heartlessness, but abstraction — for I assure Letter a fair reading requires a little time: you I sometimes feel not the influence of a so I had not seen, when I saw you last, his passion or affection during a whole Week invitation to Oxford at Christmas. I'll go

- and so long this sometimes continues, I with you. You know how poorly Rice was. begin to suspect myself, and the genuine- I do not think it was all corporeal, — bodness of my feelings at other times — think- ily pain was not used to keep him silent. ing them a few barren Tragedy Tears. I'll tell you what; he was hurt at what

My brother Tom is much improved — he your Sisters said about his joking with your is going to Devonshire - whither I shall Mother, he was, soothly to sain. It will all



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blow over. God knows, my dear Reynolds,

He overwhelms a genuine Lover of poesy I should not talk any sorrow to you -- you

with all manner of abuse, talking about must have enough vexations so I won't

a poet's rage any more.

If I ever start a rueful subject And stretched metre of an antique song.' in a letter to you

blow me! Why don't now I am going to ask you a very

Which, by the bye, will be a capital motto silly Question neither you nor anybody else

Kor my poem, won't it? He speaks too of could answer, under a folio, or at least a Time's antique pen'— and April's firstPamphlet - you shall judge — why don't born flowers '— and · Death's eternal cold.' you, as I do, look unconcerned at what may – By the Whim-King! I'll give you a be called more particularly Heart-vexa

stanza, because it is not material in connections ? They never surprise me — lord ! tion, and when I wrote it I wanted you a man should have the fine point of his

to give you

tr vote, pro or con. soul taken off to become fit for this world.

(Here follow lines 581-590, Book IV. of I like this place very much. There is Endymion.] Hill and Dale and a little River. I went

... I see therte is an advertisement in the up Box bill this Evening after the Moon

Chronicle to Pochats — he is so over-loaded you a' seen the Moon

came down, and

with poems on the late Princess.' I suppose wrote some lines.

me a few lend

you do not lack rated from you, and not engaged in a con

little send me a

me thy hand to laugh ata tinued Poem, every letter shall bring you

little pullet-sperm, a fe pw finch-eggs -- and a lyric — but I am too anxious for you to

remember me to each te?f our card-playing enjoy the whole to send you a particle. Club. When

will all be turned you

die One of the three books I have with me

into Dice, and be put inn pawn with the is Shakspeare's Poems: I never found so devil: for cards, they crur mble

up many beauties in the sonnets they seem thing. to be full of fine things said unintentionally

I rest Your affectionate fil riend - in the intensity of working out conceits. Is this to be borne ? Hark ye !



love to both houseson

illinc. "When lofty trees I see barren of leaves, Which erst from heat did canopy the head,

a z KEATS And Summer's green all girded up in sheaves, 23. TO GEORGE AND THOMAS Borne on the bier with white and bristly head.'

Hampstead, Decembe

istr 22, 1817. He has left nothing to say about nothing or


jourust crave

I m anything: for look at snails — you know

your pardon for not having wurvritten ere

this. he

lan the public

I saw Kean return to says about Snails — you know when he talks about cockled Snails' — well, in

in Richard III., and finely he di

on.d it, and, one of these sonnets, he says — the chap

at the request of Reynolds, I wer

Evet to critislips into — no ! I lie ! this is in the Venus

cise his Duke in Richd. the cri and Adonis: the simile brought it to my

to-day's Champion, which I send Mind.

the Examiner, in which

yoifind very you

will proper lamentation on the obso

all letion of As the snail, whose tender horns being hit, Christmas Gambols and pastime

Surg: but it
Shrinks back into his shelly cave with pain, was mixed up with so much egotis
And there all smothered up in shade doth sit, drivelling nature that pleasure ind s entirely
Long after fearing to put forth again;

must So at his bloody view her eyes are fled,

lost. Hone the publisher's trial, Into the deep dark Cabins of her head.' find very amusing, and as Englishn thmen very

like any,

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Joitran KEATS.

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of tique is in
e . you with

com of that



encouraging: his Not Guilty is a thing, quisition, with Dilke upon various subjects; which not to have been, would have dulled several things dove-tailed in my mind, and still more Liberty's Emblazoning — Lord at once it struck me what quality went to Ellenborough has been paid in his own coin form a Man of Achievement, especially in

Wooler and Hone have done us an Literature, and which Shakspeare possessed essential service. I have had two very so enormously - I mean Negative Capabilpleasant evenings with Dilke yesterday and ity, that is, when a man is capable of being to-day, and am at this moment just come in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without from him, and feel in the humour to go on any irritable reaching after fact and reawith this, begun in the morning, and from son. Coleridge, for instance, would let go which he came to fetch me. I spent Friday by a fine isolated verisimilitude caught evening with Wells 20 and went next morn- from the Penetralium of mystery, from ing to see Death on the Pale horse. It is a being incapable of remaining content with wonderful picture, when West's age is con- half-knowledge. This pursued through volsidered; but there is nothing to be intense umes would perhaps take us no further than upon, no women one feels mad to kiss, no this, that with a great poet the sense of

face swelling into reality. The excellence Beauty overcomes every other consideraYof every art is its intensity, capable of tion, or rather obliterates all consideration. making all disagreeables evaporate from Shelley's poem

21 is out and there are their being in close relationship with Beauty words about its being objected to, as much and Truth — Examine King Lear, and you as Queen Mab was. Poor Shelley I think will find this exemplified throughout; but he has his Quota of good qualities, in sootb in this picture we have unpleasantness la! Write soon to your most sincere friend without any momentous depth of specula- and affectionate Brother tion excited, in which to bury its repulsive

John. The picture is larger than Christ rejected.

24. TO THE SAME I dined with Haydon the Sunday after you left, and had a very pleasant day. I

Featherstone Buildings, dined too (for I have been out too much

Monday (January 5, 1818]. lately) with Horace Smith and met his two MY DEAR BROTHERS I ought to have Brothers with Hill and Kingston and one written before, and you should have had a Du Bois, they only served to convince me long letter last week, but I undertook the how superior humour is to wit, in respect to Champion for Reynolds, who is at Exeter. enjoyment - These men say things which I wrote two articles, one on the Drury Lane make one start, without making one feel, Pantomime, the other on the Covent Garden they are all alike ; their manners are alike ; new Tragedy, 22 which they have not put they all know fashionables ; they have all in; the one they have inserted is so badly a mannerism in their very eating and punctuated that you perceive I am deterdrinking, in their mere handling a De- mined never to write more, without some canter. They talked of Kean and his low care in that particular. Wells tells me company

would I were with that com- that you are licking your chops, Tom, in pany instead of yours said I to myself ! expectation of my book coming out. I am I know such like acquaintance will never sorry to say I have not begun my correcdo for me and yet I am going to Reynolds, tions yet : to-morrow I set out. I called on Wednesday. Brown and Dilke walked on Sawrey this morning. He did not seem with me and back from the Christmas pan- to be at all put out at anything I said and tomime. LI had not a dispute, but a dis- the inquiries I made with regard to your


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