Imatges de pÓgina

Not that a cloudless blue

For ever was in sight,

Or that the heaven which burns,

And now is cold by turns,
Looked out in glad and everlasting light ;
No, nor that even the insolent ships from far
Brought war to no new lands, nor riches worse than war:

But solely that that vain
And breath-invented pain,

Non perchè nuvol fosco ·
Non spiegò allor suo velo ;
Ma in primavera eterna,

Ch' ora s' accende, e verna,

Rise di luce e di sereno il cielo


Nè portò peregrino

guerra o merce agli altrui lidi il pino :

Ma sol, perchè quel vano

Nome senza soggetto,

That idol of mistake, that worshipped cheat,

That Honour,-since so called

By vulgar minds appalled,
Played not the tyrant with our nature yet.

It had not come to fret

The sweet and happy fold
Of gentle human-kind;

Nor did its hard law bind

Souls nursed in freedom ; but that law of gold,

Quell' idolo d'errori, idol d'inganno,
Quel che dal volgo insano
Onor poscia fu detto,
Che di nostra natura il feo tiranno,

Non mischiava il suo affanno

Fra le liete dolcezze

De l'amoroso gregge ;

Nè fu sua dura legge
Nota a quell' alme in libertate avvezze;

That glad and golden law, all free, all fitted,
Which Nature's own hand wrote-What pleases, is


Then among streams and flowers,
The little winged powers
Went singing carols without torch or bow;
The nymphs and shepherds sat
Mingling with innocent chat
Sports and low whispers ; and with whispers low,
Kisses that would not go.

Ma legge aurea e felice,
Che natura scolpì—S' ei piace, ei lice.

Allor tra fiori e linfe

Traean dolci carole

Gli Amoretti senz' archi e senza faci;

Sedean pastori e ninfe
Meschiando a le parole
Vezzi e susurri, ed ai susurri i baci

Strettamente tenaci :

The maiden, budding o'er,
Kept not her bloom uneyed,
Which now a veil must hide,

Nor the crisp apples which her bosom bore
And oftentimes, in river or in lake,

The lover and his love their merry bath would take.

'Twas thou, thou, Honour, first

That didst deny our thirst
Its drink, and on the fount thy covering set;

La verginella ignuda
Scopria sue fresche rose,
Ch'or tien nel velo ascose,
E le poma del seno acerbe e crude ;

spesso o in fiume o in lago
Scherzar si vede con l'amata il vago.


Tu prima, Onor, velasti
La fonte dei diletti,

Negando l' onde a l' amorosa sete :

Thou bad'st kind



Into constrained awe,

And keep the secret for their tears to wet ;
Thou gathered'st in a net
The tresses from the air,
And mad'st the sports and plays

Turn all to sullen ways,

And putt’st on speech a rein, in steps a care.
Thy work it is,—thou shade that wilt not move,
That what was once the gift, is now the theft of Love.

Tu a' begli occhi insegnasti

Di starne in se ristretti,

E tener le bellezze altrui secrete :

Tu raccogliesti in rete
Le chiome a l'aura sparte:

Tu i dolci atti lascivi

Festi ritrosi e schivi ;
Ai detti il fren ponesti, ai passi l' arte :
Opra è tua sola, o Onore,
Che furto sia quel che fu don d'Amore.

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