Imatges de pÓgina

E'en Castor might have ridden him,

But for his double make;

So built with muscle was his chest,

So rideable his back.

And blacker was his noble hue

Than is the pitchy night ;
Only a snowy tail and feet

Finished his look with light.

Many fair creatures of his kind

Besought his love ; but he
Was borne away by only one,

The sole Hylonome.

Castore dignus erit : sic tergum sessile, sic sunt
Pectora celsa toris. Totus pice nigrior atra,
Candida cauda tamen ; color est quoque cruribus albus.
Multæ illum petiêre sua de gente : sed una
Abstulit Hylonome: qua nulla decentior inter

No gentle woman-hearted thing

Of all the half-human race,

Carried about the shady woods

A more becoming grace.

With pretty natural blandishments,

And loving, and at last
Owning her love with rosy talk,

She bound the conqueror fast.

Her limbs, as much as in her lay,

She kept adorned with care,
And took especial pride to sleek

Her lightsome locks of hair.

Semiferas altis habitavit fæmina sylvis.
Hæc et blanditiis, et amando, et amore fatendo,
Cyllaron una tenet : cultus quoque quantus in illis
Esse potest membris ; ut sit coma pectine lævis :

With rosemary she wreathed them now

With violets and the rose;

And now betwixt their glossy black,

Sparkled the lily snows.

No vest, but of the choicest skin,

And suiting her, she wore
About her shoulder, or would cross

Beside her and before.

And twice a day, in lapsing wells

That from the woods came down,

She bathed her face; and twice a day,

She bathed from sole to crown.

Ut modo rore maris, modo se violave, rosave Implicet : interdum candentia lilia gestet: Bisque die lapsis Pagasææ vertice sylvæ Fontibus ora lavet: bis flumine corpora tingat : Nec nisi quæ deceant electarumque ferarum Aut humero, aut lateri prætendat vellera lævo. Equal alike the beauty was,

Equal the love in either ;
They roamed the mountains hand-in-hand,

And sheltered close together.

And thus did they attend that day

The Lapithean bride ;
Thus came together, and thus fought,

Together, side by side.

A javelin, from an unknown hand,

Came with too sure a dart,
And pierced in thee, poor Cyllarus,

Right to the very heart.

Par amor est illis ; errant in montibus una ;

Antra simul subeunt ; et tum Lapitheïa tecta

Intrarant pariter ; pariter fera bella gerebant.
Autor in incerto : jaculum de parte sinistra
Venit, et inferius, quam collo pectora subsunt,
Cyllare, te fixit : parvo cor vulnere læsum

He drew the bitter weapon out,

And shuddering all over,
Fell against pale Hylonome,

Whose arms received her lover.

And with her hand she nurs'd the wound,

Of which he fast was dying,

And hurried mouth to mouth, and tried

To stop his soul from flying.

But when she found it all in vain,

And that her lord was dead,

She uttered something, which the noise

Deafened about her head;

Corpore cum toto post tela educta refrixit.

Protinus Hylonome morientes suscipit artus ; Impositaque manu vulnus fovet ; oraque ad ora Admovet ; atque animæ fugienti obsistere tentat. Ut videt exstinctum, dictis, quæ clamor ad aures

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