Theory and Practice of Leadership

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Praise for the first edition:

′At last a well-written, balanced and insightful British book on leadership. It is probable that every theory and assertion of consequence is commented upon. A real tour-de-force.′

- Emeritus Professor Gerry Randell, University of Bradford School of Management

′Theory and Practice of Leadership is an all encompassing, global review of examples and case studies that is both comprehensive and easily adaptable to almost any situation one would encounter in leading people.′

- Richard J. Conwell, Nova Southeastern University, Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship

If you are looking for a more holistic and critical take on the field of leadership, look no further! The second edition of this engaging and highly-respected text offers an exploration of leadership in a variety of contexts, both profit-orientated and non-profit.

New to this edition:

  • Refined to capture and delineate the essential theories more clearly, with broader coverage taking in the latest developments in areas such as change, politics, assessment and development of leadership, and multiple intelligences.
  • Further development of a new integrative model of core leadership themes and practices.
  • Abundant examples and illustrations, together with detailed explanations of how they apply in practice.
  • A companion website with an Instructor′s Manual, PowerPoint slides, links to additional case studies and full-text journal articles.

Theory and Practice of Leadership will prove a highly-stimulating read for undergraduate and postgraduate students of leadership and related subjects as well as management consultants and practising managers.


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The Nature and Importance of Leadership
2 Sectoral Similarities and Differences in Leadership
A Critical Review Synthesis and Redefinition
4 Leadership and Vision
5 Leadership and Purpose
6 Leadership and Values
7 Leadership and Strategy
8 Leadership and Empowerment
9 Leadership and Engagement
10 Multiple Intelligences of Leadership
11 The Assessment and Development of Leadership
Sustaining Leadership Excellence

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Sobre l'autor (2011)

Roger Gill is Visiting Professor of Leadership Studies at Durham University Business School (DUBS), Durham University in the UK, and an independent consultant on leadership and leadership development. He supervises research both in DUBS and in Durham’s Department of Theology & Religion. He is a Chartered Psychologist, a graduate of the universities of Oxford, Liverpool, and Bradford and a Fellow of the Leadership Trust Foundation.

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