Imatges de pÓgina

Customs of Various Comme cette semaine nons serons traitees,

Le lundi du bouilli,

Le mardi du roti,
Le mercredi du jambon,

Le jeudi un capon,

Le vendredi da sammon,
The custom of choosing Valentines is Le samedi du poisson,

Le dimanche au matin, of tong standing, and as early as the fif.

Des saucisses et du boudin. leenth century it was practised in England. Like many other observances, it is no

" What a treat we shall have this more than an analogy to a custom that week! Mondar, bouilli* ; Tuesday, roastprevailed when paganism_flourished. meat; Wednesday, ham ; Thursday, a At the festival of the Roman Lupercalia, capon ; Friday, salmon; Saturday, fish; amidst other ceremonies, it was usual to and on Sunday morning, sausages and put the names of a number of young wo

black puddings.". men into a box, from which they were From this specimen, our readers will be drawn by the men as chance directed. The enabled to judge of the rest. The inhapastors of the early Christian Church, who bitants of the house are bound to regale endeavoured to eradicate the vestiges of the actresses in this burlesque scene; and pagan superstition, substituted in the pre- if they refuse, the women make no scruple sent instance the names of particular of taking away what furniture they like saints in lieu of those of the women; and and carry it to the wine house, (cabaret,) as the festival of the Lupercalia used to

where it is deposited as a pledge for the take place about the middle of February, entertainment they may choose to order ; they chose St. Valentine's day for cele- and the proprietor of ii must pay the cabrating the new feast.

baretier his bill before he is allowed to Grose explains Valentine to mean, the redeem his effects. The women say that first woman seen by a man, or man seen they come to search for the andouille, (a by woman on that day.

kind of large sausage,) and for the groulée Among the proverbial observations con- a name given to the feast formerly held cerning Husbandry at various seasons of under similar circumstances. the year, exists the following,

Time's Telescope for 1828. On Valentine's day will a good goose lay. If she be a good goose, her dame well to pay, She will lay two eggs before Valentine's day.

Anecdotiana. is the Monday preceding Shrove Tuesday, and was so termed because it was

The celebrated Doctor Balguy, author the last day of eating meat before Lent.

of the work on Divine Benevolence; after In the north of England, and inany other having delivered an exceeding good disparts of the kingdom, it is usual, for din

course at Winchester Cathedral, the text ner fare, to have eggs and collops, collops of which was, “ All wisdom is sorrow, being meat cut into steaks for salting, and received the following extempore, but elehung up to keep..

gant compliment, from Dr. Watson, then at Winchester school:

If what you advance, dear Doctor, be true, The finish of the Carnivul.

" That wisdom is sorrow," how wretched are On this day the festival of the Carnival ends, when the ceremony of · Femmes folles,' or foolish women is observed : this custom takes place only when A country girl on the point of marriage, any one has commenced house-keeping in was presented a ring by her sweetheart the course of the year. The married wo- with these words, “ Here Betty, here's a men who are not the youngest in the vil- present for you; I brought it all the way lage, meet together, and disguise them- from Bawtry fair, and I gave ten good selves by putting the front part of their silver shillings for it." " Ah! John, but caps behind, to which rags are suspended, I must give more for it than you did." and by blacking their faces: thus arrayed “ Nonsense!" echoed John, “ I'll give they proceed, dancing and singing, to the it to ye, I tell ye." “ But I don't mean domicile of the new housekeeper. Having that, you know John, I must give my ligained admittance, they leap, jump, and berty for it.” dance about, and sing couplets and songs Liberty !-why yes, you may be adapted to the occasion, and to the music' confined about once a year." ; B. of the epistle at grand mass, This is a specimen :




* The meat of which soup has been made.



Diary and Chronology.





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Feb. 10 SUN, Sexages. Sunday|| Feb. 10/1597-On this day Henry Lord Darnley, husband of

Q. Mary of Scotland, was murdered. The house wherein Darnley slept was blown up. Many writers have supposed that this tragical scene was acted with the connivance of Q. Mary ; but whether it was or not, it has left a stain on Mary's

character that will never be effaced. Il Mon. St. Saturnious

-11 1694-Born on this day, al Paris, the voluminous Dativus, of Ar

writer, Voltaire. He received his education in rica, died A.D.

the College of Louls the Great, and was intended 804.

for the law, which vocation be renounced for aigh Water,

literary pursults. His works comprise poetry, 49m after 9 morn

the drama, history, philosophy, and fiction. The 28 10 after

whole collected have been printed in 70 vols. 8vo. 1763-Died, at his residence the Leasowes, near

Hagley, in Worcestershire, William Shepstone, 12 Tuer. st. Meletius of

the eminent pastoral poet and essayist.

12|1554—Behended on this day Lady Jane Grey and Antioch.

her husband, Lord Guilford Dudley. High Water,

1825—Anoiversary of the death of J. H. Parry, the him aft. Il moru

author of several poems luserted in the Welch 43m-even.

Melodies, and projector of The Cambro Briton,' A few months previous to his death, Mr. Parry completed aad published the first volume of bis

Cambrian Plutarch. 13 Wed. st. Gregory the

13 St. Gregory, in 715, succeeded Constantine in the lith Pope.

pontificate. He died A.D. 731. 1888- Anniversary of the proclaiming King Wil

liam and Queen Mary King and Queen, and also

of the Revolution. 1691-The inhuman massacre of Glencoe, in Scot

land, took place on this day. Glencoe is famed

as the birth-place of Ossian. 14 Thurs. st. Valentine.

14 St. Valentine was a priest of Rome, who, after enOld Cand. Day.

during a cruel imprisonment, was beaten with clubs, and then beheaded, by order of the second

Claudius. 1779-On this day the celebrated circumnavigator

and discoverer, Capt. James Cnok, was killed by the natives of Owbyhee, the largest of the Sand.

wich Islands, 16 Frid. St. Sigefrld.

- 15 St. Sigefrid, Bishop of Sweden, died A.D. 1002. New Moon,

1731-Anniversary of the death of the eloquent 145m after 10 mor.

Francia Atterbury, Bishop of Rochester, BT, 69. He was bapisbed the kingdom for life, on sus. picior of being engaged in a plot to bring in the

Pretender. 16 Satur. St. Gregory X.

16 Our saint, who was of the family of the Counts of High Water,

Segui, was elected to the papal cbair in 1271 ; he 144m aft. ? morn.

died A.D. 1276.
8 after,

1497—Born on this day Philip Melancthon, the ce.

lebrated German divine he was coadjutor with

Luther in the Reformation. - 17 SUN. Quinquag. Sund

17 This salat was patriarch of Constantinople in 447; LESS for the DAY

be was afterwards banished to Lydia, and died 9c Gen to v 20 m

there in 449. 12

|1563—Expired on this day at Rome, the famous St. Flavian.

painter, sculptor, and architect, Michael Buona. iotti, a man of universal taleut and acquirement. 1673– Anniversary of the death of the celebrated

French comedian and author, Moliere. He was seized with death whilet performing a character in one of his own plays at Paris, his native

place, in the 58d year of his age. 18 Mon. st. Simeon.

18 This saint, who was a Bishop of Jerusalem, died

A.D. 116.
Sup ris 67m aft 6

1478-On this day the Duke of Clarence, brother sets 3-5

of Edw. IV. was drowned in a butt of malmsey

whilst confined in the Tower of London, 12Tues.

19 Our saint was patron and bishop of Benevento + St. Barbatug.

he died A.D. 682. Shrove Tuesday. (1473-Born at Thorn, in Prussia, on this day, N

cholas Copernicus, the celebrated astronomer. 7-SATURDAY, FEB. 23.


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by midnight, far from their own hills and mountains, and run howling through the

silent streets of the nearest towns and vil. The ancient Province of Poictou, in lages, to the great terror of all the inhaFranee, has long been celebrated in the bitants ; whose piety, however, was someannals of Romance, as one of the most what increased by these supernatural famous haunts of those dreadful animals, visitations. whose species is between a phantom and There once stood in the suburbs of the a beast of prey; and which are called by Town of St. Yrieux, which is situate in the Germans, 'Wehr-Wolves, and by the those dangerous parts of ancient Poictou, French, Bisclavarets, or Loups Garoux. an old, but handsome Maison-de-Plai-. To the English, these midnight terrors are sance, or, in plain English, a countryyet unknown, and almost without a name; house, belonging, by ancient descent, to but when they are spoken of in this coun- the young Baroness Louise Joliedame ; try, they are called, by way of eminence, who, out of a dread of the terrible Wehre Wild Wolves. The common superstition Wolves, a well-bred horror at the chamconcerning them is, that they are men in bres a l'antique which it contained, and compact with the Arch Enemy, who have a greater love for the gallant Court of the power of assuming the form and na- Francis I., let the Chateau to strangers; ture of wolves at certain periods. The though they occupied but a very small hilly and woody district of the Upper Li. portion of it, whilst the rest was left unmousin, which now forms the Southern repaired, and was rapidly falling to decay. division of the Upper Vienne, was that one of the parties by whom the old manparticular part of the Province which thesion was tenanted, was a country ChirurWehr-Wolves were supposed to inhabit ; geon, named Antoine Du Pilon; who, whence, like the animal which gave (according to his own account,) was not them their name, they would wander out only well acquainted with the science of Vol. I. н

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ce, bed



nis der.

Galen and Hippocrates, but was also a been experted, or desired, since old Ge. profound adept in those arts, for the learn- nefrede Corbeau, who was frozen almost ing of which some men toil their whole double with age and ague, he kept cold lives away, and are none the wiser; such and fasting, io preserve her from fever; as alchemy, converse with spirits, magic, and he would have cut off the leg of and so forth. Dr. Du Pilon had abund- Pierre Faucille, the reaper, when he ant leisure to talk of his knowledge at the wounded his right arm in harvest time, little Cabaret of St. Yrieux, which bore to prevent the flesh from nortifying the sign of the Chevalier Bayard's Arms, downwards ! where he assembleed round him many of In a retired apartment of the same dethe idler members of the town, the chief serted mansion where this mirror of chiof whom were Cuirbouilli, the currier; rurgeons resided, dwelt a peasant and his Malbois, the joiner ; La Jacquette, the daughter, who had come to St. Yrienx tailor; and Nicole Bonvarlet, his host ; from a distant part of Normandy, and of together with several other equally arrant whose history nothing was known, but gossips, who all swore roundly, at the that they seemed to be in the deepest poend of each of their parleys, that Doctor verty; although they neither asked relief, Antoine Du Pilon was the best Doctor, nor uttered a single complaint. Indeed, and the wisest man in the whole world! they rather avoided all discourse with To remove, however, any wonder that their gossiping neighbours, and even with may arise in the reader's mind, how a their fellow inniates, excepting so far as professor of such skill and knowledge the briefest courtesy required ; and as should be left to waste his abili:ies so they were able, on entering their abode, remote from the patronage of the great, to place a reasonable security for payment it should be remarked, that in such cases in the hands of old Gervais, the Baroness as had already come before him, he had, Joliedame's steward, they were permitted not been quite so successful as could have to live in the old Chateau with liitle ques.

tioning, and less sympathy. The father my species, and became a Wehr-wolf, or
appeared in general to be a plain, rude a wild-buck !"
peasant, whom poverty had somewhat Such was commonly the close of their
tinctured with misanthropy : though there conversation ; for if Adele dared to press
were times when his bluntness towered her entreaties farther, Gaspar, half fren-
into a haughtiness not. accordant with his zied, would not fail to call to her mind
present station, but seemed like a relique all the unhapry circumstances of his fall,
of a higher sphere, from which he had and work himself almost to madness by
fallen. He strove, and the very endea- their repetition. He had, in early life,
vour increased the bitterness of his heart been introduced by the Count De Sainte-
to mankind, to conceal his abject indi. Aeur to the Court of Francis I., where he
gence; but that was too apparent to all, had risen so high in the favour of his
since he was rarely to be found at St. sovereign, that he was continually in his
Yrieux, but led a wild life in the adjacent society; and in the many wars which so
mountains and forests, occasionally visit- embittered the reign of that excellent mo-
ing the town, to bring to his daughter narch, De Marcanville's station was ever
Adele a portion of the spoil, which, as by his side. In these conflicts, Gaspar's
a hunter, he indefatigably sought for the bosom had often been the shield of Fran-
subsistence of both. Adele, on the con- cis, even in moments of the most imminent
trary, though she felt as deeply as her danger; and the grateful King as often
father the sad reverse of fortune to which showered upon his deliverer those rewards,
they were exposed, had more gentleness which, to the valiant and high-minded
in her sorrow, and more content in her soldier, are far dearer than riches the
humiliation. She would, when he re, glittering jewels of knighthood, and the
turned to the cottage, worn with the golden coronal of the peerage. To that
fatigue of his forest labours, try, but friend who had fixed his feet so loftily and
many times in vain, to bring a smile to securely in the slippery paths of a Court,
his face, and consolation to his heart. Gaspar felt all the ardour of youthful gra-
My father," she would say, " quit, I titude; and yet he sometimes imagined,
beseech you, this wearisome hunting for that he could perceive an abatement in
some safer employment, nearer hoine. the favour of De Saintedeur, as that of
You depart, and I watch in vain for your Francis increased. The truth was, that
return; days and nights pass away, and the gold and rich promises of the King's
you come no: !--while my disturbed ima- great enemy the Emperor Charles V.,
gination will ever whisper the danger of had induced De Saintefleur to swerve
a forest midnight, fierce howling wolves, from his allegiance; and he now waited
and robbers still more cruel."

but for a convenient season to put the “ Robbers! girl, sayest thou?" an- darkest designs in practice against his soswered her father with a bitter laugh, vereign. He also felt no slight degree of " and what shall they gain from me, envy, even against that very person whom think ve? Is there ought in this worn- he had been the instrument of raising out gaberdine to tempt them? Go to, and at length an opportunity occurred, Adele! I am not now Count Gaspar de when he might gratify both his ambition Marcanville; the friend of the royal Fran and his revenge by the same blow. It cis, and a Knight of the Holy Ghost; but was in one of those long wars in which plain Hubert, the Hunter of the Limousin; the French Monarch was engaged, and and wolves, thou trowest, will not prey in which De Saintefleur and De Marcanupon wolves.”

ville were his most constant companions, “ But, my dear father,” said Adele, that they were both watching near his embracing him, " I would that thou couch while he slept, when the former, would'st seek a safer occupation nearer in a low tone of voice, thus began to to our dwelling, for I would be by your sound the faith of the latter towards his

royal master. 4. What would'st have me to do, “. What sayest thou, Gaspar, were not girl ?", interrupted Gaspar, impatiently; a prince's coronet and a king's revenue in & would'st have me put this hand to the Naples, better than thus ever toiling in a sickle or the plough, which has so often war that seems unending? Hearest thou, grasped a sword in the battle, and a ban. brave De Marcanville ? we can close it ner-lance in the tournament ! or shall a with the loss of one life only! companion of Le Saint-Esprit become a "Queen of Heaven!" ejaculated Gas. fellow-handworker with the low artizans par,

«« what is it thou would'st

De of this miserable town ? I tell thee, Adele, Saintefleur ?” that but for thy sake I would never again “ Say! why that there have been other quit the forest, but would remain there in a Kings of France before this Francis, and savage life, till I forgot my language and will be, when he shall have gone to his



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