History of the War of Independence in Greece, Volum 1

Constable and Company, 1830

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Pàgina 235 - An old vessel, but one which will sail well, is selected ; every thing valuable is taken out of her ; her inside is daubed with a composition of pitch and sulphur, and filled with furze, or light combustibles ; several new hatches are cut along the deck on each side, under each of which is placed a small cask of powder ; the rigging is well daubed with tar, and the ends of the yards armed with hooks, that they may catch and entangle in the enemy's rigging.
Pàgina 162 - Morea, to arise, on receiving the noble firman which we address to you, and to transfer yourselves immediately to our residence at Tripolitza, to enjoy there the incomparable happiness of the protection which we will grant you, and the contemplation of our magnificent power. We enjoin the rayas who live beneath the shadow of the golden wings of our glorious monarch, instantly to lay down their arms, to give up those which they possess to our voivodes, without raising their heads, which they are permitted...
Pàgina 138 - Ismaelhad sent the selictar(sword-bearer) of Mohammed Dramali to Arta and Prevesa, with directions to collect all the powder and ball in these towns, and all the public money, and to bring them to the camp. The selictar having performed his task, formed a caravan of 130 loaded mules, guarded by 250 Spahis, and an equal number of Asiatic soldiers, armed with musquetoons. The approach of this caravan having been very pompously announced, the intelligence had reached the ears of Nothi Botzaris, and...
Pàgina 139 - ... communication between Arta and Jannina, and to burn it to the ground if he should find himself unable to maintain it. " The Turks, having left Arta with their convoy, proceeded over the plains of Amphilochia, amusing themselves, according to their usual custom, with galloping and caracoling their horses. When they came to the defile of Koomakhades, they began to shout and fire their guns to scare away any robbers who might happen to be there. The whole caravan and escort were hardly completely...