Some basic facts about China: ten questions and answers

Guoji shudian, 1974 - 91 pàgines

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acupuncture agriculture autono autonomous area Autonomous Region barley basic Big River building socialism cadres Central People's Government Chairman Mao Chiang Kai-shek Chiaoli production Chiaoli Village China Reconstructs Chinese Chinese Communist Party Chinese yuan Ching class struggle co-op cocoons collective collectivization commune members Communist Party cooking oil countryside cultural revolution distribution drought economy Eighth Route Army embroidery Endemic enterprises factories farm Fengsheng neighborhood feudal Five-Year Plan flood forest farm grain Haiho River Han nationality harvest hectares hired hand home room Hopei hospital Huai River income industry Inner Mongolia insecticides irrigation Kazakh kilometers Kuomintang Kwangsi labor labor power land reform landlords lane liberation Lisu Little Red Guards loess loudspeaker Manchu Mao's marriage Marxism-Leninism-Mao mass line masses means of production medical care middle school million minority areas minority nationalities Mongolian mothers-in-law mutual-aid team national minorities National People's Congress neighborhood revolutionary committee objective laws oppression organized Pan Ah-mao peasants Peking people's commune People's Government people's initiative People's Liberation Army percent planned parenthood political primary school production brigade production team projects proletarian cultural revolution province public accumulation fund rapeseed reactionary Red Guards reservoirs rice schistosomiasis serf sewing machines Shanghai silkworm silt Sinkiang smallpox socialist collective socialist consciousness socialist construction square kilometers Stalin Star brigade struggle Tachai team's Tibet Autonomous Region Tientsin tion tons tural Uighur water conservation women workers Yangtze Yangtze valley Yellow River yuan Yunnan

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