Speeches of Lord Erskine, when at the Bar, on Miscellaneous Subjects

Joseph Milligan, 1813 - 266 pàgines

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Pàgina 94 - I am not ripe to pass sentence on the gravest public bodies, intrusted with magistracies of great authority and dignity, and charged with the safety of their fellowcitizens, upon the very same title that I am. I really think that for wise men this is not judicious, for sober men not decent, for minds tinctured with humanity not mild and merciful.
Pàgina 164 - riot' is described to be a tumultuous disturbance of the peace by three persons or more, assembling together of their own authority, with an intent mutually to assist one another against any who shall oppose them in the execution of some enterprise of a private nature, and afterwards actually executing the same in a violent and turbulent manner, to the terror of the people, whether the act intended were of itself lawful or unlawful.
Pàgina 203 - Evil into the mind of God or man May come and go, so unapproved, and leave No spot or blame behind...
Pàgina 13 - It is very difficult to define the invisible line that divides perfect and partial insanity ; but it must rest upon circumstances, duly to be weighed and considered both by judge and jury ; lest, on the one side, there be a kind of inhumanity towards the defects of human nature ; or, on the other side, too great an indulgence given to great crimes...
Pàgina 11 - ... man which makes him accountable for his actions, and that the deprivation of reason acquits him of crime. This principle is indisputable ; yet so fearfully and wonderfully are we made, — so infinitely subtle is the spiritual part of our being, — so difficult is it to trace with accuracy the effect of diseased intellect upon human action, that I may appeal to all who hear me, whether there are any causes more difficult, or which indeed so often confound the learning of the judges themselves,...
Pàgina 226 - Whose heart he knows he has not ; though she brings A mine of gold, a kingdom for her dowry. For let her seem, like the night's shadowy queen, Cold and contemplative — he cannot trust her : She may, she will, bring shame and sorrow on ¡lira : The worst of sorrows, and the worst of shames ! Glen.
Pàgina 220 - Mr. Bingham this day could have, by me, addressed to you his wrongs in the character of a plaintiff demanding reparation, what damages might I not have asked for him; and, without the aid of this imputed eloquence, what damages might I not have expected ? " I would have brought before you a noble youth, who had fixed his affections upon one of the most beautiful of her sex, and who enjoyed hers in return. I would have shown you their suitable condition ; I would have painted the expectation of an...
Pàgina 7 - ... of the supposed assassin was touched. In this unparalleled scene of calm forbearance, the King himself, though he stood first in personal interest and feeling as well as in command, was a singular and fortunate example. The least appearance of emotion on the part of that august personage, must unavoidably have produced a scene quite different, and far less honorable than the court is now witnessing; but His Majesty remained unmoved, and the person apparently offending was only secured, without...
Pàgina 203 - ... that you are of a different sex. It is that which enables you, in the same manner, to live familiarly with your nearest female relations, without those desires which are natural to man. " Next to the tie of blood (if not, indeed, before it), is the sacred and spontaneous relation of friendship. The man who comes under the roof of a married friend ought to be under the dominion of the same moral restraint ; and, thank God, generally is so, from the operation of the causes which I have described....
Pàgina 207 - For it is not an open enemy that hath done me this dishonour ; for then I could have borne it : neither was it mine adversary that did magnify himself against me ; for then peradventure I would have hid myself from him : but it was even thou, my companion, my guide, and mine own familiar friend.

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