The Growth of British Policy: An Historical Essay, Volum 2

University Press, 1895

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Pàgina 375 - All the penal laws of that unparalleled code of oppression which were made after the last event, were manifestly the effects of national hatred and scorn towards a conquered people, whom the victors delighted to trample upon, and were not at all afraid to provoke.
Pàgina 377 - Whether the bulk of our Irish natives are not kept from thriving, by that cynical content in dirt and beggary, which they possess to a degree beyond any other people in Christendom ? 20.
Pàgina 156 - que je n'ai pris jusqu'ici et ne prendrai d'une anne"e entiere aucune nouvelle liaison avec aucun roi, prince, ou potentat, qui soit ou puisse e"tre contraire a la France ou par laquelle je puisse etre engage
Pàgina 366 - Majesty's reign there be such conditions of government settled and enacted, as may secure the honour and sovereignty of this Crown and Kingdom, the freedom, frequency and power of Parliaments, the religion, liberty and trade of the nation, from English or any foreign influence...
Pàgina 89 - I say, we are at peace with all other Nations, and have only a war with Spain. I shall say somewhat 'farther" to you, which will let you see our clearness ' as
Pàgina 169 - He doubted they would think it like to prove too sudden a change of all their interests, and that which would absolutely break them off from so old and constant a friend as France, to rely wholly upon so new and uncertain a friend as England had proved...
Pàgina 76 - was pleased to answer; that to ask a liberty " from the inquisition, and free sailing in the " West Indies, was to ask his master's two eyes; " and that nothing could be done in those points, " but according to the practices of former times.
Pàgina 41 - ... and our shipping maintained ; and being also but short voyages, are often at home, to be made use of in case of any public occasions of the state requiring their service ; and whereas this trade, being very much weakened otherwise, is in danger to be wholly lost by the agreement that hath been lately made between the King of Denmark and the States General of the United Provinces,
Pàgina 368 - The union of the two kingdoms was a work, of which many had quite despaired, in which number I was one ; and those who entertained better hopes, thought it must have run out into a long negotiation for several years : but beyond all men's expectation, it was begun and finished within the compass of one.
Pàgina 40 - Whereas the trade of this nation, through the Sound into the Baltique Sea is of very great concernment, both in respect of the usefulness of the commodities brought from thence, so necessary among other things for building and rigging of ships, which it is not convenient we should only receive or not at the pleasure of other nations ; but more especially in regard of the great number of ships we have employed in the transportation of those bulky goods, 1 Printed by Mr Geddes from the MS.

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