American Ornithology: Or The Natural History of the Birds of the United States, Volum 3

Constable and Company, 1831

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Pàgina 27 - The great blue heron (Ardea herodias) is about four feet in length from the point of the bill to the end of the tail, and nearly six feet across the wings.
Pàgina 36 - The length of the peacock, from the tip of the bill to the end of the tail', is about three feet eight inches.
Pàgina 259 - It is near six inches in length from the tip of the bill to the end of the tail, the former being about half an inch, and the latter two inches and a half.
Pàgina 161 - ... length from the point of the bill to the tip of the tail, is about three feet.
Pàgina 254 - I doubt not but if this bird had been an inhabitant of the Tiber in Ovid's days, it would have furnished him with a subject, for some beautiful and entertaining metamorphoses.
Pàgina 29 - ... and rubbing against each other, produce a variety of singular noises, that, with the help of a little imagination, resemble shrieks, groans, growling of bears, wolves and such like comfortable music. On the tops of the tallest of these cedars the Herons construct their nests, ten or fifteen pair sometimes occupying a particular part of the swamp. The nests are large, formed of sticks, and lined with smaller twigs ; each occupies the top of a single tree.
Pàgina 168 - It is indeed an interesting sight to observe these little birds in a gale, coursing over the waves, down the declivities, up the ascents of the foaming surf that threatens to burst over their heads, sweeping along the hollow troughs of the sea, as in a sheltered valley, and again mounting with the rising billow, and just above its surface, occasionally dropping...
Pàgina 59 - ... excellent food. IT is a pleasing sight at times of high winds and heavy thunder storms, to observe the numerous squadrons of these Spanish curlews driving to and fro, turning and tacking about, high up in the air, when by their various evolutions in the different and opposite currents of the wind high in the clouds, their silvery white plumage gleams and sparkles like the brightest chrystal, reflecting the sun-beams that dart upon them between the dark clouds.
Pàgina 179 - ... the stand. The sportsman keeps motionless, and on his knees, with his gun cocked the whole time, and never fires till he has seen the eyes of the geese. He fires as they are going from him, then picks up another gun that lies hy him and discharges that.

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