The Pleasures of Human Life: Investigated Cheerfully, Elucidated Satirically, Promulgated Explicitly, and Discussed Philosophically. In a Dozen Dissertations on Male, Female and Neuter Pleasures. Interspersed with Various Anecdotes, and Expounded by Numerous Annotations

Oliver & Monroe, 78, State-street and Joseph Greenleaf, 49, Cornhill, 1807 - 223 pàgines

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Pàgina xiv - Care to our coffin adds a nail, no doubt; . And every Grin, so merry, draws one out.
Pàgina 208 - Here lies our good Edmund, whose genius was such, We scarcely can praise it, or blame it too much ; Who, born for the Universe, narrow'd his mind, And to party gave up what was meant for mankind.
Pàgina 27 - The great source of pleasure is variety. Uniformity must tire at last, though it be uniformity of excellence. We love to expect ; and, when expectation is disappointed or gratified, we want to be again expecting.
Pàgina 86 - In a time of war the nation is always of one mind, eager to hear something good of themselves and ill of the enemy.
Pàgina 164 - O'er its pale cheeks the horrid manly red. Much did it talk, in its own pretty phrase, Of genius and of taste, of play'rs and plays ; Much too of writings which itself had wrote, Of special merit, though of little note ; For Fate, in a strange humour, had decreed That what it wrote none but itself should read ; Much too it chatter'd of...
Pàgina 107 - ... the duty of criticism is neither to depreciate nor dignify by VOL. XVII. 13 partial representations, but to hold out the light of reason, whatever it may discover ; and to promulgate the determinations of truth, whatever she shall dictate.
Pàgina 165 - Known but to few, or only known by name, Plain Common Sense appear'd, by Nature there Appointed, with plain Truth, to guard the chair. The pageant saw, and, blasted with her frown, To its first state of nothing melted down.
Pàgina 127 - Law is like a book of surgery, there are a great many terrible cases in it. It is also like physic, they that take least of it are best off. Law is like a homely gentlewoman, very well to follow.
Pàgina 85 - No species of literary men has lately been so much multiplied as the writers of news. Not many years ago the nation was content with one gazette ; but now we have not only in the metropolis papers for every and every evening, but almost every large town has its weekly historian...
Pàgina 83 - Ryves, and is said to have been originally published in " one, and sometimes two sheets, quarto," beginning the 22d of August, 1642. It has since gone through four editions, the last published in 1723, with a curious frontispiece, representing a kind of Dutch Mercury in the centre, and ten other compartments, with fancied views of places where some of the diabolical scenes were acted. The " Mercurius Aulicus " was published in Oxford, 1642.

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