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In presenting the First Volume of these Reports to the Profession and the Public, I cannot but feel a natural anxiety for their reception; and as I have adopted a plan somewhat different from that of my predecessor, Mr. Knapp, it may be expected that I should state my reasons for so doing.

The chief difference consists in the omission of the Cases on appeal from the Native Courts in the East Indies, on points not connected with the practice of the Judicial Court of the Privy Council. These, though of great importance, comprising for the most part property of considerable value, and involving points of much intricacy in Hindu and Mahommedan law, yet not being of general interest, and usually very voluminous in detail, I have deemed it advisable to exclude altogether, and to confine them to a separate series, by which method I hope that greater justice will be done to the cases themselves, as well as to those members of the profession who, not requiring them for reference, might very fairly object to their swelling these volumes. The cases from the Supreme Courts in India will however be found inserted; these, as involving the principles of law recognised here, and often depending on points of tenure and domicile, could not with propriety be omitted. I have ventured also to append by way of

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