Still waters, by the author of 'Dorothy'.


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Pàgina 59 - Nor fame, nor power, nor love, nor leisure. Others I see whom these surround; Smiling they live, and call life pleasure; To me that cup has been dealt in another measure.
Pàgina 73 - I KNOW a maiden fair to see, Take care ! She can both false and friendly be, Beware ! Beware ! Trust her not, She is fooling thee ! She has two eyes, so soft and brown, Take care ! She gives a side-glance and looks down, Beware ! Beware ! Trust her not, She is fooling thee...
Pàgina 43 - Thou little Child, yet glorious in the might Of heaven-born freedom on thy being's height, Why with such earnest pains dost thou provoke The years to bring the inevitable yoke, Thus blindly with thy blessedness at strife? Full soon thy Soul shall have her earthly freight, And custom lie upon thee with a weight, Heavy as frost, and deep almost as life!
Pàgina 195 - An idle poet, here and there, Looks round him; but, for all the rest, The world, unfathomably fair, Is duller than a witling's jest. Love wakes men, once a lifetime each; They lift their heavy lids, and look; And, lo, what one sweet page can teach, They read with joy, then shut the book. And some give thanks, and some blaspheme, And most forget; but, either way, That and the Child's unheeded dream Is all the light of all their day.
Pàgina 16 - In vain our pent wills fret, And would the world subdue. Limits we did not set Condition all we do; Born into life we are, and life must be our mould. Born into life — man grows Forth from his parents...
Pàgina 214 - ... waiting on her steps, And shoutings of the throng. But some were sad and felt no mirth, But only Music's wrong, In sounds that sang Farewell, Farewell, To her you've loved so long. Farewell, farewell, fair Ines, That vessel never bore So fair a lady on its deck, Nor danced so light before, — Alas for pleasure on the sea, And sorrow on the shore ! The smile that blest one lover's heart Has broken many more !
Pàgina 29 - Since our hearts are so light, that all weighed together Agree to a grain, and they weigh not a feather. 2. PERU. The lord of the sea is welcome to land, And here shall command All our wealth, and our arms ; For his name more alarms The Spaniards, than trumpets or drums : Hark, how they cry, Drake comes ! Drake comes ! CHORUS.
Pàgina 261 - Sie saßen und tranken am Theetisch, Und sprachen von Liebe viel. Die Herren die waren ästhetisch, Die Damen von zartem Gefühl. Die Liebe muß seyn platonisch, Der dürre Geheimrath sprach. Die Räthin lächelt ironisch, Und dennoch seufzet sie: Ach! Der Domherr öffnet den Mund weit: Die Liebe sey nicht zu roh, Sie schadet sonst der Gesundheit.
Pàgina 197 - He was neither dark nor fair, neither tall nor short, not well-looking, nor the reverse; his features were so little distinctive that no two persons who had passed half an hour in his company would agree in their account of the colour of his eyes or hair, the shape of his nose, or the height of his person, though generally unanimous in acknowledging his social qualities. Isabel did not feel inclined to dissent from this opinion; his manners were remarkable for...

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