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American Senate and House of Repre-

sentatives, a memorial to on African
ÅBERDEEN, county meeting at, for the colonization, II. 421

purpose of addressing his Majesty, II. Army estimates, I. 62.

Arundel, election contest at, II. 323.
Advocate, the Lord, of Scotland, reply to Attorney-General, his speech respecting

Lord A. Hamilton, on the subject of the licentiousness of the press, 1. 186

the Scottish Court of Exchequer, I. 73. Reply to the Queen's counsel, 196.
Addresses to the Queen, list of places Opens the case against the Queen, 199.

from which they have been presented, Reply to the counsel for the Queen,
II. 356 and 360

Agricultural distress, remarks on, I. 78.

Motion respecting in Parliament, 79.
Report, II. 431

Algoa Bay, particulars respecting, II. 352
Alien Bill, motion on in Parliament, I. Baden, meeting of the States, I. 311,

Debates in, ib. Harmonious close of
America, state of affairs in. Effects of the Session, ib. Execution of Sand,

tke Spanish revolution. Warfare in the murderer of Kotzebue, ib.
Venezuela, J. 818. Morilla's concilia- Bankes, Mr, supports Mr Wilberforce's
tory offers to the independent govern- motion, I. 151
ment, 319. Recommencement of the Banks, the failure of the, in Bublin, II.

Armistice with Morillo, ib. 341
Morillo sets out for the mother coun- Baring's, Mr A., inquiry abont the con-
try, 320. Beneficial consequences of solidated fund, I. 69. Speech on the
Morillo's departure, ib. State of Mexi- state of the agriculturists, 82. Brings
co and Peru, ib. Chili, the state of, the subject of commercial distress be-
ib. Lord Cochrane's daring attack and fore the House of Commons, 93
capture of Valdivia, ib. His expedi- Barham, Mr, states his impression as to
tion against Lima, ib. Revolution of Mr Ponsonby's opinion on the Welsh
Guayaquil, ib. Capture of the Esme- judicature, 1. 112
ralda by Lord Cochrane, 321. Buenos Bath, the destruction of the Assembly-
Ayres, ib. Its various revolutions, ib. Rooms at, II..379. Particulars of, ib.
Influence of the intelligence of the Spa- Bathurst, Mr B., supports Lord Castle-
nish revolution, 322. Brazil, state of reagh's motion for adjournment of the
affairs in, ib. United States, ib. State House of Commons, I. 164
of affairs, ib. Union of the Missouri Baverley, election contest at, II. 322
State, ib. Finances, 323. Irritation Beaumont's, Mr, plan for dividing York-
respecting the Floridas, ib. Close of shire into two counties, I. 101
the Session of Congress, ib.

Bedfordshire, election for, II. 323

war, ib.

Berri, Duke de, assassination of the, I.

243. Particulars of, II. 312. Affect-
ing circumstances attending his last Calcraft, Mr, his speech in opposition to
moments, 313

Lord J. Russell's motion, I. 33
Berks, election of a member of Parlia- Cambridge election, contest al, II. 323.
ment for, II. 322

Loyal address to the King, 370
Births, list of, II. 510

Campbell's, Mr F., motion relative to the
Bonnymuir, action of, I. 22. Conse- Welsh system of judicature, I. 110
quences of, ib. Trial of the insur-

Canals, prices of shares in, II. 438
gents made prisoners at, II. 187. Eigh- Canning, Mr, his speech relative to the
teen found guilty, 223. Sentence of droits of Admiralty, I. 49. On the ci-
death pronounced upon, 224. Enforcer vil list, 56. On the disfranchisement
only against two, viz. Hardie and Baird, of Grampound, 97. Respecting the
ib. Further particulars, 327

Queen, 133. Concurrence in Mr Wil.
Bradburn, Richard, and others, trial of, berforce's motion, 153

for high treason, II. 130. Transport- Canterbury's, Archbishop of, speech in de
ed, 131. Gilchrist pardoned, ib.

fence of the divorce clause in the Bill
Bridges, prices of shares in, II. 437 of Pain and Penalties against the Queen,
Bristol, election of a member of Parlia- I. 231
ment for, II. 323

election contest at, II. 323
Brougham, his motion respecting the Ad- Carlisle, contest for a member of Parlia-

miralty droits, I. 45. Reply to Mr ment for, II. 321
Canning, 52. Speech on the agricul- Carnarvon, Lord, presses the passing the
tural interests, 85. Plan for the na- bill against the boroughs convicted of
tional education of the poor, 105. Re- bribery, I. 34. Opposes the Bill of
ply to Lord Castlereagh, respecting the Pains and Penalties, 190
Queen, 129. Reply to Mr Canning, on Cartwright, Wooler, and others, trialof, for
ditto, 135. Speech on Mr Wilberforce's proceedings at Birminghain, II. 175
motion, 145. Speech at the bar of the Castlereagh, Lord, his speech on the res-
House of Lords, in support of the sons for dissolving Parliament, I. 24.
Queen's petition, 157. Speech at the Reply to Lord J. Russell, 33. Deplores
bar of the House of Lords, in support and laments the decision of the House
of the Queen's petition against the Bill of Commons relative to the agricultural
of Pains and Penalties, 173. Speech distress, 85. Speech on the Grampound
against the principle of the Bill of Disfranchisement Bill, 99. Moves the
Pains and Penalties, 192. Reply to the Alien Bill, 102. Reply to Mr Brougham
Crown counsel, 198. Reply to the on the education of the poor, 109. Speech
Lord Chancellor, 203. Opens the case relative to the Welsh system of judica-

for the defence of the Queen, 205 ture, 112. Motion on the King's mese
Buckingham, the Marquis of, his speech sage respecting the Queen, 124. Agrees

on the report of the secret committee, I. to Mr Wilberforce's motion for delay,

135. Reply to Mr Brougham, 148.
Bardett's, Sir Francis, discordant speech Moves the adjournment of the House

at the opening of Parliament, I. 41. of Commons, 162. Deplores the licen-
Inveighs against Ministers, and ap- tiousness of the press on the subject of
plauds the Queen, 152. Trial for libel, the Queen, 184
11. 154. Guilty, 164. Moves for a Chancellor, the Lord, opposes suspending

new trial, ib. Judgment deferred, 167. the rights of Grampound without in-
Burns, Robert, foundation-stone of a mo- quiry, I. 35. Defends the appointment

nument to his memory laid between of a committee of inquiry relative to
the bridges of Doon and Alloway Kirk, the charges against the Queen, 123.
II. 295

Refuses to present the Queen's petition
Budget, I. 651

to the House of Peers, 157. Speech in
Burnet's, Mr, animadversions on the support of the secret committee, 161.

change for the Opthalmic establish- Reply to Lord Erskine, 179. Opposes
ment, I. 63

Lord Erskine's motion for granting to her Majesty's petition, 169. Presents
the Queen a specification of the criminal a petition from the Queen, protesting
acts charged against her, and the places against the whole proceedings, and de-
where committed, 183. Queries re- siring to be heard by counsel, 178
specting the Queen's defence, 202. Re- Darnly, Earl of, condemns the proceede
ply to the Queen's counsel, 203. Mo- ings of ministers, I. 168. Speech against
tion respecting the course to be pursued the Bill of Pains and Penalties, 231
in her Majesty's defence, 204. Speech Davies, Colonel, motion for inquiry into

on the second reading of the Bill of the military expenditure, I. 59
- Pains and Penalties, 221. Incertitude Davidson, trial of, for libel in the Repub-

respecting the divorce clause, 232 lican, and Deist's Magazine, II. 238.
Chatham, dreadful fire at, 318

Guilty, 241. Imprisoned, 244
Cheap, declaration of the ward of, against Deaths, list of, II. 510
infidelity and disloyalty, 368

Denman's, Mr, speech in the debate on
Chester, the Bishop of, opposes the divorce MrWilberforce's motion, 1.151. Speech

clause in the Bill of Pains and Penal. at the bar of the House of Lords in sup-
ties, 231

port of the Queen's petition against the
Civil·list, I. 52

Bill of Pains and Penalties, 195 Sums
Clarence, the Duchess of, happily deliver- up the evidence for the defence of the
ed of a Princess, 372

Queen, 216
Cobbett, William, trial of, for libel on Deninark, state of affairs in, I. 314.

Cleary, II. 245. Verdict for the plain- Symptoms of revolution, ib. Arrest of
tiff, 249. Trial of for libel on Wright, Dampe, ib. Imprisoned for life, ib.
ib. Damages, 25+

Dissolution of Parliament, the King an-
Commercial restrictions, conversation on, nounces the intended, I. 23
in the House of Lords, I. 41

Disturbances in various places, I. 19. At
Commerce of Great Britain, remarks on, Dewsbury, 11.316. Glasgow, ib. Ross-

I. 86. Petition of the citizens of Lon- shire, ib. Paisley, 326. Greenock, 327.
don and Glasgow, respecting, ib.

Yorkshire, 330
Conferences for adjusting matiers with Docks, prices of shares in, II. 437

the Queen, and averting the proposed Donoughmore, the Earl of, supports Mi-

parliamentary investigations, I. 136 nisters in their measures against the
Consolidated fund, I. 70

Queen, 1. 123. Speech in favour of
Coronation, proclamation by the King, the Bill of Pains and l'enalties, 232

touching the, II. 337. Adjournment of Drury-Lane, fire in, II. 360
the solemnity of, 348

Durham, election of a member of Parliam
Coventry, electioneering at, II. 322 ment for the county of, II. 321
Creevey, Mr, his speech on the revenues

of Gibraltar, 1. 65
Crossmichael, resolution of the Kirk Ses-

sion of, to prevent praying for the
Queen during the vacancy of, II. 352. Edinburgh, partial illumination at, on oc-
Ordered to be erased by the Presbytery, casion of the abandonment of the Bill
ib. Apology of Sir Alexander Gordon, of Pains and Penalties against the
and his son, ib.

Queen, II. 363. General meeting of
Culrain, riot at, occasioned by Mr Munro the inhabitants to address his Majesty,

summoning out the tenants on, II. 316. 373. County meeting for addressing
Curwen's, Mr, Speech in favour of in- the King, 376. Increasing splendour of
quiring into the public distress, I. 83. the College Museum of, Il. 464

Elections, II. 321

Ellenborough's, Lord, speech respecting

the Queen, I. 169. Speech on the se-

cond reading of the bill against the
Dacre, Lord, presents the Queen's peti- Queen, 229

tions to the House of Lords, I. 157 and Erskine, Lord, coincides with the Queen's
168. Speech urging compliance with petition, I. 161. Motion for allowing

the Queen a list of witnesses, 177.
Speech on the Queen's petition for a
specification of the criminal acts char-

ged against her, 181. Urges the pro-
priety of permitting the Queen's coun- Galway, perpetration of a most maliga
sel to proceed with her defence in the nant outrage at Clonfert, in the county
manner they desire, 203. Expresses of, on an officer's party of the 19th
his delight at the issue of the proceed- regiment, by a body of armed pea-
ings against her Majesty, 236

santry, II. 348
Exchequer, the Chancellor of the, oppo- Gas lights, prices of shares in, II. 438.

ses Mr Hume's motion for a return of George III. public emotion at the death
the civil expenditure, I. 43. Reply to of, I. 3. General view of his age, ib.
Mr Hume on the revenues of Gibral- Its changes unequalled in greatness,
tar, 44. Moves the question of the ci- I. 4. Famous for giving a represen-
vil list, 52. Opens the Budget, 65. tative legislature to Britain, constitu-
Plans for the year's expenditure, ib. ting the admiration and wonder of the
Mode of providing the charges of the world, ib.—For the decline of aristo-
loan, 69. Reply to Lord Milton, 96. cratic influence, ib.—For the promi-

nence of virtue and crime in Europe,

I. 5—For important changes in the

new world, ib.-For the subjection of

the most splendid empires of Asia to a
Finances, I. 59. Navy estimates, ib. company of merchants, 6–For the

Army estimates, 62. Ordnance esti- internal enjoyment of tranquillity in
mates, 64. Budget, 65. Sinking fund, Britain, ib.-For improvement in
67. Consolidated fund, 70. Scots Ba- science, and the production of manu-
ron of Exchequer, ib.

factures, 7-For extent of foreign
Finlay, Mr Kirkman, presents a petition trade, ib.-For the advancement of

from Glasgow to the House of Com- agriculture, 8—For literary and intel-

mons on the subject of commerce, I. 95 lectual exertions, ib.--For the general
Fires, a dreadful one at Oxford, II. 289. diffusion of knowledge, ib.-For Bri-

Strand, London, 292. Chatham, 318. tish elevation in the system of Europe,
Hereford College, 336. Drury-Lane, 9. Public character of, 10. Private

360. Assembly rooms, Bath, 379 ditto, 12. Description of his person
Fletcher or Franklin, particulars respect- and manners, 15. Notice of his state,
ing, II. 357 and 364

II. 288. Particulars of his death, 295.
France, meeting of the Legislative Cham- Previous notices of the state of his

bers, I. 238. State of affairs and par- health, 302. Funeral, 305
ties, ib. Debates respecting the elec- George IV. the accession of, I. 16. In-
tion of Gregoire, 239. Motion of the timates the dissolution of Parliament,
minister of finance, 241. Petitions 23. Speech at the dissolution of, 36.
against altering the law of elections. Opens the new Parliament by a speech
242. Report of the committee, ib. Tu. from the throne, 38. Message to
mult in the Chamber of Deputies, ib. the legislature respecting the Queen,
Debates in the Chamber of Peers, 243. 119. Further particulars respecting
Assassination of the Duke of Berri, ib. his accession to the throne, II. 997.
Law for restraining individual liberty, Subscribes the oath relating to the se-
246. Law on the press, 249. Debates curity of the church of Scotland, 299.
on the law of elections, 254. Violent Proclaimed in London, 300. Procla-
disturbances, 259. Modification of the mation by, touching his coronation,
law of elections passed, 262. More 337. Proclamation adjourning the so-
disturbances, ib. Finances, 263. Ri. lemnity of, 348
sing of the Chambers, 264. Military Germany, organization of the Diet, I.
conspiracy, ib. Birth of a son to the 308. Its powers, ib. Commercial
Duchess of Berri, 265.

congress, 309. Act of Union, 310.
Gillespie, the Rev, William, placed under

arrest for praying for the Queen, II. Hardie and Baird found guilty of high

treason, II. 223. Condemned, 224.
Glasgow, rebellion stalks with open front Execution of, 354

at, I. 20. Destined theatre on which Harrowby, Earl of, speech in favour of
hostilities were to commence, 21. Ar- the report of the secret committee re-
tizans withdraw from the Union Socie- specting the Queen, I. 168. Disap-
ties in, II. 288. Apprehension of a proves of the divorce clause in the Bill
large party of radicals, 316. Distur- of Pains and Penalties, 232
bances, ib. Proclamation by the ma- Heckmondwike, barbarous outrage at,
gistrates, 324. Reward offered for II. 315.
discovering the authors or printers of Hereford College, fire at, II. 336
the revolutionary address placarded on Hesse Darmstadt, state of affairs in, I.
all the public places of, ib. 60,000 311. Grand Duke's scheme of the
persons struck work, ib. Appearances new constitution, ib. Resistance by
of quiet returning to, 333. Alarming the people, ib. Grand Duke yields to
affray, between the 13th regiment of all the points in question, 312. Har-
foot and the police and inhabitants, monious proceedings of the Chambers,

ib. Session closes under the most fa-
Gooch, Mr, seconds Mr H. Sumner's vourable auspices, 313. Finances, ib.

motion on agricultural distress, I. 80 Hobhouse's, Mr, speech, eagerly decla-
Grangemoor, the insurgents at, throw ring his support of reform as reform,
down their arms and fly, I. 20.

I. 101.
Granville, Lord, seconds the address to Holland's, Lord, speech on the opening

the King on the opening of the new of Parliament, I. 40. On the motion
Parliament, I. 39.

for the secret committee relating to the
Greenock, disturbances at, II. 327

Queen, 122. Strongly censures the
Grey's, Earl, motion for open investiga- conduct of ministers, 168. Speech

tion in the matter of the Queen, I. shewing precedents for granting a full
158. Speech on the report of the se- statement of the charges and list of
cret committee, 167. Reply to Lord witnesses to the accused party and also
Harrowby, 168. Speech on the Queen's to the house, 176. Supports the mo-
second petition, 169. Puts some ques- tion for granting a list of witnesses to
tions to Lord Liverpool, 171. Propo- the Queen, 180. Speech on the mo-
sal for giving the Queen a copy of the tion for granting a specification of the
charges, and a list of the witnesses, criminal acts charged against, and the
against her, 176. Speech on the Bill places where committed, by the Queen,
of Pains and Penalties, 190. On the 182
course to be pursued in defence of the Hume, Mr, introduces the subject of the
Queen, 208. In defence of the Queen, Queen into the House of Commons, I.
223. Repels, with indignation, an 28. Motion for a return of the ex-
imputation of the Earl of Lauderdale, penditure, 43. Motion respecting the
233. Vehement invective against the revenues of Gibraltar, 44. Speech on
conduct of ministers towards her Ma- the army estimates, 62
jesty, 236

Hunt and nine others, trial of, for their
Grosvenor, Earl, Speech on the opening concern in the proceedings at Man-
of Parliament, I. 40

chester, II. 131. Guilty, 150. Moves
Guards, the third, temporary feeling of for a new trial, 151. Is denied, 163.

insubordination in the first battalion Imprisoned, 154.
of, II. 342

Huskisson, Mr, speech on the civil list,

I. 56

Hamilton, Lord A., his motion relative to

the Scots Court of Exchequer, I. 70. Illuminations for the Queen at London,
Speecb relative to Mr Wilberforce's mo- II. 361. Partial one at Edinburgh,
tion, 150


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