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bell, son of tñe late Dr Charles Campbell, 26 At Angers, Charles Viscount Wali of Bencoolen.

de Serrant, brother to the late Viscountess 19. Robert Pender, Esq. of Parkside. Southwell.

20. At Rainham, Kent, Jane Oliver, 27. At her house in Aberdeen, Mrs Elilady of Sir James Malcolm, Royal Ma- zabeth Forbes of Blackford. rines.

At Kelton Mains, near Dumfries, At Edinburgh, Mrs Janet Lidell, William Walker, Esq. wife of Thos. Bell, Esq. Wharton Place. At Glasgow, Dr Patrick Cumin,

22. At Home Lacy, Herefordshire, her Professor of Oriental Languages in the Grace the Duchess Dowager of Norfolk, University of Glasgow. aged 71.

28. At Bank House, near Dundee, Sir - At his house, Buccleuch Place, Edin, John Ogilvy of Inverquharity, Baronet. burgh, Mr Peter Anderson, merchant and 29. At Edinburgh, in the 82d year of general agent.


age, the Rev. John Tough, D.D. At her house, near Aberdeen, Mrs At Pitfour, Aberdeenshire, in his Katherine Morrison, widow of the Rev. 720 year, George Fergusson, Esq. David Forbes, late minister of Laurence- At M'Cubbington, parish of Dunkirk.

score, William Crosbie, Esq. in the sad - At Aberdeer, Capt. Hector M'Lean, year of his age. formerly of the 420 regiment, and late The Rev. Richard Smith, Rector of Reay Highlanders.

Maiston, Yorkshire. At Esseer Ghier, Major Gilbert 30. At Lissau, Ireland, at the advanced Grierson Maitland.

age of 85, the Right Hon. John Staples. At his son's cottage, Altrive Lake, At Hawick, in the 89th year of his Yarrow, Mr Robert Hogg, at the advan- age, Mr James Oliver, merchant there. ced age of 92.

At Inverkeithing, Mr George Berea 23. At Edinburgh, Mr Thomas Pyper, ridge, Collector of the Customs there. linen draper, much regretted.

At the Manse of Edderton, the Rev. - At Edinburgh, Miss Margaret Muat, Alexander Munro, minister of that paof Lasswade Hill.

rish, in the 64th year of his age, and 36th At Glasgow, Mrs Scott, relict of the of his ministry. late Robert Scott, Esq. of Larchgrove. 31. At Whitecroft House, the lady of

24. At North Shields, the Rev. John D. W. Henderson Somerville, Esq.of FinMillar, late of Glasgow.

gask and Whitecroft. At Holyroodhouse, the Right Ho- James Dickson, Esq. of Alton, mernourable Lady Elizabeth Murray, in the chant, Hawick. 78th year of her age.

Lutely, At Bath, Fletcher Paris, Esq. 25. At Forthside, near Stirling, Mrs He has bequeathed L.40,000, and a field, Wallace of Forthside, in her 85th year. for the purpose of erecting 30 cottages, for

At Hutton Hall, Mrs Catherine the residence (with endowments) of the Hume, wife of Robert Johnston, Esq. widows or daughters of ten poor clergy

At Glasgow, Mrs Jean Crawford men, of ten reduced professional men, Gilmour, aged 76.

and of ten decayed merchants. - AtGilmour Place, Edinburgh, James At the Island of Ceylon, Captain Tait, Esq. late of the Bahamas.

George Rivers Maltby, of the 16th foot. 26. At Ochiltree, Elizaboth Duncan, in At Bicton House, aged 85, the Right the 100th year of her age.

Hon. Lady Rolle. At his house, Union Place, Edin- - At Twyford Lodge, Sussex, Lady burgh, Mr Alexander Thomson, writer Sewell, widow of the Right Hon. Sir there.

Thomas Sewell. At Monte Video, the Hon. Captain At Laurens district, South CaroliHenry Finch, Royal Navy.

na, aged 143, Mr Soloinon Nibet, a na- In the 80th

of his


tive of England, who emigrated to that Stewart, Esq. of Garth.

country at the age of 19. At Trieste, M. Fouche, Duke of - At Cornforth, Durham, aged 63, Otranto.

Mr Robert Bell.


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of his age,

November 1. At China, the Hon. Va- town of Woodstock, Shedonoah County, lentine Gardner, captain of his Majesty's United States, at the advanced age of 114 ship Dauntless.

years. At George Town, in Berbice, his 13. At Glasgow, John Young, A. M. Excellency H. W. Bentinck, lieutenant- Professor of Greek in the College of Glasgovernor of that colony.

gow. At St Ninian's, near Wooler, H. - At Sundrum, Miss Frances, daughH. St Paul, Esq. M. P.

ter of John Hamilton, Esq. · At Farleigh House, Hants, in his - At his house in Queen Street, Edin83d year, Admiral Sir Benjamin Cald- burgh, Lieutenant-Colonel Imrie. well, G.C.B.

14. At Housedale, William Forbes, At Cliffdale, Orkney, Mrs Balfour. Esq. of Echt.

At Inverness, in the 87th year of - At the Manse of Lunan, the Rev. his age, Alexander Robertson, Esq. John Gowans.

At London, Lieutenant General -The very Reverend William Pearce, George Glasgow, of the Royal Artillery. D.D. and Reverend Dean of Ely, and

At Dunkeld, George, and on the 2d member of Jesus College, Cambridge. instant, Robert, sons of the late Mr Smyt- 15. At Irvine, at the great age of 102, tan, surgeon, R. N.

Mr James Neil, late a shipmaster from 3. At Reiss Lodge, Mrs

Wemyss, wife that port. of William S. Wemyss, Esq. of South- At Edinburgh, John Carr, Esq. of dun.

Ryehope. 4. At his house, near Haugh of Urr, At Berbice, George Gordon, Esq. the Rev. James Biggar, in the 73d year after an illness of a few days.

16. At Collessie Manse, Fife, Mrs At her house in Montrose, Lady Walker, widow of the Reverend Andrew Carnegie, relict of Sir David Carnegie of Walker. Southesk, Baronet.

- At Perth, John Richardson, Esq. of 5. At his house at Shooter's Hill, Sir Pitfour. William Robe, K.C.B. K.C.G. and K.T.S. At Galashiels Manse, the Rev. Dr colonel of the Royal Horse Artillery: Douglas, in the 73d year of his

7. At Park House, Kent, Lady Calder, blst of his ministry. widow of Major-General Sir Henry Cal- 17. At his station on the south banks Bart.

of the Narbudda, in Bengal, Alexander - At Freeland House, the Right Hon. Dick Lindsay, Esq. of the civil service of Dowager Lady Ruthven.

the Honourable East India Company. 8. Dr M‘Leod.

- At the Manse of Dunbarney, the - At Perth, Mrs Ramsay, late of In- Rev. James Beatson of Kirkpottie. vernettie Lodge.

- At his house, in Guildforil Street, - At Havre-de-Grace, Mrs Honeyman, London, in the 77th year of his age, the wife of Captain Honeyman, R. N. Rev. William Tooke, F.R.S.

At Cheltenham, Captain Valentine - At Barbadoes, of the yellow fever, Fleming, 9th regiment.

Captain Thomas Roberts, of the Royal - At his seat, the veteran poet, Wil Engineers. liam Hayley, Esq.

18. At Girvan, Peter Douglas Murray, 9. At St Ann's Lodge, Mrs Mundell, Esq. writer. in the 83d year of her age.

At Leith, Helen Walker, wife of 10. At Edinburgh, Colonel Maxwell, Mr Robert Dudgeon, merchant there. late of 7th dragoon guards.

19. At Thirsk, Yorkshire, Miss Las11. At London, the Countess Dowager celles, third daughter of the late Lascelof Lincoln.

les Lascelles, Esq. 12. At Edinburgh, Charles Melville, At Barns, James Burnet, Esq. of · Esq. of Greenside.

Barns, in the 84th year of his age. A negro man, a native of Acra, at · At Snowdon, Manchester, Jamaica, the residence of Captain Miller, in the Dr Robert B. Wright.

age, and


his age.

his age.

20. At Port Maria, Jamaica, Captain wife of Captain Cunningham, Berwick. James Gordon, late of the Aberdeenshire shire militia. militia.

28. At Clippings House, Mrs MacfarAt Wester Wemyss, Mrs Mary lane. Brodie, wife of Andrew Thomson, Esq. 29. At Balcarres, Anne, Countess of

At Carradale House, Sarah Eliza- Balcarres, widow of James Earl of Bale beth, second daughter of Walter Camp- carres, aged 94. bell, Esq.

At Bourdeaux, Colonel George Rare· At Fisher House, Islington, Miss den, of the Guards, in the 33d year of Leith.

At his house, North Castle Street, 30. Elizabeth Brand Vilant, daughter Edinburgh, Kenneth Mackenzie, Esq. of the late Professor Vilant, at St AnW. S.

drews. 21. At London, after a few days' ill- At his house, No. 9, King Street, ness, the Honourable John Hamilton Golden Square, London, John Murdoch, Fitzmaurice, Viscount Kirkwall.

Esq. At London, aged 75, James Harris, Lately, At Exeter, George Gifford, Earl of Malmesbury.

Esq. eldest brother of his Majesty's At22. At Desart, his Lordship’s seat, near torney-General. Kilkenny, the Right Hon. John Otway At Blackeddie, near Sanquhar, WilCuffe, Earl of Desart, in the 33d year of liam Johnston, Esq. late Provost of San

quhar. At his seat, at the Priory, near DECEMBER 1. At Demerara, in the 21st Templemore, Ireland, Sir John Craven year of his age, Mr Thomas Dickson Carden, Bart. in the 63d year of his age. Goldie.

At Hutchesontown, in the prime of - James Fisher, Esq. of Sorrowlesslife, Malcolm M'Grigor, Esq. merchant field, near Earlstoun. in Glasgow.

2. At Dumfries, Mrs Richardson, reAt Edinburgh, Thomas Adair, Esq. lict of Captain Richardson, late of Ner. Clerk to the Signet.

field, parish of Ruthwell. At Aberdeen, the Rev. William - At Humbie, James Hepburn, Esq. Stuart, Turiff, in the 80th year of his of Humbie, the last male representative age, and 57th of his ministry.

of this ancient family. 23. At her house, in Harcourt Street, At his residence in Queen's Street, Dublin, Mrs Dunne, relict of Francis Cheapside, London, John Mann, Esq. Dunne, late of Brittas, in the Queen's 3. At Waukmill, Musselburgh, Mr County, Esq.

Robert Primrose, in the 75th year of his At Clackmannan, Mr Charles Stew age. art.

4. At Stirches, Gilbert Chisholm, Esq. At Aberdeen, the Dowager Lady of Stirches. Bannerman, in her 77th year.

At Slaphouse, near Ayr, Mr ThoAt Dover, Dr Francis Thatcher. mas Blair, farmer there, upwards of 93

At his house, York Place, Edin- years of age. burgh, James Kettle, Esq. writer there. At Govan, Lieutenant William

21. At Cupar Fife, Mr Bartholomew Snodgrass, late of the 24th regiment of Cockburn.

foot. 25. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Ord, - At Bridgend, Linlithgowshire, in widow of the late Lord Justice Clerk consequence of a fall from his horse, the Macqueen.

Rev. John Reid of Prospect Hill, pastor 27. At Warriston Crescent, near Edin- of the reformed Presbyterian congregaburgh, Mrs Peddie, relict of Captain tion of Laurieston, (Falkirk,) in the 67th James Peddie, Royal Invalids, Jersey. year of his age, and 33d of his ministry.

At Manse of Dumblane, the Rev. 6. At Langholm, Mr Robert Ker, liRobert Gordon.

neal descendant of George Ker of Fad28. At Eccles, Mrs Mary M‘Laren, donside, a near relation of Robert, first

Earl of Roxburghe, and one of the heirs 15. At his house, Buchanan Street, of entail of that noble dukedom.

Glasgow, Robert Thomson, sen. Esq. in 8. At his house, West St Vincent the 79th year of his age. Street, Glasgow, William Muir, Esq. - At the Manse of Kingarth, Bute,

At Clydeville House, Lanarkshire, the Rev. Mark Marshall. Mrs Cochrane of Kirkfield.

At Bath, Lady Christina Elizabeth - At Hartham House, the seat of Wal- Keith. ter Long, Esq. his son-in-law, after a few 17. At Fountainhall, Sir Andrew Lau. days' illness, the Right Hon. Archibald der Dick of Fountainhall and Grange, Colquhoun, Lord Register.

Baronet. 9. At Dunbryan House, Mrs Macdo- - At her house in Albemarle Street, nald, senior of Clanranald.

London, Mrs Margaret Adam, in the 84th At Kirkcaldy, Mrs Henry Oliphant, year of her age. aged 80.

- At Caithness, George Innes, Esq. At Crossflats, Robert Aird, Esq. in the Isauld. 69th year of his age.

At St Helena, Robert Grant, Esq. At London, in his 74th year, the R. N. most Rev. Dr Bray, Roman Catholic At Aberdeen, Mr Alexander Scott, Archbishop of Cashel and Emly.

writer, aged 83. 10. At Demerara, Thomas Martin, Esq. - At Ayr, Mrs Heriot Reid, relict of merchant.

Major S. Doolittle, Heligoland. In Castle Street, Edinburgh, Mrs 18. At Oban, at an advanced age, Mr Helen Edgar, relict of Henry David Ing- Hugh Stevenson, senior. lis, Esq. advocate.

At Brunswick, in the 430 year of At Edinburgh, Mary M. Anderson, his age, Augustus Duke of Brunswick. spouse of James Auderson, Esq. younger At Burn of Aberarder, Mrs Macof Stroquhan.

tavish, relict of Duncan Mactavish of Ai Dumfries, Miss Helen Maxwell, Garthbeg. daughter of the deceased Hugh Maxwell, 20. At Montego Bay, Jamaica, of a fe. Esq. late of Dalswinton.

ver, after a few days’ illness, William BalAt Edinburgh, Gavin Hamilton, four, Esq. Esq. late of Tenby.

- At Campbeltown, Argyleshire, Mrs 11. At Edinburgh, Mr Peter Mathie, Catherine M‘Callum, relict of Talmack jeweller.

Muir Rowatt, Esq. of Kilkivan. At London, Anne, widow of Tho- 21. At Edinburgh, Lieutenant-Colomas Graham, Esq. of Kinross and Bur- nel John Grant, late of Lurg. leigh, late M. P.

23. At Manse of Lochell, Cushnie, the 12. Theodore Henry Broadhead, Esq. Rev. George Anderson, aged 54. M. P.

At Burntisland, Miss Ann BallanAt Edmonstone House, James tine. Brown, Esq.

27. At Madeira, Captain Jonathan D. 13. At Cowbill, Sybilla Frances Scott, Michie, 2d regiment cavalry, Hon. East wife of Captain Charles J. Johnstone, India Company's service, Bombay estaR. N.

blishment. - At Stonebyres, Mrs Vere of Stone- Lately, At Hastings, aged 87, Frances, byres.

Countess of Clermont. 14. At Edinburgh, James Fogo, Esq. - At Paris, M. Naldi, buffo performer of Killorn, aged 87.

at the Opera. He met an untimely death - At Edinburgh, Jane, daughter of by the bursting of a self-acting cooking George Wauchope, Esq.

apparatus. He was struck on the forehead At Demerara, after a short illness, by the lid of a boiler, his skull completely Thomas Martin, Esq. merchant.

severed, and he fell dead at the feet of his 15. In Jamaica, Jonathan Forbes of daughter. Waterton, Master in Chancery, and Colonel of St Catherine's regiment.

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