Imatges de pÓgina

Green Baker, a female of colour, aged of the Rev. William Anderson, minister 140 years.

She had lived to see her fifth of the gospel there, aged 42. generation.

18. At Miramichi, New Brunswick, At Pitliver, Robert Wellwood, Esq. Mr George Laurie, merchant. of Garvock.

20. At Montrose, Mrs Elizabeth Stra8. Miss Elizabeth Pettigrew, of Green. ton, daughter of the deceased John Stra

- At Balgonie Cottage, Fifeshire, Ma- ton, Esq. of Lauriston, in the 86th year jor James Douglas, late of the 7th royal of her age. veteran battalion.

At Inverness, Mrs Susanna MacalAt Parkhill, Stirlingshire, Mrs Ca. ister, wife of Norman Macdonald, Esq. therine Miller, relict of Andrew Muir- Scalpa. head, Esq. Castle Ranken.

At Edinburgh, in the 83d year of 9. At Kippenross House, Mrs Stirling, her age, Miss Graham, only remaining widow of the late John Stirling, Esq. of daughter of the deceased James Graham Kippendavie.

of Balquhapple, Esq. – At Greenfield, near Alloa, Mrs 21. At Portobello, John Macintosh, Morrison, of Greenfield.

Esq. late accountant of the Royal Bank. 10. At Kilsyth Manse, the Rev. Robert 24. James Towers, Esq. Professor of Rennie, D. D.

Midwifery in the University of Glasgow. At Largs, James, only son of George - At Alloa, Mrs Margaret Cowie, wife Stirling, Esq. Glasgow.

of John Drummond, Esq. writer there. 11. În Queen Street, Edinburgh, Miss At Newbattle, Diana, eldest daughElizabeth Keay, sen.

ter of the late Colonel Donald Macleod of In George's Square, Glasgow, Dame St Kilda. Robina Crawfurd Pollok of Pollok, aged 25. At Edinburgh, Colonel Robert Bail83 years, relict of Sir Hew Crawfurd, Bart. lie, of the Hon. East India Company's of Jordanhill.

service. - At Trincomalee, of cholera morbus, 26. At Holywood Manse, the Rev. Dr. in his 18th year, Mr Thomas, a midship- Crichton, minister of that parish. man of the Leander.

27. At Mullye, on the Nepaul frontier, 13. At London, John Anderson, Esq. Major Charles Peter Hay, of the 22d reof Fermoy, in the county of Cork. giment Bengal infantry, commanding the

At his Palace in Chelsea, after a long Champarur light infantry. illness and general decay of nature, the 28. At Burnside, Thomas Crichton, Hon. Brownlow North, D.C.L. Lord Bi- Esq. shop of Winchester, Prelate of the Order 29. At Joxtith Park, near Liverpool, of the Garter, Provincial Sub-Dean of Eliza Anna, wife of Mr John Macintyre, Canterbury, and Visitor of Magdalene, merchant. New, Trinity, St John's, and Corpus At Inverness, James Errol Gray, Colleges, Oxford, F.A. and L.S. His Esq. surgeon. Lordship was aged 79, having been near- 30. At Glasgow, in the 88th year of ly 40 years Bishop of that Diocese. his age, John Love, Esq. merchant,

14. At Clay Hall, near Windsor, Mrs Glasgow. James Lindsay, wife of Captain Lindsay, At Geneva, Captain Stephen Gorgrenadier guards, aged 23.

don, of the 5th dragoon guards. 16. At Beith, William Fleming, Esq. - At Worksop, Nottinghamshire, Rowriter.

bert Barber, Esq. in the 85th year of his At Easthouses, aged 78, Gideon age. Walkinshaw. He was father to 12, grand- 31. At Chessel's Court, Edinburgh, father to 64, and great-grandfather to 41. Wilhelmina Marjoribanks, wife of Wilmaking a total of 117; 30 of whom are liam Jamieson, merchant. dead, and 87 living; he had been in the At his house, St Andrew's Square, employ of the Marquis of Lothian for 61 Edinburgh, Dorothea Clerk, eldest daughyears, 84 of his progeny are yet at his ter of Joseph Bell, Esq. surgeon. Lordship's works.

Lately, The Right Reverend W. Ben17. At Blairlogie, Susan Wallace, wife net, Bishop of Clogher.

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AUGUST 1. At Blackness, Linlithgow, 10. At Ulcombe Place, Kent, in the Mr George Allan, merchant in Liver

51st year of his age, the most Honourable pool.

Walter, Marquis and Earl of Ormonde, At Allanfield, near Leith, Mrs Al- in Ireland, and Baron Butler in England, lan.

K. P. and Governor of the county of Kil2. At Chapel, Fifeshire, Robert Ar- kenny. nott, Esq. in the 78th year of his age.

At Ayr, Adam Stewart, Esq. late of At Edinburgh, the Reverend David Liverpool, in his 80th year. Dickson of Persilands.

11. At London, the Right Hon. Lady 4. At Balstack, in the parish of Hut- Lilford. ton, aged 69 years, David Graham, Esq. At Norwich, aged 46, Captain Robanker.

bert Tinkler, R. N. who signalised him5. At Brussels, Major-General Sir self by his intrepid bravery in several enWilliam Nicholson, Bart.

gagements, in which he had received 21 At Edinburgh, Miss Margaret Bose wounds. Captain Tinkler was cabin boy well, the last of the name in the direct on board his Majesty's ship Bounty (Capline of the ancient family of the Boswells tain Bligh) at the time the crew of that of Balmuto.

ship mutinied in the South Seas, in the At Paisley, Thomas Smith, Esq. year 1789, and was one of the 12 persons late merchant in Glasgow.

who, with the captain, were turned adrift At Bologna, within an hour of each in a boat by the mutineers. other, George Meek of Campfield, Esq. On board bis Majesty's ship Tartar, and Mrs Janet Meek, his wife.

Howard, third son of Colonel Sir Howard 6. At Stank, in the parish of Ruth- Douglas. well, in the 85th year of her age, Miss So- 12. At Edinburgh, Mr John Swanston, phia Richardson.

merchant. At Forres, William Tulloh, Esq. of At Dumfries, in the 23d year of his Bogton, and formerly of Calcutta. age, Mr David Jefferson, writer.

7. In Duke Street, Westminster, in 13. At Edinburgh, Mrs Finlayson, wiher 86th year, the daughter of the late dow of Mr William Finlayson, forinerly Dr Hutton, more than half a century ago of Savannah-la-Mar, Jamaica. Archbishop of Canterbury.

At Kingsburgh, James King, Esq. At Whitsome manse, Berwickshire, At Old, Northamptonshire, Mrs the Reverend George Drummond. Barclay of Allardice, wife of Robert Bar

At Walls, Miss Jane Ker, eldest clay Allardyce, Esq. of Ury. daughter of Gilbert Ker, Esq.

At Baden, in Germany, in the 28th At his house, Edinburgh, Thomas year of his age, John, eldest son of the Brown, Esq. bookseller.

Hon. John Spencer. Át London, John Urquhart, Esq. At Edinburgh, Mr Richard Clegof the Ordnance Office.

horn, solicitor at law. 8. At Coombe House, Surrey, aged 64 16. At Edinburgh, John Livington years, Beeston Long, Esq. one of the Di- Campbell, Esq. of Achalader. rectors of the Bank of England.

17. At Edinburgh, John Livingstone, - At Gilmerton, Miss Christian Trot- Esq. of Shortridge-head. ter.

In Jamaica, Hugh Walker, Esq. of - At Taybank, Mrs Bridget Yeaman, Carron Hall. spouse of Charles Guthrie, Esq.

18. In the eighth year of her age, So 9. At Liverpool, the celebrated Miss phia Albina Georgina, eldest daughter to Margaret M'Avoy, whose faculty of dis- Mr and Mrs Gordon of Auchlunies. tinguishing colours, &c. by the touch, At Glasgow, Mrs Hay, reliet of gave rise to so much discussion about Hugh Hay, Esq. of Paris, Perthshire. three years since.

At Lude, Colonel John Robertson. At sea (during a voyage from Bom- 19. At Edinburgh, Mr James Miller, bay to Calcutta) Lieutenant Donald Nor- depute-clerk to the commission of Tiends. man M'Donald, 10th Madras native in- - At Glasgow, Mr William Modie, fantry.

merchant, aged 69.

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20. At Bath, Major-General Sir Gran- Lately, At Drumabin, Mrs M'Donell, by Thomas Calcraft, Knight of the orders wife of Captain R. M'Donell, late of the of Maria Theresa, Tower and Sword, &c. Glengarry Fencibles.

At Trincomalee, Lieutenant Benja- At Wickham, near Fareham, Vicemin Stow, of his Majesty ship Leander. Admiral Sir Richard Grindall, K. C. B. in

21. At the manse of Kincardine, the his 70th year. Rev. Alexander M Bean.

At Horndean, in Hampshire, Ed- At Brussels, Lieutenant General Sir ward Oliver Osburn, Esq. Vice-admiral of Ewen Baillie, Bart.

his Majesty's fleet. Sir Hugh Inglis of Milton Bryant, At Eye, in Suffolk, in the 89th year Bedfordshire, Bart.

of his age, the Rev. Robert Malyn. 22. At Edinburgh, David Johnstone SEPTEMBER 1. At sea, Theodore For. Malcolm, Esq. collector of his Majesty's bes, Esq. of Bombay, second son of John customs, Kirkaldy.

Forbes, Esq. of Boyndlie. 23. At Bandah, Bengal, Mr Hay Mac- At Montrose, in his 80th year, Baidowall, youngest son of the late D. H. lie John Milne. Macdowall of Walkinshaw, Esq.

At Castle Carey, Somerset, John At Castle Semple House, in the 67th Peyto Verney, Lord Willoughby de Broke, year of his age, John Harvey, Esq.

in his 59th year. 24. At Burroston, in Shetland, Mrs At Edinburgh, Robert Buchanan, Henry, wife of Thomas Henry of Bay- Esq. late of the Stock Exchange, London. hall, Esq.

At Muirkirk Iron Works, the Rev. 25. At Salt Ponds, Jamaica, Peter Grant, Dr William Rutherford. Esq. serjeant-at-arms to the Hon. House At Nassau, New Providence, Anne of Assembly.

Susan, wife of Lieut.-Colonel Frederick At Dingwall, Mrs James Ross. Tomkins.

At Stirling, Lieutenant W. I. De- 3. At Calcutta, Robert Campbell, Esq. vonshire, R. N.

of the civil department there. At her house, Castle Street, Dun- 4. At Port-Glasgow, John Dunlop, Esq. dee, Miss Matilda Constable.

collector of the customs there. At Lathrisk, Charles Maitland, of At Glasgow, Charles Wilsone, Esq. Rankeilour.

surgeon. At his house in Grosvenor Place, At the advanced age of 90, Mrs London, the Right Hon. Lord Stowell, Jean Bogle, widow of Mr Matthew Woin his 64th year.

therspoon, late of Springbog. 26. Mr Thomas Strong, merchant in At Ayr, Miss Hamilton, daughter Leith.

of the late John Hamilton of Kyps, wri- Lady Niven Lumsden of Auchindoir. ter in Mauchline.

27. At Carlisle, Mrs Francis Jollie, late 5. At Muirfield, East Lothian, Major proprietor of the Carlisle Journal. Spenser Cochrane, of the East India Com

At Bridgend, Perth, Isabella Mary pany's service. Campbell, spouse of Major Tod, late of At Stratton, the seat of Robert Marthe 33d regiment.

sham, Esq. Sir Edward Bacon of Raven28. At Bangalore, Major-General Hare. ingham, in Norfolk, premier Baronet of

At Edinburgh, Mrs Rachell Ann England. Morrieson, widow of Major David Mor- At Paisley, after a short illness, rieson, of the Hon. East India Company's Hugh Thomson, Esq. Among other beservice.

quests he has left 1000l. for public bene30. At Paisley, Mrs Maxwell, widow volent purposes, viz.- To the British and of James Maxwell, Esq. of Castlehead. Foreign Bible Society, 2007. London Mis

31. At Killin, the Rev. Dr Busby, Dean sionary Society, 2001. Hutcheson's Chaof Rochester, aged 63.

rity School, Paisley, 2001. Paisley SabAt London, Ensign James Wight, bath School Society, 2001. Paisley Dis79th regiment.

pensary and House of Recovery, 2001. At Aberdeen, Mrs Smith, aged 75. 6. At London, James Ferguson of PitLately, At Paris, Count Volney. four, Esq. M. P.

7. At Garscube House, Mrs Anne 16. At Burnmouth, Liddesdale, John Campbell, widow of the late Francis Sit- Elliot, Esq. of Binks. well, Esq. of Barmoor.

At Woodside, Mrs Russel of Wood8. At Stevenson, Ayrshire, after two side. days illness, the Rev. Thomas Blair, late 17. At his house, Buccleuch Place, Eminister of the gospel, Cairneybill. dinburgh, Mr George Watson, jeweller.

- In George Square, Edinburgh, Mrs Mrs Margaret Wilson, wife of John Campbell, wife of Mr Archibald Camp- Hay, writer, Edinburgh. bell, brewer.

At Manse of Ruthven, Mrs Mare 9. At Plymouth, Samuel Hood Linzee, garet Donaldson, spouse of John Masson, Esq. vice admiral of the blue.

Esq. S.S.C. Edinburgh. - At Glenearn Cottage, Elizabeth Mar- - At Ashintully, Wm.Rutherford, Esq. garet, second daughter of Charles Hus- - At Ledbeg, Assynt, Margaret, wife band, Esq.

of John Mackenzie, Esq. Ledberg. At Harrogate, Mrs Dundas, St An- - At Malaga, John M. Hunter, Esq. drew's Square, Edinburgh.

of Glasgow, merchant. At Greenlaw Manse, the Rev. James 18. At Bruntsfield, Lieutenant Robert Luke.

Horsman Scott, ist regiment, or Royal 10. At his house in Upper Baker eet, Scots. London, Alexander Ross of Cromarty, At Cheltenham, John Haig, Esq. Esq.

merchant in London. - At Youghall, in Ireland, Gurney At Bath, the Hon. Mrs Sotheby. Barclay, Esq. of Tavistock Square, Lon- 19. At Plymouth, R. A. Nelson, Esq. don.

Secretary of the Naval Board. 11. At Swinton-house, John Swinton, 20. At Glasgow, aged 96, Mrs Logie, Esq. of Swinton.

relict of the late James Logie, Esq. ColAt Baroche, Mrs Campbell, wife of lector of the Customs in Rothesay. Captain A. Campbell, of the artillery.

At Edinburgh, in the 24th


of 12. At Calcutta, Walter Davidson, Esq. his age, Patrick Lyon, M. D.

At Dingwall, John Simpson, Esq. 22. At Sook Sanger, India, after a few writer there.

hours' illness, Mr Alexander Arnot. 13. At Perth, Mr Alexander Porteous, At Surinham, Lachlan M‘Bean, merchant there, in the 78th year of his Esq. of Tomatin. age.

At Broomhill, near Aberdeen, Mrs - At Paris, Marshal Kellerman, Duke Rose, relict of the Rev. Alexander Rose, of Valmy.

minister of Auchterless. 14. At Leadclune, Stratherick, Captain At London, Catherine, daughter of Thomas Fraser.

the late Right Hon. Lady Janet, and Sir At Knockbreck, Samuel Thomson, Robert Anstruther, Bart of Balcaskie, Esq.

Fifeshire. At Dover, Lieutenant-Colonel Sir At Edinburgh, Mr James Simpson, Alexander Allan, Bart.

stationer, Royal Exchange. 15. At Edinburgh, Mrs Marjory Came- 24. At Portobello, the Right Honourron, wife of Mr Archibald Fletcher, wriable Alexander Lord Elibank. ter.

At her house in Gayfield Square, At Paris, Marshal Lefebre, Duke of Mrs Marjory Smith. Dantzic.

- At Richmond, Virginia, Jn. Graham, At his house, Woodcot, in the coun- Esq. ty of Haddington, George Home Falcon

At Kingston, Upper Canada, Mr er, Esq. Captain of the 2d dragoons, (Scots William Mitchell, merchant there. Greys.

29. In the island of Tobago, AlexanAt Cambleton, in his 86th year, der Law, Esq. of Cartara. and the 57th of his ministry, the Rev. Dr 30. At Mid-Calder, Mr Thomas FraGeorge Robertson.

ser, surgeon. At Kilmarnock, Mrs Hamilton, wife At Jedburgh, Thomas Ormiston, of the Rev. A. Hamilton.

Esq. of Glenburnhall.

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30. In London, aged 83, the relict of 9. At Tradeston, Glasgow, Mrs Park, the late James Macgregor, Esq. of Belli- widow of Capt. Charles Park of Parkhil. more.

10. At St Ann's, Jamaica, Mrs WilWilliam Fielding, Esq. the senior liam Graham.—Also, at St Alban's, same magistrate at the police office, Golden island, on 23d October, Dr Robert Graham. Square, London.

At Broughty Ferry, near Dundee, At the Hirsel, Signior Guestenelli, Lieut. James Begbie, late of the Apollo aged 107.

frigate. Lately, At Paris, William Thos. San- At Edinburgh, Mrs Grace Ramsay, diford, Esq.

relict of David Ramsay, Esq. Craiglieth. The Countess of Shannon, shortly At Dalnavert, Mrs Clark, widow of after the birth of her 12th child.

the late Capt. Alexander Clark. - At Bouverie Street, London, of apo- 11. At his house of Hill Top, Staffordplexy, in his 80th year, James Dobie, shire, James Keir, Esq. aged 85. solicitor.

At Dalkeith House, William Cuth. October 1. At his cottage at Wim- ill, Esq. bledon, Thomas Harris, Esq..

At Dumbarton, Ebenezer Hislop, At Bicton House, the Right Hon. M. D. Lady Rolle.

At Wooll, Charles Scott, Esq. At his house, Melville Street, Edin- 12. At Nether Barns, William Anderburgh, Charles Macpherson, late Inspec- son, Esq. late of Jamaica. tor-General for North Britain.

At Edinburgh, Mrs Margaret Mil2. At Montrose, aged 84, Mr John ler, wife of Mr William Whyte, merchant, Kinnear, merchant.

Leith. 3. At Gateshead, near Newcastle-upon- 13. At London, Miss Isabella Douglas. Tyne, the Hon. Mrs Smith, sister to the In the colony of Berbice, AlexanEarl of Donoughmore.

der Gordon Matheson, Esq. At Rhives, in the parish of Kile 14. At Parkhill, Dalry, the Rev. John muir Easter, Mrs Mary Ross, wife of Da. Thomson. vid Aitken, Esq.

At Hermitage Brae, Eliza. Brown, 5. At Campbeltou, Mrs Macvicar, in spouse of Jas. Wishart, merchant, Leith. her 88th year, and the oldest widow on At Speddoch, Miss Anne Gilchrist, the pension list of the army.

daughter of the late Dr Ebenezer GilHarriet, the wife of Lieut. Colonel christ. Hogg, of Emers Down Cottage, Lynd- 15. At Edinburgh, Mrs Janet Blair, hurst.

wife of Kenneth Mackenzie, M. D. 6. At Dundee, at the advanced age of At Marden Park, Surrey, in the 95, Miss Susanna Lyon, daughter of the 87th year of his age, John Hastell, Esq. late William Lyon of Carse, Esq. advo- Clerk of the House of Commons. cate.

At Leipsic, Field-Marshal Prince 7. At the manse of Sanquhar, the Kev. Charles of Schwartzenberg. William Ranken, in the 69th year of his 16. At Bermondsey, London, John Milage, and 35th of his ministry.

M.D. 8. At Duddingstoun, John Hamilton Mrs Hagart, sen. of Bantaskine. Dundas, Esq. of Duddingstoun.

18. At Corntown, near Stirling, John 9. At Tradeston, Glasgow, Mrs Park, Stewart, Esq. widow of Captain Charles Park of Park- At Brookfield Cottage, John Scott, hill.

D. D. minister of Avondale, in the 71st · At Montrose, Vrs Margaret Stewart, year of his age, and the 39th of his miin the 89th year of her age.

nistry. At Ramham, near Chatham, George, 19. At Strathaven, the Rev. Dr John eldest son of Sir James Malcolm, of the Scott. Royal Marines.

At Glasgow, William Boyd, Esq. of At Currie, Walter Brown, Esq. of Longrigg. Currie.

- At Glasgow, Mr Chas. James Camp



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