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the charge of stealing corn ?- I did not round the neck of the Princess ; he was say so; I only said that I had been dis- making love to her, and kissed her. (The charged, and I told him in what manner, witness put his arm round the interpreby the sbirri.

ter, and offered to kiss him—(Laughter.) That is all you told him about your Before he put his arm round her neck, discharge ?-That is what I said. "If I had he got up from his seat?-Yes. said something more, it is what I cannot When he got up, did the Princess do remember at present.

any thing to him, or to the breast of his

coat ?-She took him by the flap of his GIUSEPPE EGALI,

coat, and made him sit down again. [A waiter at the Crown Inn, half way be- Was it after that the arm was put tween Como and Milan, where the par- round the neck ?-It was. ties spent a day.]

Have you ever seen the Princess in the Did you see any thing at dinner? - kitchen :-Yes. Yes; they paid compliments to each other. Was Bergami there at the same time? I observed they offered delicate morsels to each other.

Was there any polenta there?-Yes. What did they say ? --- They spoke in Did Bergami do any thing with the French.

polenta ?—He took a little. What did they do ?- The Baron of- What did he do with it?-He went fered something from his plate to the to the Princess, who told him something Princess, and she in return offered some- in French, and then Bergami, with a thing from hers to him ; they were of- spoon, put half the polenta into the Prinfering delicate morsels to each other. ccss's mouth, and half into his own.

Did you leave Bergami alone with the Did you some days after this see the Princess after dinner? - Yes, I did. Princess in the pantry at Villa d'Este?

Did the company quit the room at the Yes. time you speak of ?--They had gone out. Was Bergami there at that time?

What did you see particularly pass between them when they were together?-- Did Bergami do any thing, or the PrinI went to enter the room and clear the cess?—They were both together. table where the company had dined, and What did Bergami do ?-He took a I saw the Baron holding his arm on the piece of sweet-meat, and put it into the shoulder of the Princess. At that mo- mouth of the Princess. ment, as I was going into the room, I saw the Baron give the Princess a kiss. But

GIUSEPPE GOURGIÀRDI, I did not go in, for they immediately told [Boatman on the Lake of Como, carried me to go away.

the Princess and Bergami wherever they In what way was the arms of the Ba- went.] ron placed ? --The Baron was on the Did you observe any thing pass beright, and the Princess on the left of him, tween the Princess and Bergami on these and he had his left arm upon her shoul- occasions ?--I have seen her kiss him. der.

More than once ? - About four times.

Did you ever see any thing else on those GIUSEPPE DEL ORTO,

occasions besides kissing? -Not in the [A baker at the Villa d'Este, saw the par- boat. ties after their return from the East.] At any other place hare you seen any

Did you see her on any occasion sitting thing between the Princess and Bergami? in the garden ?- I did.

-I saw them while in the pantry ; they Was she alone, or was any person with were taking themselves away from the her ? — Baron Bergami was with her. table, and they went into the room, and

Was he sitting at the same time - locked themselves into it. He was.

What room do you mean ?- The bed Did he do any thing ? - He was doing room of the Princess. There was the something.

room where they lived ; and here, on the What was he doing ?-He had bis arm other side, there was the room of the


Princess, into which they went and lock- When you arrived at the inn, did you ed themselves.

make any arrangement respecting the Cross-examined. Did you ever tell any rooms of the Princess and her suite ? body that Vilmarcati had offered you mo- Yes; I made the distribution with the ney for what you had to say?-No; be- innkeeper: for her Royal Highness the cause he told me to go to Milan, where best apartment, and others near it for the all my expenses would be paid.

dame d'honneur and the femme de chamHave you not told other persons that bre; for the gentlemen we allotted other Vilmarcati had offered you money for apartments, separate from the rest. your information ?-No.

Did that arrangement continue, or was Did you ever say that you had been it altered after the Princess arrived ?promised money by Vilmarcati ? -Never. No; on the arrival of the Princess and

Did you ever say that any other per- Bergami, I shewed them the distribution son had promised you money --No. I had made, but it did not meet the ap

probation either of the Princess or BerGIUSEPPE Sacchi,

gami, and the apartments I had chosen [A courier in the service of the Princess, for the gentlemen were allotted to her was sent by Bergami to Milan with a Royal Highness, the dame d'honneur, Berletter to the Governor, with orders to gami, and the femme de chambre. bring back an answer that night.]

How near was the room of Bergami to When you returned, where did you that of the Princess after the alteration go?-I dismounted from my horse and was made ? Between the room of her went into the kitchen, where I saw the Royal Highness and that of Bergami was footman ; I asked him where Bergami the room of the dame d'honneur. was, and he told me.

[The witness was present at the balls at In consequence of the answer he gave the Barona, which were chiefly frequentyou, where did you go -I mounted uped by persons of low condition. Many stairs to Bergami's ante-room.

improprieties took place, which the PrinWhat did you do on going into the cess saw, without expressing any censure. ante-room ?-I found Borgami's servant She spoke to him, also, in a very improasleep, and I went towards his bedroom. per manner, about the girls who attendFinding the door open, I went into the ed these balls

. In travelling from Rome room. I saw the bed tumbled, but no- to Senegaglia, Sacchi repeatedly rode up body was there.

to the carriage, and drew aside the cura What did you then do ?--I then went tains. Two or three times he saw the away; and as I was going I heard a noise Princess and Bergami sleeping in poson the opposite side, and at the same time tures strongly indicative of guilt. One heard somebody say, “Who's there?” | day, when they had rode before him, he, thought it was Bergami, and I answered on his arrival, inquired for them, and was that I was the courier from Milan. Ber- pointed to a room where they were.] gami then came to me, and told me there Did you go to that room?-I went, was no such necessity for delivering the and, knocking at the door, inquired wheanswer.

ther I could enter. Bergami answered I Can you say where Bergami came from could come in, as I did. After I entered, at the time you have spoken of?-No; I saw the Princess and Bergami on the I did not see, because it was dark. bed; but I must observe they were de

Where did the door of Bergami's room cently dressed, and at a distance from one lead to? It led into two rooms.

another. Who slept in those rooms ? -No one. How were they seated on the bed ? Do you know where the Princess slept ? They were lying on the bed as far as the No.

middle, and their backs were leaning or Do you know where the Princess's bed- resting against the wall. room was ? -No.

[At Carlsruhe, the arrangement of the Did you go before the Princess to Tu- bed-rooms was changed in the same manrin?-I went before her, for the last post. ner as at Turin, and generally those of the



two parties were as near as possible to each Do you mean to say, that at that time other. ]

you were in easy circumstances ? I was Do you remember any time at Villa always, thank God, in easy circumstances. Grande, when the rest of the family were Do you mean to say that you were as in bed, seeing Bergami any where?-I re- well dressed then as you are now ?-Yes, member one night, after midnight, while I was always. it was insufferably hot, I was at the win- Always: well, but you know you were dow of my room; and as I heard a noise called Count Milani when you were introon the side of the room of Bergami, I duced to M. Marietti, don't you?-No, I withdrew a little. I saw Bergami come do not know it. out of his room and go to the door that led Do you mean to swear that you don't to the apartment of her Royal Highness. know whether you were so called or not, He opened the door, entered, and I saw on your introduction to M. Marietti?-I him no more.

am sworn to tell the truth, and the truth How long did you remain at your win- alone, and I swear that I was not introdow after you saw Bergami enter – duced under the name of Count Milani. About an hour.

Will you swear that you were not called On any other night did you see Berga- Count Milani in the presence of M. Mami?-A few days after I saw the same rietti in London ?-I am sure that I never thing.

heard myself called “ Count” in the preAt what time was it you saw Bergami sence of M. Marietti. the second time?-About the same time Do you mean also to swear that you as the first.

were never called “Count” at Aston, in Did you upon the second occasion see the

preselice of Mr Godfrey ?-I am sure Bergami return to his room?-I did not. that I never heard myself so called at As

Cross-examined.—How long have you ton. been in this country ? -- About 14 months. Will you swear that you were not intro

Where have you lived all that time?- duced to M. Marietti as a merchant ?Sometimes in London, and sometimes in Never. the country.

That you never stated to him that you Is your name Sacchi, or Sacchini ? - had come to this country for commercial Sacchi.

purposes ?- Never. Were you never called Sacchini ?-Yes, How did you represent yourself?-I alI was called Sacchini at Milan,

ways said that I came here in the service But is it true that you have also been of a Spanish family. called Milani in this country ?-Yes, it is Is it true that you came over in the sertrue.

vice of a Spanish family ?-No, it is not Is it true that you have always gone by true. that name here?-It is.

Did you ever say to M. Marietti, or to How much, in point of fact, did you re- any other person, that the Princess of ceive during the first six months that you Wales owed you money ?-I have said acted in the capacity of courier ?-Whilst that I had a law-suit with her Royal in her Royal Highness's service I received Highness, but never that she owed me money at three several times, amounting money. in the whole to 60 or 70 Napoleons. Was it true or not that


had a lawHow much did you receive as courier suit with her Royal Highness ?-I meant only ?- I do not remember.

to say that I was engaged in the process How long did you continue in the situa- which was making against her Royal tion of courier during the year that you Highness. were in the Princess's service ?-About Do you mean to say that you told M. nine months.

Marietti, that you were one of the witnessWho hired you?-I entered her Royal es in the prosecution against the PrinHighness's service through the good of- cess ?-No. fices of M. Chiviana, a banker, the Baron Was it then a double entendre, that you Caroletti, and Bergami.

meant when you told M. Marietti that

lic papers.

you had a law-suit with her Royal High- proved that this was done with her authoness ? - I never said any thing to M. Ma- rity, the paper was not read.] rietti on the subject.

Did you ever say to any person that your To whomsover, then, you told this story conduct to the Princess was liable to a of a law-suit, did you tell it as a double charge of ingratitude with respect to a geentendre ? --I did.

nerous benefactress ?- Never. Did you ever make application to be Is that your hand writing ?-(A paper taken back into the service of her Royal was shewn to the witness.) —Yes. Highness ?--Non mi ricordo.

And that?-(Another paper) - You Did you ever represent to any one, after need not read the whole of it. It is my you had left the service of her Royal High- writing. ness, that you were in a destitute condi- Did you ever go by any other names tion ?- Never.

than Sacchi and Milani?-I have been Did you ever entreat any person of her called by another name ; I am still called Royal Highness's household to have com- by another. passion on your miserable situation ; I What is that other name ?-I beg as a mean after you had left her Royal High- favour from the honourable house that I ness ?--I have never been in a miserable may not answer ; because, if I should tell situation. (A laugh.)

that name by which I go, I should be exWill you swear that you never entreat- posed to the fury of those who have ill ined any one of the suite of her Royal High- tentions against me. I beg, at all events, ness to take pity or to have compassion on the house to interpose its authority that you after you had left her service ?-(The the name may not be inserted in the pubwitness) On what account to have compassion on me?

Mr Brougham, after such an intima, That, sir, is a question, and not an an- tion, would not ask the name. wer. I must have an answer to this ques.. Did you not fetch Mademoiselle De tion; will you swear that you never en- Mont from Lausanne to Milan ?-Yes. treated any of the Princess's suite, after Did you take her back ?-No. you had quitted her service, to take com- But you went to prevail on her to go to passion upon you ?-It may be that I have. Milan ?-Only to ask her if she wished to

Did you ever represent to any person, go would go or not. after you had left her Royal Highness's Who employed you to fetch her-to get service, that you taxed yourself with in- her?-I was desired by the commission gratitude towards a most generous mis- which was at Milan. tress ?

When Mademoiselle De Mont went [Here the Attorney-General inter- away with you to Milan, did you tell posed, insisting that these questions evi- any one that she was gone back, or going dently referred to some writing of the back, to the service of the Princess ? witness. Mr Brougham replied, that Never. there was nothing in the question to shew How much money did you get from the whether it referred to written or spoken Milan commission for your trouble while declarations. The Judges being referred you were at Milan ?-İ have received no to, gave it as their opinion, that the ques- other sum except for the expence of my tion might be put; but in that case the journey to Lausanne and back, and for opposite counsel might ask if the senti- the other journey which I took to Chare ments had been reduced to writing; and nitz and back. then the writing must be produced. After Do you mean to swear that you have rea great deal of discussion, Mr Brougham ceived no promise of any sum from the Misaid, that rather than lose time, he would lan commission for your trouble?- I can withdraw the question.

swear never to have received any promise. On a re-examination by the Attorney- Do you mean to swear that you have General, the witness shewed a charac- never received a promise of recompense ter, written by Schiavini (who was called from any person for your trouble in this Marshal of the Palace) and sealed with business? --I can swear never to have re. the Princess's seal ; but as it could not be ceived any promise.


went away.

Have you ever said to any one that you to know, if, after the Princess made that had received any thing, or any promise of speech to you in the court, you saw her any money or advantage? I have never Royal Highness at similar balls with those said to any person that I had received any women ? -Non mi ricordo. money or advantage. I may have said Did the Princess of Wales say nothing that I had received the expence of my more?-Not on that occasion. journey.

Did you see thosé virgins at any ball at Do you expect to receive nothing more which the Princess was present, subsethan those expences for your trouble in quent to that period ?- I cannot say what this business ? - I hope that my time will virginales she was speaking of. I thought be paid for.

she was speaking in a general way. Have you ever seen Mademoiselle De Have you seen her at any balls subseMont since she came to this country ? - quent to that period ?– There were balls. Many times.

Were they attended by the same sort of Earl Grey.-Have you ever gone by company?-Nearly the same persons. the name of Milani before you came to By Lord CALTHORPE.-I wish to know England ?-I took that name in Paris, whether you asked to see the Princess affour or five days before I set out for Eng- ter Schiavini gave you your discharge ? land.

I asked to see the Princess after I had reWhen did you set out for England ?- ceived my certificate, the evening before I In July of the last year.

Be so good as to say what was your mo- Did you see her Royal Highness after tive for taking that name at that time in you received that certificate ? - No. Paris ?-After I knew that I was known Did you see her Royal Highness after in London by my own name, I tried to you understood that you were to quit her shelter myself against any thing which service ? --I did. might happen to me.

What passed on that occasion ?-Her What tumult had happened at that time Royal Highness told me that she gave me which induced you to take that name?- my discharge, in order to set an example I was warned that the witnesses against to the oth servants, that there should the Queen might have run some risk if not be quarrels in the house. they had been known.

Did her Royal Highness state what the Having stated that at Paris you chan- cause of those quarrels was ?-She told ged your name to Milani, in consequence me because I had that quarrel with the of the tumult which took place, what did confectioner, and she did not wish that you mean by that statement ? —While I such quarrels should happen in the house. was at Paris, a gentleman came, accom- Did she state any other cause of dissapanied by the courier Crouse ; and this tisfaction to you ? --She did not. gentleman (it was the first time I saw him, Did you make any reply to her Roya. and I have seen him no more) told me Highness on that occasion I said to her that it would be necessary for me to Royal Highness that I did not believe that change my name, because it would be too to be a fault sufficiently great for me to be dangerous to come to England under my discharged. own name, as I had told him I was known Mr Robert Phaer, a cashier in the bankin London under my name.

ing-house of Coutts and Co. being called, The Earl of DarlingTON.--What was the certificate given by the Queen to the the reason of your being discharged from witness, Sacchi, was put into his hands. the service of the Princess ?- There was a He deposed that he had been thirteen years difference which I had with the confec- in the employ of Coutts and Co. and was tioner.

acquainted with the hand-writing of the · Who was the person who discharged Princess of Wales, from having paid drafts you ?-Schiavini sent for me in the morn- signed by her. The certificate was of her ing, and said that he had received orders writing. from the Princess to set me at liberty, to The certificate given to Giuseppe Sacdischarge me.

chi, a native of Como, dated Pesaro, 5th By the Earl of LAUDERDALE. I wish November 1817, was then read by the in

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