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20. At London, Sir James Stuart of Deral Sir Charles Lockhart Ross, of Bala Allanbank, Bart. to Miss Woodcock.

nagown, Bart. 25. At Plocktown, Lochalsh, Donald 29. D.C. Moylan, Esq. to Mary, second Matheson, Esq. of Achnadarroch, to Miss daughter of the Earl of Kingston. M‘Rae.

The Hon. W. R. Penn Curzon, to At Bellevue, Captain G. A. Vetch, Lady H. G. Brudenell, second daughter of the Hon. East India Company's ser- of the Earl of Cardigan. vice, to Miss Helen Hoggan, Waterside. March 1. Lieutenant-Colonel Colqu

At Edinburgh, the Hon. Henry Ro- houn Grant, Forres, to Miss Margaret hert Westenra, M. P. to Anne Douglas Brodie, of Brodie. Hamilton, daughter of the late Douglas, 2. At Edinburgh, Major Balmain, of Duke of Hamilton and Brandon.

the Honourable East India Company's At Hopsrigg, John Murray, Esq. service, to Miss Jane Dewar. of Haregills, to Miss Little.

5. At Straloch, Aberdeenshire, H. 31. At Glasgow, Gavin Hamilton, Esq. George Leslie, Esq. of Denlugas, to Mrs of Springbank, to Miss Nancy Paterson. William Brebner. Lately, At Edinburgh, William Gor

7. At Scotscraig house, Captain Hugh don, Esq. of Evie, to Miss Christiana Lyon Playfair, of the Honourable East Murray.

India Company's service, to Miss Jane Viscount Kingsland, to Miss Wil- Dalgleish. lis.

8. At Edinburgh, Captain M‘Queen, FEBRUARY 1. Captain John Grant, of the Honourable East India Company's 72d regiment, to Miss Jane Gordon, service, to Miss Moir, Hillfoot. Cabrach.

10. Captain Robert Anderson, 91st re2. At Glennan, Neil Campbell, Esq. to giment, to Miss Wade. Miss Matilda M.Dougall, Ardinhive. 11. At Beaconsfield Church, the Hon.

8. At London, the Earl of Uxbridge to Charles Augustus Fitzroy, of the Royal Eleanora, second daughter of the late Horse Guards, (Blue,) to Lady Mary John Campbell, Esq. of Shawfield, ha- Lennox, daughter of the late and sister ving been previously married, on the 5th

to the present Duke of Richmond. of August last, at Altyre, in Scotland, the 13. At Leith, Willam Henry Roberts, seat of her brother-in-law, Sir W. G. Esq. Albany, Surrey, to Miss Anne CrawCumming, Bart.

ford. - At Inverness, John M‘Lennan, Esq. 14. At Taunton, Gilbert Grant, Esq. of Berbice, to Miss Bethune.

of the 4th Light Dragoons, to Miss Char10. At Edinburgh, Major-General Hen- lotte Yea. ry Elliot, Colonel of the 5th Veteran Bat- 21. At Campbelton, Angus Macalister, talion, to Mrs Pringle of Rosebank. Esq. of Balinakill, to Miss Frances Byng

17. At Hampstead, John Loch, Esq. to Macalister. Rubinia Marion Cullen.

23. Valentine, H. Mairis, Esq. of the - W. G. Macknight, Esq. of Green 78th Highland regiment, to Miss ElizaCastle, Jamaica, to Miss Eliza Manners. beth Edwards.

At Midmar Castle, G. R. Nuttall, 27. William Dixon, jun. Esq. of GoM. D. of London, to Miss Marion Mans- vanhill, to Miss Strang. field.

30. At Glasgow, Robert Brown, Esq. - At Kensington Church, Anthony merchant, Glasgow, to Miss Ann Rainy. Macdonald, Esq. of Lochgarry, to Miss Lately, At Madras, C. M. Bushby, Esq. Macdonald.

of the Honourable Company's Civil Ser. 18. At Edinburgh, Captain Charles S. vice, to Miss M'Cally. J. Hawtayne, R. N. to Miss Anne Hope. · At Paddington, William Lushing,

21. Frederick W. Campbell, Esq. of Esq. of Paddington, to Miss West. Barbreck, to Miss Winnington.

APRIL 4. At Braughen, Hertfordshire, 29. At Bonnington, Sir Charles Mac- the Right Honourable Lord Kirkcuddonald Lockhart, of Lee and Carnwath, bright, to Miss Cantes. Bart. to Emilia Olivia, eldest surviving 6. The Rev. Edward Bankes, son of H. daughter of the deceased Lieutenant-Ge- Bankes, Esq. M, P. to the Hon. Frances


Jane Scott, daughter to the Lord Chan- 26. At Edinburgh, Alexander Iranocellor.

vitch, Sultan Katte Gherry Krimherry, 6. At St Pancras, Yorkshire, Henry to Anne Neilson, Hillbank. Francis Hough, Esq. of the Hon. East At Liverpool, Archibald Maxwell, India Company's service, to Eliza Paton Esq. to Miss Marion Boyd, March-hill. Bruce.

- At St Helena, Count Balmain, Com10. At Edinburgh, James Dallas, Esq. missioner of his Majesty the Emperor of merchant, to Marion, third daughter of Russia, to Miss Charlotte Johnson, eldest Robert Johnston, Esq. merchant, Edin- daughter of Lady Lowe. burgh.

29. At Edinburgh, John Gibson Lock14. At Inverness, Alex. Ross Suter, hart, Esq. advocate, to Sophia Charlotte, Esq. Sheriff-clerk of Ross-shire, to Miss eldest daughter of Sir Walter Scott of AbForbes.

botsford, Bart. Captain John Barclay of the 4th Lately, At Calder Bank, Andrew Grey, Bengal cavalry, to Miss Helen Forbes. Esq. Glasgow, to Miss Drummond.

At Dalshangie, John Simpson, Esq. The Hon. and Rev. W. Addington, to Miss Jane Duff Grant.

second son of Lord Sidmouth, to Miss 17. The Right Hon. Lord John Camp- M. Young of Thorpe, Northamptonbell, to Miss Glassell of Longniddrie. shire.

At Edinburgh, John Scott of Gala, Max 1. At Glasgow, Lieut. Thomas Esq. to Madalene, youngest daughter of Moffat, R. N. to Miss Anna Bethune. the late Sir Archibald Hope of Craighall, 10. At Dumfries, James Allan Dalyell, Bart.

Esq. of the Hon. East India Company's 18. William Wemyss, Esq. Deputy civil service, to Miss Arentina, M Mur. Commissary-General, to Mrs Davidson, widow of the late Major Davidson, 42d 15. At Edinburgh, Alexander Manners, regiment.

Esq. W. S. to Miss Fullarton. · At Wardour Castle, Lieut.-Colonel 23. At St Croix, James Brown, Esq. G. Macdonnell, C.B. to the Hon. Laura merchant there, to Miss Krause. Arundel.

25. At Leatherhead, William Brown, At London, Captain Garth, R. N. Esq. of Aberdeen, to Miss Burchell. to Miss Maitland.

27. At London, Alexander Mackintosh, At Gartincaber, John Burn, Esq. Esq. of Great Portland Street, to Miss advocate, to Miss Murdoch.

Mackintosh. At Callendar, Captain Ranald Mac- 30. At Philadelphia, Frederick Campdonald, of the 19th regiment of foot, to bell Stewart, Esq, of Ascog, to Miss MaMiss Flora Macdonald.

ria Smith, Pennsylvania. 20. At Langharne, Caermarthenshire, Lately, At Secunderabad, East Indies, Owen Evans Lewis, Esq. of Glanvrhyd, Capt. J. Weatherall, Royal Scots, to Alto Miss Eliza, daughter of the late John meria Laura; and Captain Frederic Lar. Neale, Willow-yards, Ayrshire.

kin Doveton, Madras light cavalry, to At Clatto, Lieutenant-Colonel Be. Amelia Sophia, twin daughters of Charles thune of Blebo, to Miss Maria Low. T. Grant, Esq. Paymaster, Royal Scots.

At Edradynate, Patrick Small, June 1. At Edinburgh, Archibald Johnyounger of Dirnanean, Esq. to Miss ston, Esq. younger of Pittowie, to Miss Stewart.

Clarkson. 24. Arthur Pollock, Esq. merchant, - At Gilston House, Fifeshire, Captain Grangemouth, to Miss Barbara Thom- John Whitehill Parsons, 10th Hussars,

to Miss Mary Elizabeth Dewar. - At Doonholm, Ayrshire, William At St Petersburgh, Sir William Macdonald, Esq. of Ballishore, to Miss Chrichton, M.D. to Sophia, daughter of Jane Blair.

M. Le Chevalier de Suthoff, &c. 25. James M'Cook, Esq. W.S. to Miss - At London, Admiral James Doug. Laing.

as, to Miss Blathwayt. - At Aberlady, Charles Toshack, Esq. - At Aberdeen, John Fraser, Esq. of South Shields, to Miss Hamilton. London, to Miss Still Milden.


2. At Arbroath, David Scott, jun. Esq. dington, second daughter of Lord Visof Newton, to Miss Gleig.

count Sidmouth. 5. At Edinburgh, Warren Hastings 20. At Edinburgh, the Rev. W. M. S. Sands, Esq. W.S. to Miss Harriet Linde- Preston, A.M. of Stratforth Vicarage, say, Bethune.

Yorkshire, to Miss Moyes of Lumbenny, At Bellfield, George Fulton, Esq. Fifeshire. to Miss Stalker.

- At Berlin, Alexander Oswald, Esq. 7. At Edinburgh, Charles Guthrie, Esq. to Miss Pattison. to Miss Hunter.

21. At Edinburgh, Charles Lennox - At London, George Finch, Esq.M.P. Cumming, Esq. of Roseisle, to Miss Mary son of the Earl of Winchelsea, to Jane, Elizabeth Bruce of Kinnaird. daughter of Admiral and Lady Elizabeth 22. At Gartmore House, Thomas Dur Malliday

ham Calderwood of Polton, Esq. to Miss 8. At London, the Right Hon. Robert Cunninghame Graham. Peel, M.P. eldest son of Sir Robert Peel, 23. At Corfu, Major-General Sir FreBart. to Miss Julia Floyd, youngest daugh- derick Adam, to the Signora Diamantina ter of the late General Sir John Floyd, Pallatiano. Bart.

At_Edinburgh, Stair Hawthorn - At Camberwell Church, near Lon- Stewart, Esq. of Physgill, to Miss Johndon, George Warden, Esq. of Glasgow, ston, of Stratoun. to Miss Wanostrocht.

26. At Edinburgh, Dr Thomas Shortt, At Lybster, in Caithness, David Physician to his Majesty's Forces, to Miss Laing, Esq. surgeon, to Miss Sinclair.

Young of Harburn. At Glasgow, A.F.Gray, Esq. Comp- At Rockhall, James Charles Macrae, troller of his Majesty's Customs, Irvine, Esq. of Holmains, to Miss Grierson of to Miss Margaret Barton.

Lag. 10. At Cousland, John Bonar, Esq. of 27. At Derby, Vice-Admiral Sir Rich. the Grove, to Miss Jessie Dickson. ard Goodwin Keats, G.C.B. to Miss Hurt.

12. Michael Ramsay, Esq. of the Hon. 30. At London, the Right Hon. John East India Company's service, to Miss Bowes, Earl of Strathmore, to Miss Mary Helen Richardson.

Milner. At Edinburgh, Walter Cook, Esq. JULY 6. At Edinburgh, Captain James writer to the signet, to Miss Mary Stirling, R. N. of Glentyan, to Miss Chrystie, of Balchrystie.

Mary Macdowal of Castle Semple. Ai Edinburgh, James Anderson, 7. At Edinburgh, Lieutenant F. BeauEsq. younger of Stroquhan, to Miss An- mont, R. N. to Miss Mary Dawson. derson.

· At Madras, Captain Duncan OgilAt Falkirk, James Thomson, Esq. vie, 2d regiment native infantry, to Miss of Reddoch, to Miss Agnes Boyd. Duncan, Ratho.

13. Josiah Howard, Esq. Stockport, 10. Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon. James Cheshire, to Miss Janet Buchanan Pro- Hamilton Stanhope, to Lady Frederica vand, Glasgow.

Louisa Murray: 16. At London, Peter Rose, Esq. of 11. At Edinburgh, John Dow, Esq. Demerara, to Miss Huntly Gordon, Aber. W. S. to Miss Margaret Russel, Glasgow. deen.

At Leith, James Thomson, Esq. 17. At Bombay, Capt. MacLeod of the Stirling, to Miss Grinly. Hon. East Company's service, to Miss At Edinburgh, John Livingstone, Gwinnett.

Esq. of Shortridgehead, to Miss Mary 19. At Montrose, Captain George Bell, Neilson. to Miss Margaret Addison Dougal.

13. At Clegro, in Rutlandshire, Tho 20. At Kinfauns Castle, John Grant, mas Francis Kennedy, Esq. of Dunure, Esq. of Kilgraston, to the Hon. Margaret M. P. to Sophia, only daughter of the late Gray.

Sir Samuel Romily. At London, the Hon. and Rev. At Bombay, Lieutenant-Colonel George Pellew, third son of Admiral Vis- Hunter Blair, sith regiment, to Miss count Exmouth, to the Hon. Frances Ad. Morris.

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13. At Resolis, Captain A. Gallie, late, 23. Lieutenant-Colonel Raikes, of the of the 78th Highlanders, to Miss Anne Coldstream Guards, to Miss Louisa BoulMunro Arthur.

ton. - At Edinburgh, Anthony Bigot, Esq. 28. Robert Elliott, Esq. of Rechugh of London, to Miss Anne Macdougall. and Tarras, to Miss Elliot.

17. At Ayr, Charles D. Gairdner, Esq. 29. At Edinburgh, William Thomas to Miss Cowan.

Carruthers, Esq. of Dormont, to Miss - John Farquhar, Esq. of Pitscandly, Maclachlan. Forfarshire, to Miss Shillito, London. - At Edinburgh, Lieutenant W. C.

18. At Glasgow, Kenneth Bruce Stew- Anderson, Royal Horse Artillery, to Miss art, Esq. of Annat, to Miss Janet Morri- Gibson of Harehope.

31. At Dover, Thomas Green, Esq. of 20. Captain Robert Melville Grindlay, Slyne and Cotterham, Lancashire, to Miss of the Hon. East India Company's service, Russell. to Miss Comerell.

Lately, At Cargilfield, William Bell, 22. The Rev. Joseph Henry Taylor of. Esq. of London, to Miss Elizabeth KidBrighton, to Miss Jemiina Maria Fraser. near, Edinburgh.

27. Mr Spencer Chichester, to Lady September 3. At Hamilton, Andrew Augusta Paget, daughter of the Marquis Barrie, Esq. Surgeon, to Miss Eliza Gray. of Anglesa.

4. At Edinburgh, James Austin, Esq. Lately, His Grace the Duke of Gordon, M. D. of the island of Barbadoes, to Miss to Mrs Christie.

Pierce, Jamaica. August 1. At Braehouse, James Stew

At London, Rear Admiral Sir art, Esq. of Crossmount, Captain, 82d Charles Ogle of Worthy, Bart. to Miss regiment, to Miss Campbell, Boreland. Burroughs.

2. At Edinburgh, Francis Cohbam, 5. At Leyton, Essex, Thomas Flower Esq. M.D. of the island of Barbadoes, to Ellis, jun. Esq. A. B. to Miss M‘TagMiss MCrae.

gart, of Ardwal. 8. At Fenton, John Hope, Esq. 89th 7. At Edinburgh, James Douglas, Esq. regiment, to Miss Helen Bogue.

of Cavers, to Miss Emma (arnegie. 9. At London, Colonel Alex. Wood- 11. At Glasgow, Theodore Walrond, ford, of the Coldstream Regiment of Esq. to Miss Jane Hastings. Guards, to Miss Fraser.

At Irvine, Stewart Murray Fullar- At London, William Bowles, Esq. ton, Esq. of Fullarton, to Isabella BuchCaptain, Royal Navy, to the Honourable anan Muir. Frances Temple, eldest daughter of the John Burnside, Esq. Millburn late Viscount Palmerston.

House, Dalserf, to Miss Mary Macar12. At London, Alex. Watson Law, thur, Glasgow. Esq. of the East India Company's ser- At Aberdeen, Alexander Bell, Esq. vice, to Miss Romanes, of Cheapside. Berwick, to Miss Ross.

Capt. Edward Hollingworth, Dela- 12. At Lochbuy House, John Gregor. fosse, R. N. to Miss Young.

son, Esq. of Ardtorinish, to Miss Mac14. John Jeffrey, Esg. George Street, laine. Edinburgh, to Miss Hunter, St Andrews. 15. The Hon. Lionel Charles Dawson,

19. At London, Campbell Marjori- to the Lady Elizabeth Emily Nugent, banks, Esq. of Upper Wimpole Street, eldest daughter of the late, and sister of to Mrs Parker.

the present Earl of Westmeath. 22. At Hartfield House, James Mac- 18. At Perth, Glas Sandeman, Esq. donald, Esq. of Balranald, to Miss Jane younger of Springland, to Miss Stewart. Mackenzie of Hartfield.

19. At Edinburgh, Captain W. Cun23. At Dalvev, Charles Gordon, Esq. ningham Dalyell, to Miss Maria Sampayo. of Forres, to Miss Christina Macleod, - At Edinburgh, James Brown, Esq. of Drynoch.

of London, to Miss Hamilton, of Polmont At La Columbriere, Jersey, by the Bank. Dean of that island, Major William Mac- 20. At the Manse of Crail, Charles kay, 68th light infantry, to Miss Mac- Nairns, Esq. writer to the signet, to Miss kay.

Forbes Bell.

21. At Kirkhill, near Aberdeen, Thos. diaman, to Miss Cruickshank, of StrickaBarclay, Esq. of London, to Miss Mary thro'. Adamson.

Lately, At Paris, Earl Poulett, to 23. At Edinburgh, John Turner, Esq. Charlotte, daughter of the Hon. Mrs of Turner Hall, to Miss Elizabeth Helen Portman, and niece of Lord Dormer. Urquhart.

At Westerhall, Major Weyland, At Eglingham, William Hay, Esq. 16th lancers, to Lady Johnstone, widow of Hopes, East Lothian, to Miss Frances of the late Sir John Lowther Johnstone, Ann Ogle.

Bart. 27. At Glasgow, Neil Maclachlan, Esq. NOVEMBER 1.-At Madeira, John TelCastleton, Argyleshire, to Miss Flora Ann ling, Esq. to the illustrious Lady Donna Maclaine of Fife Place.

Juliana Leonora da Cunha Tella. 28. The Right Hon. Francis Earl of At Cliffton, Major Macinnes, of the Huntingdon, to Eliza Mary, widow of the Bengal Establishment, to Miss Mary Elilate Alex. Thistlewayte, Esq. of Hamp- zabeth Milward. shire.

At Inverary, John Stewart, Esq. 29. Lord F. Bentinck, to Lady M. of Achadarhinaig, to Miss Campbell, of Lowther.

Craignure. 30. Lieut.-Col. Elphinstone, to Miss 2. Colonel Douglas Mercer, of the 3d Clavering.

guards, to Miss Rowley. OCTOBER 2.--At Vogrie House, War- 4. Jasper Lutzow Hagermann, Aid-deren Hastings Anderson, Esq. to Miss Camp to the King of Denmark, to HarDewar.

riet, daughter of the late Hon. George 6. At Peterhead, John M'Lean, Esq. Vere Hobart, and sister to the Earl of of Richmond, Grenada, to Miss Marga- Buckinghamshire. ret M'Kenzie.

6. Captain Charles George Stanhope, 9. At Coldstream, Donald M‘Donald, to Miss Galbraith, of Urney Park, county Esq. of Drimintoron, to Miss Ann Cum- of Tyrone, Ireland. mings.

7. At Holmhill, Dumfries-shire, Adam 10. At Crookston House, James Greig, Mosman, Esq. of Liverpool, to Miss Esq. of Eccles, to Miss Agnes Borthwick. Douglas.

16. At London, Captain Lewis Mac- At Dumfries, William Drysdale, kenzie, Royal Scots Greys, to Miss Ban- Esq. W.S. to Mrs Copland. croft.

9. At London, D. J. Ballingall, Esq. 17. At Hospitalfield, Capt. Fyffe, R.N. to Miss Ward, Sandhurst, Kent. to Miss Henrietta Elizabeth Hunter, At Park House, Banffshire, Patrick Blackness.

Steuart, Esq. of Auchlunkart, to Miss - At Henderside Park, Capt. George Gordon of Park. Edward Watts, R. N. to Miss Jane H. T. Liddell, Esq. to Miss SeyWaldie.

24. In George Square, Edinburgh, Wil- 14. At Edinburgh, Thomas Hamilton, liam Downe Gillon, Esq. younger of Wall- Esq. brother of Sir William Hamilton, house, to Miss Scott, of Sinton.

Bart. to Miss Ann Montgomery CampAt Leith, Benjamin Pilliner, Esq. bell. to Mrs Gwynne, widow of the late Rev. 15. At Beerferris, Devon, Charles WilFrederick Gwynne.

kinson, Esq. of Rose-in-Vale, near Truro, 25. At Wakefield, William Campbell, to Miss Ross, of Wigtown. Esq. W. S. to Miss Jane Cleghorn.

17. At Edinburgh, Peter Ramsay, Esq. 30. At Gordon Hall, Aberdeenshire, banker, to the Hon. Susan Mary Hamil. Gideon Cranstoun, Esq. of Xerez de la ton, second daughter of the late Right Frontera, in Spain, to Miss Gordon. Hon. William, Lord Belhaven and Sten

At Edinburgh, Alexander Spierston. Crawford, Esq. 79th regiment, to Miss 20. At Madras, Major George Cadell, Mitchell.

12th native infantry, to Margaret, second 31. At Montrose, Alexander Lindsay, daughter of William Molle, Esq. of Esq. Captain of the Kelly Castle East In- Mains.


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