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23. Mrs John Wardrop, 103, George 31. At Orange Hill, the lady of James Street, Edinburgh, a daughter.

Christie, Esq. a son. 26. At Edinburgh, Mrs Stevenson, Al. Lately, At London, the Countess of bany Street, a daughter.

Cowper, a daughter. 28. At Reading, Berks, the lady of At the house of Viscountess Nelson, Lieutenant-Colonel Wemyss, a son and Exmouth, the lady of T. Nesbitt, Esq. heir.

R.N. a son and heir. At Deal, the lady of Captain M'. The Countess of Longford, a son. Culloch, of his Majesty's ship Severn, a - Lady Gardiner, a son.

APRIL 2. In Harleford Row, London, Lately, Countess Temple, a daughter. the lady of J. Cowan, Esq. a daughter. - Viscountess Massarene, a son.

3. The lady of John Buchan Sydserf, - The Countess of Wicklow, a daugh- Esq. of Ruchlaw, a daughter. ter.

-The lady of John L. Campbell, Esq. March 1. at Teviot Bank, the Hon. of Achalader, a son. Mrs Elliott, a daughter.

6. Lady Moncrieff, a daughter. At Edinburgh, the lady of Alexan- - At Glentyan House, Renfrewshire, der Norman Macleod, Esq. of Harris, a the lady of Wm. Stirling, Esq. a daughter. daughter.

7. Mrs Gordon, Heriot Row, Edin3. At Riga, the lady of Alexander Ren- burgh, a daughter. ny, Esq. a son.

9. Mrs R. A. Oswald, of Moore Park, 5. The lady of Major-General the Ho- a daughter. nourable Alexander Duff, a daughter. - Mfrs Boyd of Broadmeadows, :

- At Ladyland, Mrs Cochran, adaugh- daughter. ter.

11. The Lady of the Hon. Captain 8. At Shottesbrook, the Hon. Mrs Van- Maude, Royal Navy, a son. sittart, a son.

13. At Paris, the Lady of Major Ge The lady of Major Martin, Brough- 'neral John Murray, a daughter. ton Place, Edinburgh, a daughter.

14. Lady Arbuthnot, a son. 9. At Dundalk, Ireland, the lady of 16. In Great King Street, Edinburgh, Major Wallace, of the King's Dragoon the lady of Captain A. R. Kerr, R.N.C.B. Guards, a son.

10. In Bedford Square, London, the Mrs Corse Scott of Sinton, a son. lady of A. Spottiswoode, Esq. a daughter. - At Hamburgh, Mrs Alexander Mac

At Paisley, the lady of Captain Laren, twin daughters. Tronson, 13th regiment, a son.

21. Mrs Gordon of Cairnbulg, a son. 11. At Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, 23. The lady of Alex. Hunter, Esq. the lady of Thomas Mackenzie, Esq.a son.

W.S. a son. 13. At Altyre, the lady of Sir William 27. Mrs Ferrier of Belleside, a son. G. Gordon Cumming, of Altyre and Gor- At Dumfries, the lady of Alexander donstown, Bart. a son.

Harley, Esq. a daughter. 14. At Ayr, Mrs Fullarton of Skeldon, 28. At Hoefyser, near the Hague, the a daughter.

lady of John Turin Ferrier, Esq. a son. 15. In Lower Grosvenor Street, Lon- 29. Mrs Henderson, younger of Stempdon, the Right Hon. Lady Catherine ster, a son. Whyte Melville, a daughter.

— The lady of Major-General Brough18. In Great Portland Street, London, ton of Rosend, a daughter. the lady of William Anderson, Esq. a son. 30. Lady Elizabeth Campbell, a daugb20. At Pilrig House, Mrs Balfour, a ter.

Lately, In Portugal, the lady of Major 21. Mrs Rose of Kilravock, a son. Mackintosh, 10th Portuguese Cavalry, a

25. Mrs Hunt of Pittencrieff, a daughter.

- Lady C. Bentinck, a daughter. 26. At Hampstead House, the Countess May 1. At Bessell's Green, near Seven of Huntingdon, a son, her tenth child. Oaks, Kent, the lady of Sir Charles Dal. 27. Lady Fitzherbert, a son,

rymple, a son.

a son.

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1. Mrs Renny, Castle Street, Edin- 10. At Canaan, near Edinburgh, Mrs burgh, a son.

James Ballantyne, twin daughters. 2. At Dumfries, Mrs Taylor of Tro- 13. Her Royal Highness the Princess queer Holm, a daughter.

of Orange, a son. 5. The lady of the Hon. William Fra- In Edinburgh, Lady Douglas, a son. ser, a son and heir.

- Mrs Fraser, of Parraline, a daughter. 7. The lady of Sir William Milliken 16. At arg, the lady of William Napier, Bart. a son.

Francis Hunter, Esq. a son. 8. Lady James Hay, a son.

22. The Duchess of Rutland, a son. - At Edinburgh, the lady of Major - The lady of Ernest Leslie, Esq. of Orr, a son.

Balquhain, a son. 9. At Liverpool, the lady of Francis 24. In London, the lady of the Hon. Maxwell, Esq. a daughter.

James Stewart, a son. 10. The lady of Laurence Craigie, Esq. The lady of Michael Stewart Niof Glendoick, twin sons.

colson, Esq. of Carnock, a son and heir. 12. At Richmond Barrack, Dublin, the 25. Mrs Patison, Abercromby Place, lady of Dr M‘Pherson, 42d, or Royal Edinburgh, a daughter. Highlanders, a son.

28. The lady of Sir James Montgomery, 13. Mrs Bryden of Sandsting, Shet- Bart. M. P. a daughter. land, a daughter.

At Kingston, Upper Canada, the 17. Viscountess Duncannon, a son. lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Charles M'.

18. At Edinburgh, the lady of William Grigor, 70th regiment, a son. Robertson, Esq. Great King Street, a son. 29. The lady of Alex. M'Duff, Esq. of

19. The lady of Thomas Spencer Linde Bonhard, a son. say, Esq. of Holymount, a son.

Lately, The Hereditary Princess of 21. The lady of the Hon. Captain Ro. Oldenburg, a daughter. bert Rodney, R. N. a son.

The Duchess of Richmond, a son. 23. The lady of Sir W. W. Wynn, a Viscountess Cranley, a son and heir.

JULY 1. Lady Frances Webster WedMrs Duff of Hatton, a son.

derburne, a son. 24. At Great King Street, Edinburgh, 2. At Coats House, near Edinburgh, Mrs Cathcart, a daughter.

Mrs Carnegie, a daughter. 27. At Redcastle, the lady of Patrick 4. Mrs Tod, Charlotte Square, EdinGrant, Esq. a son.

burgh, a son. 31. At Melville Street, Edinburgh, the 5. The lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Ross, lady of B. B. S. Stafford, Esq. a daughter. 4th dragoon guards, a daughter.

In Upper Harley Street, London, At Biggar Park, Mrs Gillespie, a the lady of Mr Stuart, a son.

Lately, The lady of J. R. G. Graham, In George Street, Edinburgh, Mrs
Esq. M. P. a son.

Wedderburne, a son.
JUNE 1. At Bombay, the lady of Michie 8. The lady of William Mackintosh,
Forbes, Esq. a son.

Esq. Great King Street, Edinburgh, a
2. The lady of Lieutenant-Colonel
Macgregor, a son.

12. The Right Hon. Lady Sinclair, a The lady of Godfrey Meynell, Esq. 'son. of Meynell Langley, Derbyshire, a son. At Cockairny House, Fifeshire, the

4. Mrs Blackwell, York Place, Edin- lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Moubray, a burgh, a daughter.

At Edinburgh, the lady of J. C. 17. At Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, Macleod, Esq. a son.

Mrs General Dundas, a son. 5. The lady of Alex. Macgregor, Esq. 20. At Grange Bank, near Edinburgh, df Balbaldies, a daughter.

Mrs Hair, a son. - The lady of Andrew Hunter, Esq. 21. At Culduthel, the lady of Affleck younger of Bonnytoun, a son.

Fraser, Esq. a son. 7. At Bishop's Court, Isle of Man, 23. In Wexford, the lady of Major Lady S. Murray, a son.

Wall, 35th regiment, a son.



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24. Át Walton-on-Thames, the lady of 24, At Cornhill, near Aberdeen, the the Hon. Grey Bennet, a daughter. lady of David Young, Esq. a son.

29. At Benfield, the lady of Daniel - At Madras, the lady of Captain Mackinnon, Esq. a daughter.

Tweedie, 2d Madras native infantry, a 30. Lady Charlotte Macgregor Murray, son. a daughter.

27. Mrs Grant of Glenmoriston, a son. Lately, The Countess of Shannon, a - The lady of Major-general Sir Tbsdaughter.

mas Brisbane, K.C.B. a daughter. AUGUST 1. At Rothmaise, Mrs Forbes, 29. At Bighouse, the lady of Major à daughter,

Mackay, a son. 2. At Woodslee, the lady of George 31. At Elgin, the lady of Lieutenant Scott Elliot, Esq. of Lariston, a son. G. G. Munro, a son. Lady Minto, a daughter.

Lately, The lady of Murdoch M‘Laine, At Malta, the lady of Captain Ro- Esq. of Lochbuy, a daughter. bert Tait, R. N. a son.

- The Countess of Verulam, a daugh4. At Islabank, the lady of Peter Wed, ter. derburn, Esq. a son.

SEPTEMBER 2. At Kilbryde Castle, Lady -- Viscountess Ebrington, à son. Campbell, a son.

5. The lady of Lieutenant Murray, 91st -The lady of Sir Thomas Troubridge, regiment, a son.

Bart. a daughter. - At Woodhouselee, Mrs Tytler, a At Pencaitland Manse, Mrs Makel.

ler, a daughter. 6. Mrs Campbell of Possil, a daughter. 3. At Maidstone, the lady of Captain

At Edinburgh, the lady of Norman Cooke, late of the 94th regiment, a son. Lockhart, Esq. a son.

10. At Hampstead, Mrs Spottiswood of 8. The lady of Rear-Admiral Otway, a Spottiswood, a daughter.

11. At Meadowbank House, Mrs Ms9. At 5, Pitt Street, Mrs Harbourne conochie, à son. Strachan, a daughter.

13. At Balnamoon, Mrs Carnegy, a son. 12. At Edinburgh, Mrs Scott, 105, At Balgownie Cottage, the lady of George Street, a daughter.

Lieutenant-Colonel D. Forbes, a son. 13. At 56, Great King Street, Edin- - At Glasgow, the lady of Captain burgh, Mrs Alexander Thomson, a daugh- Stewart, of the Rifle Brigade, a son. ter.

15. Mrs Hopkirk, Northumberland - The Lady Mary Hay, a daughter, Street, Edinburgh, a daughter.

16. The lady of Colonel C. Bruce, C. 17. The lady of Joseph Hume, Esq. B. a son.

M. P. a daughter. 17. At Edinburgh, Mrs White of How- 18. The lady of Colonel Grant of Grant, den, jun. a daughter.

M. P. à son. 18. The lady of Capt. Houston Stewart, The lady of General Sir John OsR. N. a son and heir.

wald of Dunnekeir, K.C.B. a son. - Mrs Burnett of Kemnay, à son. 19. Mrs Wauchope of Edmonstone, : 19. Mrs Leslie of Warthill, a son. daughter. 20. The Right Hon. Lady Anne Fraser, 20, At Scallaway in Shetland, the lady

of John Scott, younger of Scallaway, Esq. 21. The Hon. Mrs Colville, a daughter. á daughter,

22. Mrs M'Farlane, 58, Queen Street, 22. The Countess Delaware, a son. Edinburgh, a daughter.

In George's Square, Edinburgh, the – The Countess of Rosebery, a daugh- lady of Captain Cubitt, a son. ter.

At Yester, the Marchioness of At Calcuttà, the lady of George Tweeddale, a daughter. Swinton, Esq. civil service, a son.

23. Mrs Gordon of Milrig, a son. 23. At Whiteside Cottage, Polmont, - The lady of Captain Mackay, of the Mrs Clark, a son.

71st regiment, a son, The lady of Capta n Sir John Gor- Lady John Somerset, a son. don Sinclair, Bart. Royal Navy, a son and 25. Mrs Mylne of Mylnefield, a daugh. heir.


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26. At Southampton, the lady of George 18. At Penicuik House, Lady Clerk, a Holmes Jackson, Esq. of Glenmore, a

19. Mrs Hope Johnstone of Annan, At Aberdeen, the lady of Major dale, a son. Henderson, Royal Engineers, a son. 21. The lady of Sir James Alex. Gor

- Mrs Lockhart, Albany Street, Edin- don, K. C. B. Royal Navy, a daughter. burgh, a daughter.

22. At London, Lady Belgrave, a 27. Mrs Scott, younger of Raeburn, a daughter. daughter.

24. The wife of Andrew Elder, a far28. Lady James Stuart, a daughter. mer's servant in Pencaitland, East Lo

At Edinburgh, the lady of Captain thian, three fine boys, David Campbell, a son.

In Great King Street, Edinburgh, 29. The Duchess de Berri, a son. Mrs Leonard Horner, a son.

30. The lady of James L'Amy, Esq. 25. At Cliffdale, in Orkney, Mrs Baladvocate, a daughter.

four, a son. Lately, At Willey Place, Farnham, the 28. At London, the lady of Colone! lady of Charles Grant, Esq. a daughter. Fitzclarence, a daughter. OCTOBER 1. Mrs Greig of Hallgreig, a 29. Mrs Bell, 9, Queen Street, a daugh

ter. 2. In the Colony of Berbice, the lady - The Hon. Mrs Dupdas of Dundas, of D. C. Cameron, Esq. a son.

a daughter. 4. At Durie, Mrs Christie, a son. 31. The lady of Lieut.-General Hope,

5. At Queen Street, Edinburgh, Mrs a daughter. Inglis, a daughter.

Mrs Hutchins, George Street, Edin- Mrs James Moncrieff, Northum- burgh, a daughter. berland Street, Edinburgh, a son.

At Madras, the lady of David Hill, 6. The lady of Sir George Sitwell, Bart. Esq. a son. of Renishaw, Derby, a son and heir. Lately, At Dover, the lady of Captain

The lady of Colonel M‘Donell of Scott, Royal Artillery, a son. Glengarry, a daughter.

Lady C. Seymour, a son and heir. 7. The Hon. Mrs Montgomerie Stew- November 2. At Edinburgh, the lady art, a daughter.

of James Wilson, Esq. advocate, a daugh9. The lady of Capt. Barwick, of the ter. 79th regiment, a son.

4. Mrs Colonel Robertson of Hallcraig, 13. Lady Ellinor Campbell, a daugh- a daughter. ter.

5. The lady of Philip Hay, Esq. of BalThe lady of Duncan Robertson, makewan, a son. Esq. of Carron Vale, a son.

6. Mrs Cuningham of Thornton, a son. - Mrs Lumsden of Tilwhilly, a daugh- 7. At Dalzell, Mrs Hamilton, a son. ter.

8, At Castle Fraser, Mrs Fraser, a 14. The lady of Captain Hodson, Roy- daughter. al Navy, a son.

9. At Edinburgh, Mrs Archibald Con15. Lady Sophia, wife of James Mac- stable, a daughter. donald, Esq. M. P. a son.

11. At Edinburgh, the lady of William - The Duchess of Newcastle, a son. Ferguson, Esq. of Kilry, a son,

16. At Clifton, the lady of Major-Ge- -The lady of Robert Scott Moncrieff, neral Macleod, a daughter.

Esq. a daughter. - At London, the lady of John Drum- 12. At 16, Heriot Row, Edinburgh, the mond, Esq. jun. a daughter.

Hon. Mrs Wardlaw, a daughter, - At Seacot, Mrs Balfour, a son.

- Mrs Craufurd, Picardy Place, Edin- At Grange, Mrs Cadell, a son. burgh, a son. - Mrs Ramage Liston, a daughter. 15. Mrs Dr Forbes of Strathdon, a

The lady of Thomas Maitland, daughter. younger of Dundrennan, Esq. a son. 16. The lady of Sir Alex. Hood, Bart.

- Lady Catherine Halkett, a son. a daughter.

17. The lady of Major Carmichael, of 16. The lady of Adam Fergusson, Esq. the 6th dragoon guards, a son and heir. of Woodhill, a son.

17. Lady Kennedy, a son.

23. Lady Pringle of Stitchell, a daugh19. Mrs Colin Campbell, Jura, a daugh- ter. ter.

- The lady of James Watson, Esq. of 21. At Coates House, Edinburgh, the Saughton, a son. Right Honourable Lady Elibank, a 24. At Leicester, the lady of Major daughter.

Dalzell of Glenæ, a son. The lady of H. G. Leslie, Esq. of Lately, At Chesterfield, the wives of Denlugas, a daughter.

three gentlemen, all skinners by trade, - The Countess of Athlone, a son and and the only skinners in the town, were heir.

within a few days of each other delivered 22. At Ghent, the lady of Lieut. Col. of twins, all females. Muller, of the 1st Royal Scots, a son.

23. The lady of Major-General A. C. Jackson, a daughter.

MARRIAGES. 25. Lady Catherin Cavendish, a daughter.

JANUARY 1. At Calcutta, Major A. 26. Mrs Leith Hay, a son.

Lindsay, of the artillery, to Miss Flora Mrs Abercromby of Birkenbog, a Loudon Mackenzie. daughter.

4. At Ormidale, Argyllshire, Major Lately, In Richmond Bridewell, of James Limond, of the Hon. East India twins, a boy and a girl, both doing well, Company's artillery, Madras, to Miss JesMrs Catherine Farley, about fourteen sie Campbell, of Ormidale. months a prisoner there under sentence · At Port Glasgow, Claud Marshall, of hard labour !

Esq. Sheriff-substitute, Greenock, to Miss - At Edinburgh, the lady of Captain Mary Beckford Johnstone. Menzies, a daughter.

6. At Papa Westra, Geo. Traill, Esq. of - Lady Killeen, a son.

Holland, to Miss Mary Swan. DECEMBER 3. The Hon. Lady Gibson At Yair, Robert Scott Moncrieff, Carmichael, a son.

Esq. younger of Newhalls, to Miss Pringle 4. At_Ballechin, the lady of Hope Whitebank. Steuart, Esq. a daughter.

7. At Edinburgh, Alexander Macleod, At Cheltenham, the lady of Peatson Esq. Commander of his Majesty's cutter Thompson, Esq. a daughter.

Wellington, to Miss Chrystie, of Bala T'he lady of the Hon. Lord Cring- chrystie. letie, a daughter.

Robert Mutter, Esq. Captain in the - At Preston, the lady of William 7th Royal Fusileers, to Miss O'Neill, of Marshall, Esq. a son and heir.

Lanch Hill, county of Dublin. 6. In George Street, the lady of Henry 8. At Bath, Captain John Maitland, to Harvey, Esq. a son.

Miss Bateman, of Bedford, county of 7. The lady of Robert Warden, Esq. of Kerry, Ireland. Parkhill, a daughter.

10. At Demerary, Captain Macduff 10. The Duchess of Clarence, a Prin- Hart Boog, to Miss Eliza Thornton,

Cumingsburg 11. The lady of William Oliver, Esq. of 14. At Edinburgh, Walter Frederick Dinlabyre, a son.

Campbell of Shawfield, Esq. to Lady El18. Át Carlton Place, Glasgow, the linor Charteris, eldest daughter of the lady of James Lawrie, Esq. a son. Right Hon. the Earl of Wemyss and

19. The lady of William Hay, Esq. of March. Drummelzier, a son.

17. At Portobello, John Jackson, Esq. 20. Mrs Craigie of Dumbarnie, a daugh- of York, to Miss Stewart, Pitlochry. ter.

19. At Fylham, William Wilberforce, At Brompton, the lady of A. Mac- jun. Esg. eldest son of William Wilberdonell, Esq. of Lochgarry, a daughter. force, Esq. M. P. to Miss Mary Frances

21. At Grulin, Mrs Macquarie of Glen- Owen. forsa, a daughter.

At Bamburgh, Thomas George 23. At London, Countess Munster, the Gregson, Esq. Warren-House, to Miss lady of the Hanoverian Minister, a son.

Bugg, Chesterhill.


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