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Ivanhoe. By Mr Beazley. 8vo. trated with plates drawn and engravel Too Late for Dinner, a Farce. 2s. 6d. by the author's brother, an artist bora

Catherine de Medicis, a Tragedy, in deaf and dumb. 8vo. 108. 6d. five Acts.

Grammatical Studies on the Latin and Gonzalo, the Traitor, a Tragedy. By English Languages; arranged by James Thomas Roscoe. 2s. 6d.

Ross. 18mo. 3s. 6d. El Teatro Espanol. No. XVI. 4s. A Dictionary of the Peculiarities of the New Sacred Drainas, for Young Per- Italian Language. By II, Santagnello. 8vo. 7s. 6d, boards.

9s. 6d. Ricciarda, Tragedia, di Ugo Foscolo. Report upon the Establishment of J. 8vo. 7s. 60.

de Fellenberg. By J. Attersoll. 3s. 6d. Virginius; a Tragedy. By James She- A Syllabic Guide to the true Pronunridan Knowles, Esq. 35. Cd.

ciation of the French Language. By the An Analysis of the Tragedy of Faust, Rev. John Till. 2s. in illustration of the Outlines, and print- An Introduction to the French Tongue, ed uniform with them. 65.—large paper precisely on the plan of the Eton Latin 8s.

Grammar. By W. S. Kenny. 3s. Dion, a Tragedy; and the Naturalist, National Reader. By the Rev. T. a Comedy. By G. A. Rhodes, A.D. Clarke. 12mo. 35. 28. 6d.

The Governors, or Little Female AcaAguilhar, a Tragedy. By H. M. demy. By Mrs Sherwcod. 12mo. 5s. Tweddell. 8vo. 4s.

A Complete Treatise on the Present Sappho, a Tragedy. By E. Grillpar- and Past Participles of the French Lanzer; translated from the German, and guage. By M. Maillard. 12mo. 3s. 6d. adapted to the English Stage. 8vo. 2s. 6d. Fables for Children. By Jauffet, au

Edda ; or the Hermit of Warkworth, thor of Rolando's Travels. Plates. 3s. 6d. a Melo-Drama. By Edw. Ball. 25. Stephen's Greek Thesaurus, Yo. IX.

A Dramatic Synopsis, containing an The Delphin and Variorum Classics ; Essay on the Political and Moral Use of Nos. XI. and XII., containing the ConTheatres. 55

clusion of Cæsar, and the Commencement of Juvenal. 8yo. Il. ls. small, and 21. 25.

large paper. Les Jeunes Femmes. Par J. N. Bou- Cornelius Nepos, with English Notes, illy, with sixteen engravings.

2 vols. and Historical and Geographical Ques12mo. 168. Vellum paper. ll. 12s. tions for Schools. By the Rev. C. Brad

A Visit to the Manor-house, or the ley. Ss. 6d. Twelve Days at Christmas; with Hints Cæsar's Commentaries from Oberlin's for Improvement. By Mrs Taylor. 12mo. Text, with all the Delphin Notes, but 4$.

without the Interpretation. Plates. $ro. The Eskuale Herd-Boy. By NIrs Black- 10s. 6d. ford. 12mo.

A Greek and English Lexicon. By M. The History of Britannicus and his Sis- Bass. 18mo. 4s. ter Octavia. By Miss Sandham. 6s. A Greek Selection. By W. Hodge. $ro. A Grammar of the German Language,


10s. 6d. on a new plan, illustrated by Tables and The Nature and Genius of the GerExamples. By Ernest Juring. man Language displayed in a more ex. 75. Od. bds.

tended Review of its Grammatical Forms Considerations on the System of Paro- than is to be found in any Grammar el. chial Schools in Scotland, and on the ad- tant, and elucidated by Quotations from vantage of establishing them in large the best authors. By D. Boileau. In Towns. By Thomas Chalmers, D.D. one thick volume. 12. boards. Minister of St John's Church, Glasgow. Le Pronunciation Angloise randue fa6d.

cile. Par Analogie. 12mo. 4s. 6d. The Art of Instructing the Infant Deaf Nouveau Recueil de Contes et Anéc. and Dumb. By J. P. Arrowsinith ; illus. rlotes Francoise kalien. 19mo. 6s.






Chefs d'Euvre of French Literature, rial Council of State, under the personal consisting of Extracts from the Classic superintendence of the Emperor NapoFrench Writers, in prose and verse. 2 leon. 8vo. 8s. boards. vols. 8vo. 12s. each.

The Principles of Education, IntellecThe Mercantile Letter-Writer ; tual, Moral, and Physical. By the Rev. Commercial Correspondent, containing a Lant Carpenter. 8vo. 12s. Series of Letters on Business, compre- Early Education; or the Management hending almost every subject which oc- of Children considered, with a View to curs in the Counting-house, for the use their future Character. By Miss Appleof Commercial Schools. By James Mor

10s. 6d. boards. rison, accountant. 12mo.

Les Proteges du Dix-huitieme Siecle ; Letter from a Mother to her Daugh- Histoire Religieuse en Morale. Par Mater at or going to School, pointing out the dame D-12mo. Duties towards her Maker, her Gover- Les Ogres du Seizieme Siecle Conte ness, her Schoolfellows, and herself. By des Fees Historique. !2mo. Par MaMrs J. A. Sargant. 18mo. 3s.

dame DExtracts on Education, from the most A Practical Method of Teaching the popular Writers. 2 vols. 18mo. 7s. 6d. Living Languages applied to the French, boards.

in which several Defects in the old SysAn Italian and English Grammar, tem are pointed out and remedied. By C. from Virgini's Italian and French Gram- V. Q. Marcel. 8vo. 4s. boards. mar. By M. Gincheny. 12mo. 5s. 6d. Something New from Aunt Mary. By boards.

Mary Hughes, with six plates. 2s. halfA Key to the above, and to the Italian bound. and French, by the same. 4s.

Augustus, or the Ambitious Student; Rural Employments; or a Peep into being a brief Attempt to Illustrate some Village Concerns. By Mary Elliott. 2s. of the various effects of Literature upon

Davenport sur la Propunciation An- the Mind, when deeply studied. Is. bds. gloise. 12o. 4s. boards.

The Elements of Science and Art. By Astronomy. By

Mitchell. 68. J. Barclay. 5s. boards.

The Elements of Polite Literature and A Key to Bland's Algebraical Pro- Moral Philosophy. 5s. blems. By J. Darby. 8s. boards.

A Grammatical Dictionary, containing Eight Familiar Lectures on Astronomy, rules for translating English into French, with plates. By William Philips. 6s. 6d. with Examples and Explanatory Notes.

The Practice of Drawing and Painting By George Picard. 5s. bound. Landscape, from Nature, in water co- The Youth's Spelling, Pronouncing, lours. By F. Nicholson. 4to. 11. ls. and Explanatory Theological Dictionary boards.

of the New Testament, in which the Dialogues, chiefly intended to assist in Parts of Speech are arranged, and explaforming the Morals and Taste of Young nations given in a clear and concise manPersons in the Middle Ranks of Life. By ner. 12mo. 7s. the Rev. J. Bowden. 12mo. 5s. bds. More Minor Morals; or an Introduc

A New Method of Studying the French tion to the Winter Family. 6s. 6d. bds. Language, by the aid of which it may be A Series of Latin Exercises, selected learned at Home, without a Master, in from the best Roman writers, and adaptthe course of three or four months. 2 ed to the Rules of Syntax. By Nathaniel vols. 12mo. 10s. sewed.

Howard. 12mo. 3s. 6d. The Biographical Class-Book, consist- English Stories, Second Series. By ing of 500 Lives, with 150 Portraits. By Maria Hack. 12mo. 7s. the Rev. J. Goldsmith. 6s. 6d. bound. A Key to Howard's Latin Exercises.

A System of Education for the Infant 12mo. 2s. 6d. King of Rome, and other French Princes A Catechism of Mythology. By C. of the Blood. Drawn up by the Impe- Irving. is.

A Catechism of Roman Antiquities. and Final Part. 15s. each Number. InBy C. Irving. ls.

dia Proofs, 21. 2s. A Catechism of Grecian Antiquities. Illustrations of the Novels and Tales, By C. Irving. ls.

entitled Waverley, Guy Mannering, the A Catechism of Jewish Antiquities. Antiquary, Rob Roy, the Black Dwarf, By C. Irving. ls.

Old Mortality, the Heart of Mid Lo A Geographical Catechism of England thian, the Bride of Lammermuir, and a and Wales. By C. Irving. Is. Legend of Montrose. Engraved after

A Catechism of the British Constitu- Original Designs of William Allan. By tion. By C. Irving. ls.

Heath, Warren, Engleheart, Romney, A French Grammar. By W.S. Kenny. Meyer, Lizars, &c. Duodecimo, 11. 45.; 12mo. 3s. bds.

medium, 8vo, il. 11s. 6d. ; imperial 4to, French Exercises. By W. S. Kenny. 21. 12s. 6d.; colombier 4to, 31. 3s. 12mo. 38. bds.

Portraits of the British Poets, from A Grammatical Dictionary. By G. Chaucer to Cowper. Royal 8vo, 12s.; 400, Picard. 25. 6d.

16s.; proofs on India paper, 4to, 11. 4s. The Young Lady's Guide to Practical Elgin Marbles. By J. Lawrence, 31. 3s. Arithmetic and Book-keeping, arranged An Extraordinary Fine Likeness of on a new and improved Plan. By C. our late Venerable Sovereign. By. J. Morrison. 38. 6d. half bound.

Agar. 75. 6d. The New System of Musical Educa

A Progressive Drawing Book, in Wation, as announced and explained in his ter Colours, of Select Rural Cottage ScePublic Lectures, in reference to Teache nery, illustrated in a Series of Subjects, ing in Classes, &c. By Joseph Kemp. from an Outline to a Finished Drawing,

The Theory of Elocution, exhibited with a Descriptive Scale of all the Tints in connection with a New and Philoso- used throughout each Drawing. By J. phical Account of the Nature of Insti- Hassel. No. I. 5s. each No. tuted Language. By B. H. Smart. 8vo. A Sketch Book. ByMr Crayon. 8vo, 128. 7s. bds.

Hakewill and Turner's Views in Italy, A Selection of Greek Sentences, with No.IX. Royal 4to, 12s. 6d.; large paper, an Index and Lexicon, in Greek and 18s. ; India proof, 11. 10s. English. By the Rev. G. N. Wright. The Architectural Antiquities of Nor12mo. 48. bds.

mandy, in a Series of One Hundred EtchThe Greek Primer; or, a Praxis on ings ; with Historical and Descriptive the various Terminations and Formations Notices. By T. S. Cotman. Part I. of Nouns and Verbs, with copious Lists (containing 25 plates) royal folio. 31. 3s. of Examples, Greek and English. By Views in the French Capital and its D. B. Hickie. 12mo. 48. Gd. bds.

Vicinity. By Captain Batty. 4to. 128. The Establishments of Immanuel de Illustrations of Ivanhoe, a Romance. Fillenberg, at Hoffwyl, considered with By the Author of Waverley, &c. Enreference to their Claims upon the At- graved by Charles Heath, from Drawtention of Men in Public Stations. By ings by R. Westall, R. A. Prints, 8vo, the Count Louis de Villevieille. 2s. 165. ; proofs, 4to, ll. 55.

Select Fables ; with Cuts, designed Italian Scenery. By F. E. Batty. 8vo, and engraved by Thomas and John Bew- 61. 6s. iek, and others, previous to the year 1784; Picturesque Views of the Celebrated together with a Memoir, and a Descrip- Antiquities of Pola, in Istria ; consisting tive Catalogue of the Works of Messrs of fourteen highly-finished Engravings, Bewicks. 8vo, 155. bdo.

from Drawings. By T.Allason, Architect

Folio, 31. 15s.

Views at Hastings and itsVicinity, from A Sketch of the Economy of Man. 75. splendid Drawings. By T.M.W.Turner, FINE ARTS.

R. A. Part I. folio, 31. London Churches, Nos. X. XI. XII. The Practice of Drawing and Painting which include 32 Plates, the Letter-press, Landscape from Naturein Water Colours,

exeinplifed in a Series of Instructions, France, with Coloured Plates, and Decalculated to facilitate the Progress of the scriptive Letter-press. By R. Bridgens. Learner, including the Elements of Per- No. I. Royal 4to, 10s. 6d. spective, &c. with plates. 4to, 11. ls. bds. A Catalogue of the Pictures at Grosve

Hughes's Views in Cambria. Part II. nor House, London ; containing Etch

Londonia Illustrata; Graphic and His- ings of the whole Collection, and an Historic Memorials of Monasteries, Churches, toric Notice of each Picture. By John Chapels, &c. in the Cities and Suburbs of Young, Keeper of the British Institution. London and Westminster. By R. Wil 4to, 21. 2s.; India paper, 31. 3s. kinson. Elephant 4to, 121., sheets; at- A Picturesque Tour from Geneva to las, 151. 15s.

Milan, by way of the Simplon, 38 coParts I. II. III. IV. and V. of Pictu- loured Plates and a Map. 21. 125. 6d. resque Illustrations of Buenos Ayres and Nos. XXI. and XXII. of the Cabinet Monte Video. Elephant 4to, 14s. each. of Arts. Royal 8vo, 3s. each.

Parts I. II. III. IV. V. and VI. of a No. LVII. of the Repository of Arts, Picturesque Tour of the English Lakes, containing five coloured and one plain illustrated by four Coloured Views, and Engraving. Royal 8vo, 4s. 24 pages of Letter-press. Demy 4to, 6s. No. I. of Views in Savoy, Switzerland, each ; elephant 4to, 10s. 6d. each. and on the Rhine, from Drawings made

A New Series of twenty-one Plates to on the spot. By John Dennis. 16s. illustrate Lord Byron's Works. By Charles Picturesque Scenery on the River Meuse Heath. 4to, 31. 3s. ; 8vo, 21. 25. ; and and its Banks, from Drawings made on foolscap 8vo, il. 10s.

the spot in 1818. By G. Arnold, A.R.A. No. XVI. of the Annals of the Fine No. II. containing six Plates, il. 1s. Arts. 6s.

Sketches representing the Native Tribes, Kenilworth Illustrated, with Designs Animals, and Scenery of Southern Africa. by Westall. Part I. med. 4to, 10s. 6d., By William Daniell, Esq. 4to, 31. 3s. ; sewed.

Proofs on India Paper, 41. 4s. boards. Retch's Series of Outlines to Goethe's Characteristic Portraits of the Various Tragedy of Faust; engraved from the Tribes of Cossacks attached to the Allied Originals. By Henry Moses. Part I. con- Armies in 1815, taken from Life, accomtains 12 Plates. 4to, 2s. 6d. ; imperial panied by Historical Particulars of their 4to, with proof impressions, 10s. 6d. Manners, Costumes, &c. 4to, il. 5s.

A History of the several Italian Schools Pyne's History of the Royal Residences, of Painting, with Observatious on the with 100 Coloured Engravings, representPresent State of the Art. By J. T. James, ing the State Apartments. 3 vols. 4to, M. A. 8vo, 9s. 6d.

24 guineas, boards; or 36 guineas, large Views of the Remains of Ancient Build- paper. ings in Rome and its Vicinity, with Plates, No. I. Zoological Illustrations; or, Oribeautifully coloured to imitate Drawings. ginal Figures and Descriptions of New, 71. 7s.

Rare, or otherwise interesting Animals, Lectures on Painting, delivered at the selected principally from the Classes of Royal Academy. By H. Fuseli. 4to, with Ornithology, Entomology, and Conchoengravings and a portrait. 1. 16s. bds. logy. By William Swainson, F.L.S.M.

Part X. of Picturesque Delineations of W.S. &c. 4s. 6d. the Southern Coast of England. En- The Italian Schools of Painting, with graved by W. B.and G. Cook, from Draw. Observations on the Present State of the ings by J.M.W.Turner, R. A. &c. Royal Arts. By the Rev. J. T. James. 8vo. 4to, 12s. 6d.

Forty-four Coloured Plates, illustrative Select Views of the Principal Ruins of of the Researches and Operations of G. Rome; with a Panoramic Outline of the Belzoni in Egypt and Nubia. Folio, 61. 6s. Modern City from the Capitol. By H. Part I. of the National Sports of Great Abbott, Esq. 3 Nos. 11. 1s. each. Britain, superbly coloured. By Henry

Sketches illustrative of the Manners Alkin; containing 10 Plates, with Deand Customs of Italy, Switzerland, and scriptive Letter-press. 21. 2s.



India paper.

No. I. of Costume in Persia ; drawn On six sheets, 6l. 6s.; or 71. 10s. on rob from Nature. By A. Olowski; contain- lers, or in a case. ing six Plates beautifully coloured. Folio, 18s.

No. I. of Ornaments and Designs from Part II. of a General History of the the Antique, highly useful to Architects, County of York. By Thomas Dunham Upholsterers, Cabinet-Makers, Paper- Whitaker. Demy, 21. 2s. each ; and the stainers, Carvers, Gilders, Book-binders, large paper, with proof impressions of the Ladies' Fancy Works, &c. To be com- plates, 11. 45. each. pleted in ten Numbers. 4to, 7s. 6d. France as it Is; not Lady Morgan's

France. By William Playfair. 2 vols.

8vo, 11. 4s. A New and Improved Map of India, A Compendious History of the Jews. on one large sheet; compiled from the particularly calculated for the Use of latest documents, and engraved by John Schools and Young Persons. By John Walker. 165.; or on rollers, il. ls. Bigland, 4s. 6d.

Sketches representing the Native Tribes, A History of the United States before Animals, and Scenery of Southern Africa, the Revolution, with some Account of the from Drawings made by the late Daniell. Aborigines. By Ezekiel Sanford.

Svo. Engraved by W. Daniell. Royal 4to, 31. 14s. 3s. boards; or 4l. 4s. with the plates on History of the French Revolution and

the War. By John James M‘Gregor, Esq. The New Edinburgh Atlas. Part I. In six volumes 8vo, 31. 18s. It is inFoolscap Folio, 4s. od. sewed.

tended that this work shall be completed Geographical Chart of the World, and in ten volumes. Topographical View of Great Britain and History of the Indian Archipelago, conIreland. 7s. coloured ; and 10s. 6d. on a taining an Account of the Manners, Arts, roller.

Languages, Religions, Institutions, and An Ilistorical Map of Palestine, or the Commerce of its Inhabitants. By John Holy Land, 40 inches, by 27} ; exhibit. Crawfurd, F.R.S. late British Resident at ing a correct Delineation of the peculiar the Court of the Sultan of Java. In three Geographical Features of the Country, and volumes octavo, with thiry-five engravings, those Names of Places, which accord with 21. 12. 6d. the Scripture Narrative. 11. 8s.; on can- Le Neuvieme Livre des Memoires Hisvas, ll. 15s.

toriques de Napoleon. Ecrit par LuiÁ New and Comprehensive System of

8vo, 12s. Modern Geography, Mathematical, Phy- A Chronological Chart, shewing in one sical, Political, and Commercial. 4to, View the contemporary Sovereigns of EuPart II. ; with coloured maps and plates. rope, from the Norman Conquest of Eng. By T. Myers. 7s.

land to the Present Time, on a sheet of Geograpical Descriptive Delineations of atlas drawing paper. 6s. plain, and is. the Island of Van Dieman's Land, one of coloured. the Dependencies of New South Wales. Memoirs of the Protector Oliver CromBy Lieutenant C. Jeffreys, R.N. 8vo, 5$. well, and his Sons Richard and Henry,

illustrated by Original Letters, and other

Family Papers. By Oliver Cromwell. 40, A New Geological Map of England and with six portraits, 31. 3s. Wales, reduced from Smith's Map ; ex- An Historical and Characteristic Tour hibiting a General View of the Stratifica- of the Rhine, from Mayence to Cologne tion of the Country; intended as an Ele- Part IV. 14s. mentary Map. 14s.

Chronological and Historical IllustraA Geological Map of England, colour- tions of the Ancient Architecture of Great ed, with a Memoir and an Index to the Britain ; containing a series of engravings, Ilills. By G. Greenough, F. R. S. kc. By J. Britton. No I. to VI., 13. &c. President of the Geological Society, each, med. 4to ; and 11. imperial 4to.



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