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&c., illustrated with maps and engra

vings. By William Robinson. 8vo. An Essay on the Uses of Salt for Agri- Rome, in the Nineteenth Century, concultural Purposes, with instructions for taining a Complete Account of the Ruins its employment as a Manure, and in the of the Ancient City, the Remains of the Feeding of Cattle, &c. By Cuthbert Middle Ages, and the Monuments of MoWilliam Johnson.

dern Times; with Remarks on the Fine An Essay on the Management of Hed- Arts, on the State of Society, and on the ges and Hedge-row Timber. By F. Religious Ceremonies, Manners, and CusBlackie. 2s.

toms of the Modern Romans; in a Series On the Economy of Farm-yard Ma- of Letters written during a residence at nure, and other Rural Subjects. By F. Rome in the years 1817 and 1818. 3 vols. Blackie. 2s.

post 8vo, with engravings. The Farmer and Land-Steward's As- An Historical and Authentic Account sistant. By John Mather. 10s. 6d. bds. of the Ancient and Noble Family of

A New System of Cultivation. By Mr Keith, Earl Mareschal of Scotland, from Beatson. 8vo. 9s. boards.

their origin in Germany, down to 1778; An Inquiry into the Causes of the Pro- also a Full and Circumstantial Account gressive Depreciation of Agricultural La- of the Attainted Scottish Noblemen who bour in Modern Times, with Suggestions lost their titles in 1715 and 1745, for their for its Remedy. By J. Barton. 8vo. 4s. adherence to the Stuarts. By, P. Buchan,

The Farmer's Magazine, Nos.LXXXI, author of Annals of Peterhead, &c. 12mo. LXXXII, and LXXXIII. 38. each. 3s. boards.

Miscellanea Scottica, Collection of ANTIQUITIES.

Tracts relating to the History, AntiquiThe History and Antiquities of the See ties, and Literature of Scotland. 4 vols. and Cathedral Church of Litchfield ; il- 12mo. ll. 4s. boards. A few large paper lustrated by a series of sixteen Engra- copies are thrown off on royal 12mo, vings of Views, Elevations, Plans, and 21. 8s. boards. Architectural Details of the Architecture Buchanan's (of Auchmar,) Account of of that Church ; with Biographical Anec- Ancient Scottish Surnames, with a Hisdotes of the Bishops of Litchfield and tory of the Buchanans. A new edition, in Coventry. By John Britton, F.S. A. 8vo. with additions, and frontispiece, by 11. 18s. medium 4to, 31. 3s. imperial 4to, Stewart. 10s. 6d. Only 200 copies print6l. 6s. royal folio.

ed, to be sold separately. The History and Antiquities of the The Bruce and Wallace, published Parish of Stoke-Newington, Middlesex; from two Ancient Manuscripts preserved containing an Account

of the Prebendal in the Library of the Faculty of AdvoManor, the Church, Charities, Schools, cates; with Notes, Biographical Sketch


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es, and a Glossary. By John Jameson, An Introduction to the Four Fint D.D. Fellow of the Royal Society of Edin- Rules of Arithmetic. 4s. burgh, of the Society of Antiquaries of Tables of Discount. By Mr Evans. Scotland, and of the American Antiqua- 11. ls. rian Society. Elegantly printed by Ballantyne. 2 vols. 4to. 61. 6s. boards (only An Analytical Calculation of the Solar 250 copies printed.)

Eclipse of the 7th of September, 1820. Picturesque Views of the celebrated By D. M'Grigger. 8vo. 3s. Antiquities of Pola in Istria. By Thomas A Guide to the Stars, being an easy Allason. Royal folio, 31. 15s., proofs on Method of knowing the Relative Position French paper, 51. 10s., India proofs, of all the Principal Fixed Stars. By 61. 15s.

Henry Brooke. 4to. 155. boards. The Cathedral Antiquities of England, Description of Instruments designed or an Historical, Architectural, and Gra- for Improving and Extending Meteorolophical Illustration of the English Cathe- gical Observations. By John Leslie, Esq. dral Churches. By John Britton. 12s. Professor of Natural Philosophy in the per No. med. 4to, and il. imperial 4to. University of Edinburgh. 8vo. 2s.

No. IX. of the History and Antiquities Eight Familiar Lectures on Astronoof the Abbey Church of St Peter, West- my, intended as an introduction to the minster. By J. P. Neale. Royal 4to. Science. By William Phillips, F.L.S.

Second edition, corrected. 12mo. is. The History and Antiquities of the Collegiate and Cathedral Church of St

BIBLIOGRAPHY. Patrick, near Dublin, from its foundation Clarke's Bibliotheca Legum; or Comin 1190, to the year 1819. By W. Ma- plete Catalogue of the Common and Statute 4to. 31. 3s.

Law Books of the United Kingdom. 9s. The Architectural Antiquities of Nor- W. Baynes and Son's General Catamandy, in a series of 100 Etchings, re- logue of a very extensive Collection of presenting exterior and interior Views, Second-hand Books for 1821. 38. 6d. Elevations, and Details of the most cele- Catalogue of Books, Dried Plants, Shells, brated and most curious remains of Anti- and Natural Curiosities, the property of quity in that country. By John Sell Cot- the late William Wright, M.D. to be man. Part II. 31. 3s.

sold by auction. The Heraldic Origin of Gothic Archi- A General Catalogue of New and Setecture, in answer to all foregoing Sys- cond-hand Books. By J. Dowding. tems. By Royley Lascelles. Royal 8vo. 3s. 6d.

The First, Second, Third, and Fourth

Parts of a General Catalogue of Old Books ARITHMETIC.

for the year 1820, to be sold at the affix. An Introduction to Arithmetic, in ed prices. By Longman, Hurst, and Co. which the Primary Rules are intersper- 8vo. 2s. 6d. each. sed with a variety of Biographical, His- A Catalogue of Old Books, comprising torical, and Miscellaneous Information; various classes of Literature in the Engrevised and enlarged. By R. Chambers. lish, Greek, Latin, Duteh, German, Ita2s.

lian, Spanish, French, and Russian LanLeslie's Philosophy of Arithmetic. Se- guages. By J. Hearne. 28. cond edition, improved and enlarged. A Catalogue of Books, Ancient and 8yo. 9s.

Modern, now selling at the prices affixed Young Lady's Guide to Practical Arith- to each article. By John and George metic and Book-keeping, on a new and Todd, Stonegate, York. 2s. improved plan. By C. Morrison. 12mo, Boosey and Son's Catalogue of Books, neatly half-bound.' 3s. 6d.

in various Languages, Ancient and MoThe Algebraist's Assistant; being a dern, for 1820. 2s. 6d. Compendium of Algebra, upon the plan Baldwin and Co.'s Catalogue of Misof Walkingham's Tutor's Assistant. By cellaneous New and Second-hand Books. James Harris. 12mo. 4s.

Is. 6d.


A Catalogue of a Miscellaneous Collec- W. A. Thomson, one of the ministers of tion of Books, New and Second-hand, that city. selling by J. Biggs. 2s.

The Annual Biography and Obituary A Descriptive Catalogue of Portraits for 1820, with silhouette portraits. 158. representing distinguished Persons in the Memoirs of Mr John Tobin. By Miss History and Literature of the United Benger. 8vo. 12s. Kingdom. 4to. 2s.

County Biography, or the Lives of A Catalogue of Engraved Copperplates, Remarkable Characters, born or long reby the most esteemed Artists, with an In- sident in the Counties of Norfolk, Esdex of the Subjects; forming part of the sex, and Suffolk; embellished with porstock of Hurst, Robinson, and Co. 2s. traits. Royal 19mo, 2s. 6d. or demy 8vo.

A General Index of the first Forty 4s. Numbers of the Classical and Biblical Anecdotes of Books and Men. By the Journal. 6s.

Rev. James Spence. Crown Svo. 8s. 6d. Catalogue of Books for 1820, by Payne The Percy Anecdotes. By Sholto and and Foss. 28. 6d.

Reuben Percy, Parts I. to IV. 18mo. Richard Baynes's Catalogue of an ex- 2s. 6d. each. tensive Collection of Ancient and Modern British Genius Exemplificd in the Books for 1820. 8vo. 3s.

Lives of Men, who, by their Industry, A Catalogue (Part First) of a small or by Scientific Inventions, &c. have raiCollection of Rare and Curious Books; sed themselves to opulence and distincchiefly in Morocco, Russia, and clegant tion; including the Lives of some DisBindings ; lately purchased, and now selle tinguished Foreigners. By Cecil Horsing at the prices affixed to each article, ley. by William Clarke, New Bond Street. The Life of Jolin Sebastian Bach, with

A Catalogue of Books in Anatomy, a Critical View of his Compositions and Medicine, Surgery, Midwifery, Chemist- Musical Examples; translated from the ry, Botany, &c. &c. &c. which, with German of the celebrated Dr Forkel. Books in every other department of Lite- The Huntingdon Peerage. By Henry rature, are on sale at John Anderson's Nugent Bell. 4to. Medical Library, 40, West Smithfield. Vols. V. and VI. of the Franklin MeIs. 6d.

moirs. By William Temple Franklin. Simco's Catalogue for 1820; consisting il. As. of Illuminated Books, Prints, and Por- Historicall Account of the Origine and traits, Manuscripts, Guillims' Heraldry, Succession of the Family of Innes, colArms, Colours, Rademaper's Views, Por- lected from Authentick' Writs in the traits of Kings of Scotland and Denmark, Charter-Chest of the samen, from an ori&c. 2s. 6d.

ginal Manuscript in the possession of his Grace the Duke of Roxburghe. In 4to.

il. ls. The Life of James the Second, King Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Reof England, &c. By the Rev. J. S. ligious Connexions of John Owen, D.D., Clark. 2 vols. 4to. 6l. 6s.

Vice-Chancellor of Oxford, and Dean of Sketch of the Life, Character, and Christ Church, during the CommonWritings of Madame de Stael. By Ma- wealth. By William Orme, Minister of dame Necker. With a portrait. 8vo. 12s. the Gospel in Perth. 8vo. 12s. bds.

Anastasius, or Memoirs of a Greek; The Life and Adventures of Antar, a written at the close of the eighteenth cen- celebrated Bedowen Chief, Warrior, and tury. 3 vols. crown 8vo. 11. lls. 6d. Poet, who flourished a few years prior to

The Life of the late Principal Hill, of the Mahommedan era, now first translaSt Andrews. By George Cook, D.D. F. ted from the original Arabic. By Terrick R.S.E. 1 vol. 8vo., with portrait. 10s. 6d. Hamilto 1, Esq. Oriental Secretary to the boards.

British Embassy at Constantinople. 40 Memoirs of the late Rev. James Scott, vols. 8vo. il. 16s. one of the Ministers of Perth, containing Memoirs of the Rev. S. J. Mills, late Extracts from his Diary. By the Rev. Missionary to the South Western Section




of the United States, and Agent to the Colonization Society deputed to explore Rosarum Monographia; or a Botanical the coast of Africa. By G. Spring, D.D. History of Roses. By John Lindley, 12mo. 4s.

Esq. F.L.S. 16s. plain—11. 1s. coloured. The Life of Fenelon, with other Bio- Hortus Suburbanus Londinensis; or a graphical and Historical Tracts. By C. Catalogue of Plants cultivated in the Butler, Esq. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

neighbourhood of London. By R. Sweet, Memoir of Mrs Joanna Turner. 12mo. F.L.S. 188. boards. 4s.

The Botanist's Companion; or an InMemoirs of the Life and Writings of troduction to the Knowledge of Practical Luis de Camoens. By T. Adamson, Botany, and the uses of Plants. 2 vols. F.S.A. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 4s.

12mo. 12s. Georgiana; or, Anecdotes of King The British Botanist, 16 plates. 12mo. George III., with a Selection of Poetical 75. 6d. Effusions on his Character, and on that An Introduction to the Knowledge of of the Duke of Kent. By J. Cobbin. Funguses. 12mo, with coloured engra2s. 6d.

vings. 2s. Memoirs of the late R. L. Edgeworth, Botanical Dictionary; or Universal with Portraits and Plates. 2 vols. 8vo. Herbal. 2 vols. 4to, plates. il. 10s.

The Life of John Wesley, and the Rise and Progress of Methodism. By R. A Treatise on Heat, Flame, and ComSouthey. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 8s.

bustion. By T. H. Pasley. 8vo. 2s.6d. Relics of Royalty; or Anecdotes of Elements of Chemistry, with its appliGeorge the Third. By Jos. Taylor. 5s. cation to explain the Phenomena of Na

No. I. Portraits of Eminent Foreign ture, and the Processes of Arts and MaComposers, accompanied with Biographi- nufactures. By James Miller, M.D. Felcal Notices. 7s.

low of the College of Physicians, and Biographia Curiosa; or Memoirs of Lecturer on Natural History and CheRemarkable Characters of the Reign of mistry. 8vo. 12s. boards. George the Third. Nos. I. and II. 2s 6d. A Catechism of Chemistry, adapted to each.

those commencing the study of that Life of President West. By John Galt. Science, closely printed in išmo, with 8vo. 14s. boards- Part II. separate. 7s. Wood-cuts illustrative of Apparatus and boards.

Experiments. 12mo. 28. 6d. boards.
Memoirs of Grenville Sharpe. By Prince

The Authentic Life of Augustus Von The Chronology of the last Fifty

Years, Kotzebue, from the German. 7s. containing accurate Details of all Events,

Impartial Memoirs of the Public and Occurrences, and Incidents of general Private Life of her Majesty Queen Caro- Interest, which have taken place between line, from her earliest Infancy. By J. the years 1770 and 1820. Royal 18mo. Nightingale. Part I. 2s. 6d.

14s. boards. The Life of Queen Anne Bullen, with A Key to the Chronology of the HinNotes, forming No. VII. of Smeeton's dus; being an Attempt to facilitate the Tracts. 5s. 6d.

progress of Christianity in Hindostan. 9 Memoirs of the Life of Andrew Hofer, vols. 8vo. 18s. containing an Account of the Transac- A Chronological Chart, shewing at one tions in the Tyrol, during the year 1809, View the Contemporary Sovereigns of taken from the German. By Charles Europe. Plain, 5s., coloured, 7s. Henry Hall. 8vo. 7s. 6d. boards.

Chronology of Public Events and ReBiographical Illustrations of Worces- markable Occurrences within the last 50 ter. By John Chalmers, Esq. 8vo. 155. Years. 15s. boards:

Chronological Tables of Universal History, brought down to the end of the reign



of George III. By Major James Bell. Sophocles Opera quæ supersunt Omnia, Royal folio. 11. 10s. half-bound. cum Annotatione integra R. F. P. Brunc

kii et Godof. 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 11s. 6d.

The Iliad of Homer, translated into Lucian of Samosata, from the Greek; English prose, as literally as the different with the Comments and Illustrations of Idioms of the Greek and English lanWeiland, and others. By Wm. Tooke, guages will allow; with Explanatory F.R.S. 2 vols. 4to. 51. 5s. boards. Notes. By a Graduate of the University

Amyntas, a Tale of the Woods, from of Oxford. 2 vols. 8vo. ll. 4s. boards. the Italian of Torquato Tasso. By Leigh Prosodia Græca, sive Metororum GræHunt. Foolscap 8vo. 78. 6d. boards. corum Exposita. By George Dunbar,

The Classical Journal, No. XL.; com- F.R.S.E. Professor of Greek in the Uniprising a great variety of Classical, Bibli- versity of Edinburgh. Third edit. 8vo. cal, and Oriental Literature. 6s.

5s. The Delphin and Variorum Classics, Dr Nelson's edition of Moore's Greek Nos. XVII.and XVIII. (Tacitus) 11. 1s. Grammar, greatly enlarged, wherein is

Scapula Lexicon, Gr. Lat. cum Indici- given a short view of the irregularly formbus Græc. et Lat. consilio et cura J. Bai- ed Verbs, indeclinable Parts of Speech, ley; Opera et Studio J. R. Major, A. B. peculiar Rules of Syntax, Prosody, AcEditum 4to. 51. 5s.

cents, and Dialects, in Latin, and very R. Porsoni Notæ Aristophanem, qui- copious Notes throughout the work, in bus Plutum Comædiam, partim ex ejus- English. 8vo. 55. 6d. bound. dem recensione, partem e Manuscriptis emendatem et variis Lectionibus instructam præmisit et Collationum Appendicem The Persian Heroine; or Downfall of Adjecit P. P. Dobree. 21. 2s. imp. 8vo. Tyranny. By Bonnell Thornton, Esq. il. ls. med. 8vo.

2s. Terence's Andrian; a Comedy, in Five Exchange no Robbery. 3s. 6d. Acts, translated into English prose, with Prometheus Unbound, a Lyrical DraNotes. By W.R. Goodluck, jun. 12mo. 7s. ma, in four acts, with other Poems. By

A Translation of the Works of Virgil, Percy Bysshe Shelley. 8vo. gs. partly original, and partly altered from A Critical Examination of the respecDryden and Pitt. By T. King. 2 vols. tive Performances of Mr Kean and Mr 8vo. 21. 2s.

Macready, in the historical Play of King The Classical Journal, No. XLI. 6s. Richard III. 2s.

The Comedies of Aristophanes, trans- A Short Reign and a Merry One; a lated by T. Mitchell. 155.

Farce, in two acts. By John Poole. 2s. Juvenal et Persius, containing Ruper- Dramas, adapted for Representation by ti's and Konig's Text, with Delphin Juvenile Persons. By H. Howard. 4s. 6d. Notes, without the Ordo. 8s, bound. An Essay on the Dramatic Character

Exercises for Greek Verse, consisting of Sir John Falstaff. By Maurice Morof extremely literal Translations from the gann. 8vo. 8s. 6d. Anthologia, &c. By the Rev. Edmund Moscow, a Tragedy, founded on reSquire. 7s. boards.

cent Historical Facts. 8vo. 2s. 6d. Aristarchus Anti Bloomfieldianus; or Lectures on the Dramatic Literature a Reply to the Notice of the New Greek of the Age of Elizabeth. By William Thesaurus, inserted in the 44th Number Hazlitt. 8vo. 12s. of the Quarterly Review. By E. H. Bar- The Antiquary, in three acts. By Daker; to which are added, the Jena Re- niel Terry. *3s. views of Mr Bloomfield's Edition of Cal- The Cenci, a Tragedy in five acts. By limachus and Æschyli Persæ, translated Percy B. Shelly. 8vo. 4s. 6d. from the German.

4s. 6d.

Dramatic Scenes. By J. Cornwall. Translations of Homer Iliad. By 12mo. 78. William Cowper. 6s. boards.

The Fall of Jerusalem, a Dramatic Carmina Homerica, Iliad and Odyssea Poem, hy H. H. Milman, M. A. author By Knight. 4to. 11. 55. boards.

of Fazio. 8vo.


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