Imatges de pÓgina

America, or any possessions of the Eu- of Germany." These circumstances ropean powers in Asia and Africa, are tended to strengthen that jealousy of to enter only the port of Batavia. The British superiority which had been long said vessels are to make their declara- prevalent on the continent, and partition of entry and discharge at Batavia, cularly in Germany; and notes were unless for particular reasons, a permit said to have been presented to the Diet has been granted them from the Supe- of the Empire, demanding

a monopoly rior Regency, to discharge and make of the German market. Considerable declaration at Samarang, or at Soura- efforts were indeed made, particularly hayd.

by the smaller states, to establish the 2. Vessels departing for Europe, liberty of commerce in the interior of America, or any possessions of Euro-' Germany ; but though the general pean powers in Asia or Africa, may, principles of the measure were approat their option, make their declaration ved by the Diet, yet through the dilaof departure at Batavia, Samarang, or tory measures of that body, these proSourahayd, provided they have taken ceedings did not come to any decisive their entire lading in any of these three result. places.

In Britain itself, a much happier 3. No vessel designated in articles revolution of public sentiment took 1 and 2 will be allowed to touch at any place. Her leading mercantile characother port or place in the islands of ters became fully impressed with the Java or Madura, and much less to load principle which had long since been or unload any kind of merchandize or proved by the best writers on the subother articles, without a special permit ject, that the system of prohibition from the Superior Regency.

against the import of foreign rival ma4. Vessels under the

denomination of nufactures, was founded altogether Chineesche Jonken are admitted only upon an erroneous policy, and was proat Batavia.

ductive of real injury to themselves. 5. All vessels belonging to inhabi- The merchants of London, in a petitants of Java or Madura, or any other tion presented to the House of Comparts in the Oriental Seas under the mons, avowed these principles in the Belsic authority, as also all vessels be- most unqualified manner. It is here longing to places of Indian people and observed, that "freedom from restraint princes in alliance with the Batavian is calculated to give the utmost extenRegency, may enter and quit all thesion to foreign trade, and the best diports of Java and Madura, conforming rection to the capital and industry of to the existing regulations and ordi- the country”“that of the numerous

If these vessels depart for protective and prohibitory duties of Europe, America, &c. like all others, our commercial code, it may prothey will be subject to articles 1, 2, ved, that while all operate as a very and 3.

heavy tax on the community at large, Notwithstanding the existing de- very few are of any ultimate benefit to pression of commerce, the Leipsic fair the classes in whose favour they were was well attended, and considerable originally instituted, and none to the quantities of goods were sold. Among extent of the loss occasioned by them the rest, English cotton yarns and ca- to other classes”--that a declaration licoes met with purchasers ;

against the anti-commercial principles observed, that our “ japanned wares of our restrictive system is of the more preserved their superiority over those importance at the present juncture,



and it was

inasmuch as, in several instances of re- raise within itself, every thing which cent occurrence, the merchants and it is to consume, acts in direct contra. manufacturers in foreign states have diction to this principle, and against assailed their respective governments its best interests”-that the principle with applications for further protective of exclusion once admitted must apply or prohibitory duties and regulations, equally to the different districts of urging the example and authority of which a country is composed ; yet the this country, against which they are inhabitants of Lancashire and Lanark. almost exclusively directed, as a sanc. shire, though engaged in the same mation for the policy of such measures” nufacture, found their interest in ex.

_" and that nothing would tend to changing their commodities with each counteract more the commercial hos- other--that this principle, recognized tility of other states, than the adoption so fully by these rival districts, apof a more enlightened and conciliatory plies, with no less undeniable effect, to policy on the part of this country.” the general commerce between na

A similar petition was presented by tions, and they concluded with ex. the Directors of the Chamber of Com- pressing their conviction, that the merce at Glasgow, and enforced by question will not so much lie with rearguments equally judicious. They ob- gard to the wisdom of abandoning the served, “ that the division of employ- restrictive system, as with respect to ments among countries, according to the means by which our steps from it the different natural advantages they may be safely retraced- how we are to respectively possess, is upon the same return to the sound and beneficial prinprinciple, and attended with the like ciples of trade, with the least possible beneficial consequence, that follows injury to individuals. the division of labour in the

processes These views have not been without of industry among individuals, the some influence on the national counpowers of each country being increa. cils ; the extent of which will be seen sed thereby, and each individual's share in the report of parliamentary proceed. in the products augmented—that a na. ings. tion attempting to manufacture, or


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Current Price per Share,

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Forth and Clyde
Grand Junction
Grand Surrey
Kennet and Avon
Leeds and Liverpool
Mersey and Irwell
Oxford .
Shropshire •
Stafford and Worcester
Thames and Severn, New
Trent and Mersey, or Grand Trunk
Warwick and Birmingham
Warwick and Napton
Worcester and Birmingham
Wyrley and Essington.


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Auction Mart
British Copper Company
London Commercial Sale-Rooms
Carnatic Stock, First Class
City Bonds
Prussian Bonds

20 0 50 0 19 0 711 0 100 0 75 0


In Britain, exertions for the propa. king of the Burgher oath, yet the anigation of Christianity continued to be mosity between them was observed, as made on the same extended scale as often happens, to be more intense than before. This will sufficiently appear between sects having much broader from the following statement of the points of distinction. By degrees, amount of the principal Religious however, the improvements of knowCharities for the year ending 31st ledge, liberal views, and Christian March, 1820:

charity, and not a little, perhaps, the Brit. and For. Bible Society

habit of meeting in associations for the

£93,033 Church Missionary Society

diffusion of religious knowledge, intro

30,076 London Missionary Society

25,409 duced a milder spirit. Coming to Society for Conversion of Jews 8,950 know and esteem each other as indivi. Prayer Book and Homily Society 1,987 duals, they became ashamed of those Hibernian Society .

4,683 narrow distinctions which had kept Naval and Military Bible Society 2,162 them at so unsocial a distance ; and a

plan was at length formed, of a union Total £166,300 Between the two churches. After a To these should be added the estimated Receipts of those So

number of discussions, it was at length cieties who do not make


agreed to by all the clergy of both deaccounts at Lady-Day, taken on

nominations, with a very few excepthe scale of 1819, which will

tions. This meritorious issue was conbe rather under than overrating

summated on Friday the 8th, in Bristhem.

to-street Meeting-house, Edinburgh, Society for Promoting Christian

-the spot on which, seventy-three Knowledge.

53,700 Methodist Missionary Society

years before, the separation took place. 24,000

The two Synods met in the morning Moravian Missions

5,000 Baptist Missionary Society 16,000

of that day-the General Associate Society for Propagating the Gospel 13,800 Synod in their Synod-house, Nicolson National Society for Education 2,500 Street, and the Associate Synod in the Religious Tract Society . 6,180 Rev. Mr Lothian's Meeting-house, Collection on the King's Letter

Portsburgh ; and after having

finished for the Society for the Propa

the business that had been submitted gation of the Gospel-nearly 50,000

to them severally, adjourned, constituTotal of one year

ted, to Bristo Street, at halfpast 12 £337,482

o'clock, walking in regular order to One of the most remarkable reli- the place of meeting ; first the minigious features of the present year, con- sters, then the elders, probationers for sisted in the union of the two branches the ministry, and students of divinity. of the Scottish Secession Church, After the two Synods were seated in called by the public the Burgher and a part of the meeting house which had Anti-burgher, and by themselves, the been railed in for their reception, and General and Associate Synod. Al in alternate pews, so that they were though the difference did not consist completely intermingled, the two Mo in any essential point of doctrine or derators in front of the pulpit, and the church discipline, but in some minor two clerks at a little distance on the political questions, particularly the ta- right and left, the senior Moderator

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