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[In order to exhibit as complete a view as our limits admit of this celebrated

proceeding, we shall give the questions and answers at full length on all important occasions, connecting these by an abstract of the subordinate parts of the evidence.]

HOUSE OF LORDS, Aug. 21,-Sept. 7, 1820.


what was taken up by the corridor and [Is a native of Spoleto in Italy,

about the cabinet

that you mention ?-- There twelve miles from Lodi. He knew Barto- was nothing else ; and it was necessary to lomeo Bergami first in the serviceof Gene- pass through the corridor to go from one ral Pino, to whom he was valet-de-cham- room to another. bre. He was then rather poor than rich, What was there on the other side of with three livres of Milan a-day. He afé Bergami's bed-room ?-A saloon. terwards met him at Naples, when he was Who usually slept in the cabinet ? courier to the Princess, dining at the ta- Nobody; it was free. ble of the upper servants. About a fort- Did the rest of the family sleep in that night after, Majocci was engaged in the part of the house, or at a distance ? Princess's service.]

Their rooms were separated. Do you know what was the situation [Bergami met with an accident, in conof the sleeping rooms of the Princess and sequence of which the witness was made of Bergami at that time?-Yes ; I recol- to sleep on a sofa in the cabinet.] lect it well.

Did any one pass through the cabinet Describe it.—The rooms of the Prin- while the witness slept there ?-Yes. cess and of Bergami led to each other by Who was that person ?-Her Royal a corridor, in which there was a small Highness. cabinet ; Bergamni's bed-room was situa- Did she pass through towards the corted to the left.

ridor, and in the direction of Bergami's Are we to understand that there was apartment ?-She did. no space between the two rooms, except How often did she so pass ?-Twice.

At what time did she pass on the first luggage room into the apartments of the occasion ?-At half an hour past mid- Princess and Bergami?-Yes; there were. night.

Might any one pass through this room How long did she remain in Bergami's from the apartment of the Princess to room on that occasion ?- About ten or that of Bergami ?-Yes; any one might fifteen minutes.

pass. In what appearance did she pass the [He knocked one night at Bergami's witness ?-She passed slowly and softly; chamber door so lourd, that he thinks he and after looking at witness, who appears must have heard had he been there. The ed to be asleep, she passed on.

Princess went from Genoa to Milan, After the Princess had gone into Ber where she was joined by Faustina, a fegami's room, did witness hear what pass- male relation of Bergami; and a child Viced there, whether there was any conver- torine, about nine years old, was brought sation, or what else?-He heard some into the house. Lewis Bergami also came. whispering

At Milan, the rooms of Bergami were Witness said, that the Princess went a only separated by a wall; and the doors, second time into Bergami's room—How seven or eight feet distant from each other, long might she remain there on that oc- opened into the same landing place. Five casion ?-About fifteen or eighteen mi- or six days before quitting Milan, Lady nutes; it might be some minutes more Charlotte Campbell left the Princess, afor less.

ter which there remained with her no Did he recollect any thing particular English lady.] passing the second time the Princess was Did you ever see Bergami dine at tain Bergami's room?-Yes; some whis- ble with the Princess ? - Yes; several pering and conversation.

times. [The Princess, after remaining at Na- Where did you first observe this?- At ples from thirty to fifty days, left it for Genoa. Rome. During her stay at Naples, she was Did he continue to dine with the Prinleft by several English gentlemen, one of cess after the first time you saw him at whom, he believes, was called Gell. He dinner with her ?-Always, as far as I can has some recollection of such a name as recollect. Keppel Craven, but does not remember Did you assist in making the beds of the rest. She was left also by some ladies, the Princess and Bergami at Villa Vilbut he does not recollect their names ; lani?-I did. also by Sicard, the maitre d'hotel, and by Did you observe that any of the beds Captain Hesse, who was called an equerry. had the appearance of being slept in by She then embarked at Civita Vecchia on two persons ? — They had not that appearboard the Clorinde, and went to Leghorn ance always. and Genoa.)

Could you tell from your observations Did any English person join the Prin- of the beds, whether or not Bergami had cess at Genoa ? -Yes; Captain Owen. always slept in his or elsewhere? - It ap

Did any one else ?--Yes ; Lady Char- peared as it he had not always slept in it. lotte Campbell, who was a tall fat wo- Did that happen often at the Villa Vilman, joined her Royal Highness, with lani ?-Yes. her two daughters.

Do you remember the Princess, at the Where did the Princess reside while at Villa Villani, wearing a blue silk bedGenoa ?- In a palace at the end of the gown, lined with red? – I remember it. city, on the Milan road.

After you saw the Princess wear the Did he recollect the situation of the blue silk gown, did you see Bergami wear rooms in which the Princess and Bergami it?-Yes. slept in that palace ?- There was a room After ?-He always had it on. between their apartments, in which room In the presence of the Princess ? trunks and packages were kept; it was a Yes. baggage or luggage room.

[The Princess afterwards embarked at Did any one sleep there?- No one. Genoa in the Leviathan, and sailed to Were there doors opening from this Palermo, and thence to Alessina. At Messina, the rooms of Bergami and the Prin- during the time that was allotted for cess were only separated by one in which sleep? -Yes, during the time of rest. the Countess Oldi slept. The Princess Were both the inner and outer tent and Bergami breakfasted alone in a cabi- closed ?- The inner tent was shut up by net leading into a garden. From Messina them, and the outer might be closed or she went to Syracuse, where there was a left open as they chose. private stair-case between the rooms of After the return from Jerusalem, where the Princess and Bergami. There was did the Princess again embark?--At Jaffa. another entrance into the Princess's bed- Do you remember, on her embarking room for persons waiting upon her. They at Jaffa in the voyage homeward, any tent went then to Catania, where Bergami being raised on the deck ?-I do. was taken ill. The Princess came into the What beds were placed on it?-A sofa. room when he was half dressed, and gave Any beds besides the sofa ? -A travelparticular directions to Majocci about ing bed. warming the bed. They went then to Did the Princess sleep in that tent geAugusta, where the rooms were separated nerally on the voyage from Jaffa home? by a court into which no one else could -She always slept in it during the whole get. At Catania, Bergami was called his journey. Excellency; he was created a knight of Did any body else sleep in the same Malta, and named Baron Francina. They tent ?-Bergami. then sailed in a polacre to Tunis, where On the deck ?-On the deck. the Princess lodged first in the English Did that take place every night? consul's house, and then in the palace of Every evening. the Bey. The apartments were here at Were the sides of the tent so drawn a little distance from each other. From down at night, that no person could see Tunis, they proceeded to Scala Nova, into it?-When the Princess retired at and the Princess slept in a tent made of might with Bergami, the tent was closely boughs at a Turkish caffe, near the grotto shut. of the Seven Sleepers. She and Bergami Did they use a lantern or lamp at night dined alone in this tent, where Majocci to go to bed ?- They did. waited on them. From Scala Nova, they What was usually done with it?sailed to St Jean d'Acre, and thence tra- Sometimes, after I had made the beds, velled to Aun and Jerusalem. On this Bergami told me to remove the light; at journey they slept in tents.]

other times the light was handed to me Do you remember the tent in which by Bergami, from between the bottom of the Princess slept?-I do.

the tent and the deck. Was that among the other tents, or at Were the beds regularly made up every a distance from them?--At the distance night?-Every night. of three or four paces; it might be five Does the witness remember her Royal or six paces.

Highness having taken a bath, during Was there a bed in the tent of the Prin- her voyage from Jaffa, on board the pocess ?-Yes.

lacca? I do. Was that the ordinary or travelling Where was the bath prepared for her bed of the Princess ?-There was a little Royal Highness ?- In the cabin occupied bed and a Turkish sofa.

by the Princess on her outward voyage. Did the tent of the Princess consist of Who assisted her Royal Highness ? one circle or of two? --It had double walls; I carried the water to the cabin ; Bergathere were two tents; one within another. mi came down, and tried whether it was

What distance was there between the of sufficient temperature, and after doing inner and outer circle ? — The length of so, he went on deck and handed her Royal my two arms.

Highness down to the cabin. They shut Did you see the Princess in the interior the door of the cabin, and he (Bergami) tent, where the bed and sofa were, and and her Royal Highness remained in the any body with her ?-Bergami and some room alone together. times the little child.

Did her Royal Highness take more Were Bergami and the Princess there than one bath ?- I remember her Royal


Highness taking more than one, to the rooms of the rest of the suite ? — They best of my recollection.

Do you remember at any time, when • Who in general selected the apartments Bergami and the Princess were below in for the Princess and Bergami?- They the cabin with the bath, being called up- both made the distribution of the chamon to supply additional water ?-I do; bers—both her Royal Highness and Bertwo pails, the one of hot, and the other gami. of cold water.

Did Bergami during this journey traWho took the water in ?-I went with vel in the same carriage with the Printhe water to the door of the cabin, and cess ?-Yes. Bergami came half way out of the door, Did he also in the journey to Pavaria? and taking the water, went in.

-Yes. Do you know whether, when


took When you say that they travelled in the water, the Princess was actually in this way to Bavaria, do you mean in the the bath or not?- I cannot know that. journey through Germany ?-I mean so.

Where was the cabin which the wit- [Among a number of other desultory ness slept in situated, with reference to circumstances, the witness mentioned the tent on deck ? under it, or how ?-I Bergami having once been sent for by the slept in the dining room on the sofa im- Princess, when he was out riding, but on mediately under the tent.

his return home, instead of obeying the [Here the witness in answer to a ques- order, he went and locked himself in his tion described a noise which he had heard, own room, where he remained for about tending to convey an unfavourable im- an hour. He represented also by action pression.]

an exhibition made at the Villa d'Este, Without asking a particular description by a person of the name of Mahomet, as to the arrangements of the rooms of the and which appeared indecorous. Princess and Bergami, I wish to know in Mr Brougham now began the crossgeneral, whether, to the best of witness's examination, of which the following are recollection, they were, on this journey, the principal heads:] contiguous, and had a direct communica- You have told us you left General Pition with each other, or whether they no's service, was it not on account of killwere distant ?—They were more nearing a horse ?--No. than apart.

You never killed a horse then at all? Here some doubt was expressed re- Never. specting the answer of the witness. The You never told any one you had ? interpreter observed, that he had said Never. Megilo vicino che lontano.The words You gave us an account yesterday of might have a double meaning. They your knocking one night at Bergami's might mean very near, or comparatively door, at Genoa, so loud that he must near. Their Lordships might take it as have heard you ; and that you did not they liked.—(A laugh.)

receive any answer?-I did. Mr BROUGHAM thought that this in- What sort of people were they who struction should be given to the interpre- were coming to the house that night, that ter, that when words had a double mean- it made you go and knock up the

Baroning, he should translate them literally, the Baron Bergami?-It was when that and leave it to the House to judge of attempt was made to rob the house. their import.

Do you mean to say that robbers had The question was repeated several broken in, or threatened to break into times, and the result as given by the in- the house? --Robbers had come into the terpreter, was—" rather more near than house. distant-more near than apart.”

Was not the alarm given, that it was a Had the apartments of the Princess and part of your friend Ompteda's gang? Bergami in general a communication with The SOLICITOR-GENERAL submitted each other? - Yes.

that this was an irregular question, and Were they in general separate from the liable to the same objection which he had already made to a former one. It was but Bergami came out, about a quarter assuming that there was a person of the of an hour after; he made a great noise name of Ompteda, and that he was a

when he came out. friend of the witness's: it was assuming, And where were you at the time Bertoo, that this was a gang of robbers. gami did, what you choose to call, come

Mr BROUGHAM.-So they were, by the out?-I knocked at the door, and, receianswer to the last question which I put. ving no answer, went down stairs; and

The SOLICITOR-GENERAL.-Of which then all the family were coming out; and gang you also assume, that the friend of then I saw Bergami coming out in about Majocci, the witness, was a part.

a quarter of an hour after. Mr BROUGHAM.-A part of the gang! Mr BROUGHAM here observed He He was their head; their ringleader. first fires upon the robbers; three minutes

The LORD-CHANCELLOR, addressing previously he has knocked violently at the learned counsel, observed, that he the door of Bergami's room; then he had said he would go by steps; but here goes to see what is the matter. But it he was assuming the whole of the facts, seems that in a quarter of an hour after which it was not competent for him to this it is, that the house is alarmed, and do.

he fires at them. Will you ask him, how Mr BROUGHAM had not so understood soon it was after he fired the piece that the matter ; but would wave the ques. he saw Bergami and the rest of the housetion.

hold come out? I fired : I ran into the Counsel resumed.--Did not you wake room, and knocked at the door of Bergafrom your sleep on that occasion, and go mi's room, but received no answer: I to the window?-I opened the window, went back again to the place where I had and saw a tall person below me. I went fired : the family were collected on the out; I took a gun and fired on this per- stairs, and there was a cry of “Robbers ! son. I had seen this person; these per- robbers ! we have robbers in the house.' sons-for there were more than one and I remained there antil the family had rethey fled.

tired, and it was peaceable. After the robbers had attacked or How long were you knocking at Berthreatened the house, and you fired on gami's door?-I remained a long time, them in the way you have described, was and I knocked very loud ; louder and not the whole house alarmed by what louder. had taken place ?--I immediately ran to Did the Piccaroon, Victorine, always knock at the door; and then, in going sleep in the same room with the Prindown stairs, I found that all the people cess?-Generally. were collected, and coming down stairs. After the time at which the Piccaroon

Did you see one of them with a drawn child came to live in the house with her sword in his hand, upon that occasion ? Royal Highness, did she generally sleep - Non mi ricordo.-(I don't recollect.) in the same room with the Queen ?-İ

Was Capt. Hounam there on that oc- do not know. casion ?-Non mi ricordo.

Do you know of her ever sleeping in Was Hieronymus there? - There was any other part of the house ?-I cannot all the family; but I cannot say, indivi. say. dually, whether he was there.

Did you ever know her sleep in any Did you see Bergami there?-Yes, other part of the house, or of ships ?Bergami was there; I saw him.

Non mi ricordo. How long after the first alarm was it Did her Royal Highness ride on horsethat you went to knock at Bergami's door? back on the journey to Egypt?—Yes. - Three minutes.

About how many hours was she in this Three minutes after you had fired the way on horseback -Non mi ricordo. piece ?-Yes.

Was it four hours ? - She mounted in After knocking at Bergami's door, and the evening when the sun set, and disnot finding him there, did you open the mounted in the morning when the sun door, to see whether he was in the room rose, but I had no watch. or not?-No; I did not open the door ; Will you swear she did not frequently

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