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“ I suppose it will take fifteen men to comed, and were desired to sit near the do this west-end job; and I propose fire, as they were wet. Palin said, to take the two pieces of cannon in “ There is one thing I want to know ; Gray's- Inn-lane and the six pieces in if it can be done, it will be a great asthe Artillery-ground.” He proposed sistance to our plan ; I want to know Cooke to lead this party, and he him- what men are to perform each part of self would command. He said they the plan, and who are to take the canshould take the Mansion-house as the non. I want to know, in calling upon seat of the Provisional Government. the men, whether I can tell them in They were next to take the Bank of part or whole what is to be done.” England ; and Palin should be the The chairman said, “ I don't see where man who should set fire to the bar. the harm is of telling what is to be racks and several parts of London. done.” Mr Palin, seeing he had that This was the principal part of the plan, liberty, sat down quite satisfied. Nobut if any thing else occurred before thing regular was transacted in the Wednesday, they would think of it. chair after that. Mr Thistlewood said, Brunt was then going to put a propo. “0, Brunt, that is well thought of, sition which he had for assassinating as Palin is here ; you and Palin go and the Ministers, but Thistlewood said, see if the house near Furnival's-inn is his plan should be first put from the fit for setting fire to.". They went chair, as they were nearly all agreed (Palin and Brunt) and reported it on it. He desired the chairman to ask would make a d- -d good fire. This if any of them had any thing to say, tlewood talked of getting means for and that they should say it ; but none a treat on Tuesday and Wednesday. of them saying any thing, the plan was Brunt said, he would be dd bút carried unanimously. Brunt then came he would contribute the only ll. note forward with his plan, which was, that he had earned for a long time. They they should assassinate as many of his proposed the White Hart for the house. Majesty's Ministers as possible ; that Thistlewood proposed his own room, they should draw lots to assassinate but afterwards thought it would not some of the Ministers ; and whoever do, as it might lead to suspicion. This the fellow was on whom the lot fell, he was all on the Sunday morning. On should murder the Minister, or be mur. Monday morning they met again. dered himself; and that if any man Witness then told them what Hobbes failed in the attempt, he (Brunt) swore told him on Sunday night, of inquiries by all that was good he should be run made respecting radical meetings at his through the body. On which I got house, and that information of it was up, and said, “ Mr Brunt, do you not given at Bow-street office, and at Lord think it possible for a man to attempt Sidmouth's office. Harrison turned such a thing and not succeed in it? and round on witness like a lion, and said, do you mean to say he should be run “ Adams, you have acted do through the body for not doing it?" wrong.” Brunt said so too, and add. To which he said, “ I do not ; if a ed, Whatever you have to commuman should attempt it and not succeed, nicate, you have no business to comhe is a good man; but if he shews any municate but to me and Thistlewood." cowardice, he deserves to be run Witness said, it concerned all, and be through the body.” This proposition should tell all of it. They repeated of Brunt's was then put to the meet- the same observations. They talked of ting. Soon after this, Palin, Potter, calling a meeting of the Mary-le-Bone and Strange, came in. They were wel. union, as they wanted some money ; and Brunt said, it would be of use for is opened, to rush in, seize the ser. that purpose. Witness and Potter went vants, present pistols, and threaten to in the evening to the White Hart, Pa- kill them if they make any noise ; two lin and Bradburn joined them. Next to take the entrance to the stair upmorning they were there too, and with wards, and two others to the stair io them Thistlewood, Tidd, Ings, Har- the lower part of the house, armed rison, and Brunt. Edwards came and with blunderbusses and hand-grenades; told them there was to be a cabinet and if any attempt to pass, to throw dinner next night. Thistlewood said hand-grenades and destroy them all. he did not think it was true. A news- Others are to go where the Ministers paper was sent for, and read by This are, to murder them all. If there shall tlewood. He read that they were to be any good men, kill them for keepdine at Lord Harrowby's, Grosvenor. ing bad company.” All agreed. Ings square. Brunt then said, “I'll bedd said, he would go in first, with a brace if I don't believe there is a God. I of pistols and knives. The two swordshave often prayed that he would bring men would cut off all their heads; and all these thieves together, in order to Castlereagh’s and Sidmouth's should destroy them He has answered my be flung in a bag by themselves. He prayer." Thistlewood proposed, that added, “ I shall say, my Lords, I have they should form a committee and sit got as good men here as the Manchesimmediately. Witness took the chair. ter yeomanry ; enter citizens, and do Thistlewood proposed immediately a your duty." Harrison and witness fresh plan to be formed respecting the were to be the swordsmen. After the assassination. Witness expressed a execution of Lord Harrowby, at his hope they had paid due consideration house, Harrison proposed that some to what he said yesterday. All got in. should go to King.street horse-barto confusion. Harrison said, “D-n racks, and set fire to the premises by that man who attempted to throw cold throwing fire into the straw in the sta. water on the plan, but he would run ble. Harrison and Wilson were to go him through with the sword.” Wit- to Gray’s-Inn-lane, and in case they ness left the chair, and Tidd took it could not carry the cannon out of the Brunt moved that a watch should be military school, they were to wait till set on the Earl of Harrowby's house a party came to assist them. Thence that night. The object was to see if they were to proceed to the artillery any men or soldiers went into Earl barracks, to assist Cooke in taking the Harrowby's. Two were to go at six, cannon there. If they found their to be relieved at nine, and

they were strength sufficient to proceed, they to continue till twelve. The watch were to advance to the Mansion-house, was to be resumed at four next morn- and plant three of the cannon on each ing. Thistlewood said he hoped they side of the Mansion-house, and to dewould be satisfied that no officers or mand the Mansion-house. If it were soldiers went in. They would do what refused, they were to fire, and then it they had determined to-morrow even- would be given up. The Mansioning'; and added, that it would answer house was to be made the seat for the their purpose much better than to at- Provisional Government. The Bank tack their houses separately, when on. of England was next to be taken. ly two or three could be got together. They would take the books, which Here they would have 14 or 16; a would enable them to see farther into rare hawl to murder them all. “ I pro- the villainy of the Government. The pose,” continued he, “ when the door further parts of the plan were delayed till Wednesday. They agreed upon a written, which was an address to sign and countersign. The word was the soldiers. Another person was “ Button;" the man who came up employed to write it, and Thistk. was to say B-u-t; the other was to wood dictated to him.-Witness said reply t-o-n.-Being asked as to the he would tell what he had seen-Ings watch, witness said, There are other had two black belts on, one for two things which I wish to state. I went pistols, the other for cutlasses. He there next morning, and found Ed. had two bags on his shoulders like wards, Ings, and Hall, making fuses. soldiers' haversacks. He looked at for the hand.grenades. Davidson went himself and said, he was not complete on the watch at six. Witness and Brunt yet, he had forgot his steel. He took went to relieve the watch. They saw out a large knife, and brandished it Davidson in the square, on the watch. about, and said, it would cut off the They went into a public-house, where heads of Castlereagh and Sidmouth, Brunt played at domino with a young and it would be thought a great deal man. About eleven they went out in, of at some future time. The knife was to the square, and walked for some a large broad knife, 12 inches long, time, till witness got ashamed of him, the hand bound round with wax to self. They went away at twelve o'. keep a firm hold of it. Others were clock. He went next day to Flox. busy at other arms. They began to court, between two and three. He leave the room about half.past four or found Brunt there. Strange came in, five, to go about the business. Palin and in a few minutes afterwards two came in half an hour before. Palin more strangers. Strange and another said, they ought to be aware of what were trying the flints. They went in- they were about, and to think within to a back room to avoid the strangers, themselves whether they were to do where witness saw cutlasses, blunder their country service or not, and whe. busses, &c. Thistlewood, Ings, and ther the assassination would be coun. Hall, came in. Thistlewood said, tenanced by their country, If they « Well, my lads, this looks like some thought their country would join them, thing to be done.” He touched wit- then the man who Alinched should be ness on the shoulder, and asked how run through on the spot. Unless they

Witness replied that he was came to this determination they would very unwell, and in low spirits. This- do no good. A tall man came in, and tlewood sent for beer and gin. This. asked what the business they were tlewood then wanted some paper to about was. Witness had never seen write bills on. Witness said, cartridge him before. The tall man said, if they paper would do.

The paper was were to serve their country, he was brought ; and table and chair were their man, and if any one was afraid of got, The bills were then written ; his life, he ought to have nothing to they were to be set on the houses, to do with such a concern as that. Thislet the people know what had been tlewood was then gone. Brunt was done. Thistlewood read as part, told, that inquiries were made by some “ Your tyrants are destroyed the who were present, as to the plan they friends of liberty are called upon to were about. Brunt said, that was not come forward--the Provisional Go- the room for telling that ; but they vernment is now sitting. James Ings, should go with him, and they would Secretary. February 23." Thistle. know. Brunt promised spirits ; and wood was much agitated, and could the tall man cautioned against drunk. write only three. Another bill was enness, as ruinous to a cause like that.

he was.

They went along the street, two and apart 14. The gin bottle was then two, and at some distance, that they started. Thistlewood said, if Lord might not be observed. There was a Harrowby had 16 servants, that was cupboard in the room used for swords, nothing, as they would not be prepa. hand-grenades, and Aannel bags for red. A noise was heard below. Thiscartridges, one of which was full. The tlewood took a candle and looked rest of the arms were in Tidd's room; down to see who they were, and then that was the depot. Thistlewood was set down the candle quite confused, always in a hurry to carry every thing according to witness's judgment. Two that was got ready into the depot, lest officers took command of the room, any officer should see it. Witness car, holding small pistols, and said, “A ried a brass-barrelled blunderbuss. pretty nest there is of you. We have There were pikes made of old files. got a warrant to apprehend you all, Witness as he went on missed all his and hope you will go peaceably.” A associates. He returned back, and met man who was on the step of the lad. Brunt, who returned back with him der said, “ Let me come forward. along the Edgware-road, till they met This was the man murdered. A group Thistlewood. They went all together of persons had got into the little room, to the stable in Cato.street. Witness and then came forward, and one of staid behind till Harrison came up, and them stretched forward an arm, wit, made him go in. He saw there, Da- ness saw nothing in it, and another vidson and Wilson below, Thistlewood, presented a pistol. The man fell. It Ings, Hall, Bradburn, Strange, Coo- was impossible for him to give a par, per, the tall man, and others above. ticular account of the other transacThere were, as Thistlewood calculated tions. He got away, went home, was at last, eighteen above, and two below. apprehended on the Friday, and reThere was a bench above, and arms on mained in custody ever since. He iden. it. Some beer was standing on the tified Davidson, Wilson, Brunt, Ings, table. There were lights. There was Cooper, Harrison, and Tidd. There a chest. Before Tidd came, Thistle- were two he did not know. They wood went out for some time. Wit. were again called forward, but he said ness heard a deal of talk below, and he could not swear to them. He was he found Thistlewood, Brunt, Harri. sent forward near the dock, but he son, Davidson, and Wilson. They said he did not know them. One of spoke of the good news they heard, them, he said, he saw at the meeting. that the carriages were arriving at Joseph Hale, apprentice to Brunt, Lord Harrowby's as fast as they could, bore testimony to the assemblages and Witness went up to the loft, and saw preparations of arms which had taken Thietlewood and

Brunt much agitated. place at his house. He gave the folThey spoke of Tidd's absence. Brunt lowing account of Brunt's arrival home pledged his word that he would come. after the breaking up of the underta, He soon afterwards came, Thistle. king wood said, “ I hope you will not give My master came home that night at up what you are going to do; if you about nine o'clock. I observed his do, this will be another Despard's bu- dress was dirty. He appeared consiness." He then counted 20 persons, fused. I heard him say to his wife, and said that was enough, 14 would it was all up, or words to that effect. be sufficient to go into the room, and He said that where he had been, a the other six would take care of the great many officers had come in. He servants and doors. They then set said he had saved his life, and that was all. Just as he said this, another said they were waiting for a cabinet man came in. I do not know that man. dinner, and that all things were ready. Brunt shook hands with him, and ask. He told me they had a sort of things ed him if he knew who had informed. which I never saw,—they were called The man said, no. The man then said, by the name of hand-grenades, and he had had a dreadful blow on the he said he depended on me to be one. side, which knocked him down. Brunt He said that Mr Thistlewood would then said, “ There is something to be be glad to see me, if I would be one. done yet.” After this Brunt and the He said the use to be made of the other man went away together. Mrs hand-grenades, was to be put under Brunt and I after this went to Ings's the table (at the cabinet dinner) with room. I saw several rolls of brown the fuse alight, and those who escaped paper with tar in them. I saw only were to be destroyed by the sword or one pole remaining. I saw something some other weapon. He also said that rolled up, and tied round with strings. fires were to be lighted, and the town I understood them to be hand-gre. to be kept in confusion for several nades. I saw an iron pot belonging to days, till the thing became general. Brunt. My master came in about 11 He named some houses. Lord Haro'clock. He told me to get up in the rowby's, Lord Castlereagh's, Lord morning as soon as I could and clean Wellington's, Lord Sidmouth's, the his boots. They were very dirty. He Bishop of London's, and several others called me in the morning at half past which I do not remember. I told him six, and when I got up he asked me I would make one. This was, I beif I knew the Borough. I told him lieve, four or five days before the Ca. yes. He then asked if I knew Snow's. to-street business. Before that I went fields. I said no. He then went into to Lord Harrowby's ; I do not rethe back room,

and put the things out member the day. I followed his lord. of the cupboard into two baskets; one ship in the Park,- I gave him a note. of which was afterwards put into a On Wednesday the 23d I saw Wilson blue apron belonging to Mrs Brunt. again. I believe it was between four This apron had before this been as a and five o'clock in the afternoon. I curtain in Ings's room. My master met him in Manchester-street, Mantold me that Potter lived in Snow's- chester-square. He said, “ Hyden, fields. When we had the baskets ready, you are the very man I wanted to see.” two officers came in and took my mas- I asked him what there was going to ter into custody. I knew where Tidd be; and he said there was to be a calived. He lived in Hole-in-the-Wall- binet dinner at Lord Harrowby's, passage, Brookes's-market. Adams Grosvenor-square. He told me I was lived next door.

to go to the Horse and Groom public. Several witnesses were examined as house, the corner of Cato-street. I to points of minor importance. was to go in there, or otherwise I was

Thomas Hyden, examined by Mr to wait at the corner until I was shoved Gurney.--I am a cow-keeper, was into a stable close by. I asked him formerly a member of a shoe-makers' the hour, and he said about half.past club. I knew Wilson there. I saw five or a quarter before six. I then him a few days before the 23d of Feb- asked him how many there were to ruary. He met me in the street, and be, and he said 20 or 30. I asked made a proposition to me. He asked him was that all there was going to me if I would be one of a party to de. be; and he said there was to be an. stroy his Majesty's Ministers. He other party in the Borough, another

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