The Weekly Reporter: Appellate High Court, Volum 8

D. E. Cranenburgh, 1891
Containing decisions of the Appellate High Court in all its branches, viz., in civil, revenue and criminal cases, as well as in cases referred by the Calcutta and Mofussil Small Cause Courts and the Recorders' Courts; together with rules and the civil and criminal circular orders issued by the High Court, and circular orders of the Board of Revenue; also decisions of Her Majesty's Privy Council in cases heard in appeal from courts of British India.

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Pàgina 122 - ... of the rents a certain definite share. The proceeds of undivided property must be brought, according to the theory of an undivided family...
Pàgina 180 - That the judgment of a Court of concurrent jurisdiction directly upon the point, is, as a plea a bar, or as evidence conclusive between the same parties upon the same matter directly in question in another Court.
Pàgina 36 - ... any act, neglect, or default whatsoever of the pilot, master, or mariners in navigating the ship...
Pàgina 33 - Where a court of competent jurisdiction has adjudicated a certain sum to be due from one person to another, a legal obligation arises to pay that sum, on which an action of debt to enforce the judgment may be maintained.
Pàgina lv - But when the members of an undivided family agree among themselves, with regard to particular property, that it shall thenceforth be the subject of ownership in certain defined shares, then the character of undivided property and joint enjoyment is taken away from the subject-matter so agreed to be dealt with; and in the estate each member has thenceforth a definite and certain share, which he may claim the right to receive and to enjoy in severalty, although the property itself has not been actually...
Pàgina 65 - No action or proceeding shall be open to objection on the ground that a merely declaratory judgment or order is sought thereby, and the court may make binding declarations of right whether any consequential relief is or could be claimed or not.
Pàgina 181 - ... in question in another court: secondly, that the judgment of a court of exclusive jurisdiction, directly upon the point, is, in like manner, conclusive upon the same matter, between the same parties, coming incidentally in question in another court, for a different purpose. But neither the judgment of a concurrent or exclusive jurisdiction is evidence, of any matter which came collaterally in question, though within their jurisdiction ; nor of any matter incidentally cognizable ; nor, of any...
Pàgina liv - ... discretion. The counsel of a party cannot ask as a right unreasonably to prolong a trial, by the examination of witnesses, or by debates to the court or jury, or by innumerable and interminable requests to charge. In these matters, the judge has some discretion to be exercised in the interest of justice and with a due regard to the rights and interests of the parties. A party has the right to a reasonable opportunity to present his evidence, objections and requests, and after he has had that...
Pàgina 83 - No process of execution shall issue from any Court not established by Royal Charter to enforce any judgment, decree, or order of such Court, unless some proceeding shall have been taken to enforce such judgment, decree, or order, or to keep the same in force, within three years next preceding the application for such execution.
Pàgina 79 - Their Lordships think that the lender is bound to inquire into the necessities for the loan, and to satisfy himself, as well as he can, with reference to the parties with whom he is dealing, that the manager is acting in the partieu13. C80) 5 Cal. 148 : 6 IA 88 : 4 CLB 226 : 8 lar instance for the benefit of the estate.

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