Cp Violation

Cecilia Jarlskog
World Scientific, 1 de gen. 1989 - 736 pàgines

Contents:CP Phenomenology:Introduction to CP Violation (C Jarlskog)CP-Violation in the K0-K0-System (K Kleinknecht)The Quark Mixing Matrix, Charm Decays and B Decays (S Stone)The Question of CP Noninvariance — As Seen through the Eyes of Neutral Beauty (I I Bigi et al.)In Search of CP Noninvariance in Heavy Quark Systems (L-L Chau)CP Violation at High Energy e+e- Colliders (J Bernabéu & M B Gavela)CP Violation in the Standard Model with Four Families (A Datta & E A Paschos)CP Effects When Neutrinos are their Own Antiparticles (B Kayser)On Spontaneous CP Violation Triggered by Scalar Bosons (I I Bigi & A I Sanda)CP Violation and Left-Right Symmetry (R N Mohapatra)CP Violation and Supersymmetry (R N Mohapatra)Electric Dipole Moments (S M Barr & W H Marciano)Special Topics: The Strong CP Problem (R D Peccei)CP Violation and Cosmology (P Langacker)Nonleptonic Interactions:The 1/N Approach to Nonleptonic Weak Interactions (A J Buras)Chiral Perturbation Theory Approach to Weak Amplitudes (E de Rafael)What We Learnt from Weak Decays of Heavy Quarks (B Stech)Weak Hamiltonian on the Lattice (G Martinelli)
Readership: High energy physicists.
Keywords:CP Violation;Quark Mixing Matrix;Charm Decays;B Decays;Nonleptic Interactions;Heavy QuarksReview:

“Similar material is most often available in journals, but the book accomplishes a valuable service in drawing it together … the one that will probably have the greatest utility and longest lifespan is the survey of B meson physics by I Bigi, V Khoze, N Uraltsev and A Sanda … Bigi et al. here provide the most thorough and readable account of the issues that I know of. I have seen no review comparable to the excellent summary of electric dipole moments by S Barr and W Marciano … the volume offers a generally readable entry into this field for a reader who has a basic background in particle physics.”

John F Donoghue

“… this book performs a very useful service for anyone active or interested in CP violation, both as a source of primary information and as a work of reference.”

K J Peach
J Phys. G: Nucl. Part. Phys.


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