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What was there besides the sofa be. the conduct of her Royal Highness? neath the tent?-An English travelling. No. bed.

Not towards Bergami?--No, never. Do you know whether there was any What was the salary that you received communication open between the tent for being in attendance on her Royal and the part of the vessel below ?-There Highness, or as being in her service? was a ladder which went down into the Two hundred pounds a-year. dining-room.

Is that allowance still continued ?-It Did the Baron Ompteda dine at the is. table of her Royal Highness whilst her Cross-examined. You have seen her Royal Highness was residing at the Villa Royal Highness dining with Bergami, Villani ? He did.

when he was a courier, in his courier's Did he stay late on any of those occa- dress; you afterwards saw her walking sions? Did he, I mean, stay over night?

with him at the Villa d'Este, arm in -He did.

arm ; you also saw them go out alone, in Was there a room in the household of a boat together; and you have stated the Princess which was commonly re- that Bergami, after a certain time, dined garded and called the room of the Baron regularly with her Royal Highness : do Ompteda ?-There was.

you think this conduct was, or was not, Was Majocci then in service ? He degrading to her Royal Highness's situa

tion ?-I never saw her Royal Highness Have you ever held any conversation walk arm in arm with Bergami till he with Theodore Majocci on the subject of began to dine regularly with her. the Baron Ompteda, or of the capacity You must perceive that is no answer in which he appeared to be acting ?-I to my question. I beg to put it again, believe I have had conversation with him whether you consider that which you on that subject.

have stated as degrading to her Royal Well, then, in consequence of any thing Highness or not? - I do not. that occurred at that time, or of any di- Did you never desire her Royal Highrections which you received from her ness not to admit Bergami to her table ? Royal Highness, did you do any thing, -Not to my recollection, I did not. as regarded the Baron Ompteda ?-I Nor any thing to that effect ?-Nor called him out.

any thing to that effect. Did you conduct yourself afterwards Then you never entreated her Royal towards' him in any peculiar way?-1 Highness not to admit Bergami to her saw him afterwards at Rome.

table?-I never did. Did you then do any thing in relation Then, if you never did entreat her to him?-I desired the servants not to Royal Higliness not to admit Bergami to molest him.

her table, you could never have repreWas Majocci at that time one of the sented to any person that you had done servants? -He was: at least I am al- so?- I don't think I ever could. most positive that he was.

I don't ask whether you could or not, How was her Royal Highness received but whether you diil or not, state that at the different courts where she appeared you entreated her Royal Highness not to daring the course of her travels ? - In the admit Bergami to her table?--I am conusual way, and according to her rank. fident I did not.

What was her own demeanour? - You are positive you never did ?-I Filled with majesty and grace.

am positive I never did. I feel convinced How was she ordinarily received ? I never did. With all due and proper attendance. Have you never stated " that you en

[The witness mentioned that the Prin- treated her Royal Highness, on your cess passed but one night at Trieste, knees, with tears in your eyes, to diswhich she spent in going to the opera.] suade her from admitting Bergami to a

Did you observe any thing improper, seat at her table, without effect ?"indecent, or degrading to her station, in Never : I never did such a thing.

Do you know Captain Briggs ?-I do. herself in the evening with the servants? Now, sir, I ask you, upon your oath, -Frequently. whether you ever stated this fact to him? Did her Royal Highness join in those -Upon my oath I do not recollect the games or amusements ?-- Yes, I have circumstance.

seen her play at the game of colin-mailWill you swear that you

did not state lard (blind man's buff.) this fact to Captain Briggs," that you Were there not several games at which entreated her Royal Highness, on your they played ? --Yes, there were many knees, with tears in your eyes, to dis- petits jeux. suade her from admitting Bergami to a Was not one of the pieces a pantoseat at her table, without effect ?"-I mime?-Yes, I think it was. have not the smallest recollection of ha- Who performed the part of Harlequin? ving stated that to Captain Briggs. -I have seen Louis Bergami in that dress.

Did it not happen on the day when the Having now recollected, then, that Princess came to visit Captain Briggs ? Louis Bergami was dressed as Harlequin, and did you not complain that she made do you recollect that her Royal Highness Bergami her companion ?-The witness performed the part of Columbine ?-I do answered—I do not recollect saying any not recollect her Royal Highness performthing of the sort to Captain Briggs. ing the part of Columbine : the circum

Will you swear that you did not ?-I stance is not sufficiently impressed on my will swear that I have no recollection of it.

memory to say that it was so. If such a circumstance took place, You do not recollect that it was not would you not recollect it?-It is such a so ?-I have no recollection the one way circumstance as, I think, I should recol- or the other ; I do not recollect it. lect.

Do you remember any part performed Why, if the fact be true, can you have by her Royal Highness that evening ?any doubt that you would recollect it? I think she performed the part of an auand if not true, can you hesitate to swear tomaton. (Laughter.) that it did not take place ? --It is some What do you mean when you say that years ago, and I cannot recollect the time. you think her Royal Highness performed

You have already sworn that the fact the part of an automaton ?-It is so long of your having entreated her Royal High- since that I do not recollect the history ness did not take place ; would you

of it. It was something respecting a man it to have taken place if it had not ?- who wished to sell an automaton; which The fact is not true. I did not do it. was a woman, in fact, that could wind

If it were not true, could you have re- up any thing. (General laughter.) presented such a thing to any person ?-I Was the Princess, her Royal Highness, do not recollect it. I do not think I did. the automaton ?-She was.

Have you any doubt on it?- I have not. Where did Bergami sleep on the re

Am I to understand that you will turn from Jaffa ?-I do not know where swear that you did not state to Captain he slept. Briggs what I have repeated ?--I will Have you never seen him on deck by not swear to things I have not any recol- day or night?--I have seen him by day lection of

under the tent, as every body else. What do you believe ? Do you

believe Where did you see him? on a bed? you stated it or not?-I don't believe I -I have seen him sitting either on a did.

chair or that travelling-bed. Then you will swear you do not be- You have stated that Bergami slept lieve that you did state this to Captain first in a cabin, then in the dining-room; Briggs; but you will not say positively I ask you where he slept on his way that you did not ? Am I to understand home from Jaffa ?-I have not seen, and that as your answer?-Yes.

I do not know. After Mr W. Burrell left, when you Do you not believe that Bergami slept were at the Villa d'Este, was not her under the tent?-I heard he did, and I Royal Highness in the habit of amusing believe he did.


or he

[After some discussion as to the pre- Did you repose by day?--By day. cise terms used by the witness, ]

You travelled by night?-Yes, and I ask you again if you do not believe, reposed by day. that on the return from Jaffa Bergami Do you know where Bergami reposed slept constantly under the tent?-I heard during the day ? -No. that he slept under the tent, and I be- Do you believe he reposed under the lieve he did.

same tent as her Royal Highness ?-I do Don't you believe he slept under the not know; I never saw him do so. tent?-I have said so already.

I ask you whether you do not believe And, believing that, I ask you whether that Bergami reposed under the same you think that was degrading or not to tent as her Royal Highness ? -He may, her Majesty ?-No, I think it was ne- may not ;

I do not know. cessary that some one should sleep near What is your belief?-I dare say he her Royal Highness on that occasion. I did ; but I do not know. heard that other people slept there too. I ask you again if you do not believe

I don't ask you about that, but about that he did ?—I do not know positively, your belief whether Bergami's sleeping 'and I can only believe as far as I have there was, in your judgment, degrading knowledge. to her Royal Highness's station ? -No, I I ask you as to your belief ?-He may, never thought it was.

or he may not. During the voyage and journey to the Did you see him in any other tent?East, was there


additional order con- No, I did not. I retired to my own tent ferred on Bergami?-I don't know when when I came off my horse, and there I ther it can be called an order. The thing slept till dinner-time. was spoken of by her Royal Highness Did you ever see the wife of Bergami? many months before she set out on the No. journey. She said she would make a Did

you know any other of Bergami's little recompence to those who accom- family besides Louis Bergami ? Yes ; panied her, and give them some mark of there were others in the family. distinction as a memento, rather than a Having seen these relations of Bergarecompense.

mi dine at her Royal Highness's table, I I asked you if there was any additional ask you, did you ever see the Baroness order conferred on Bergami?-There was. Bergami there?- Never.

What was it? It was called the Order Neither at the Villa d'Este, nor at Peof St Caroline.

saro, nor at the Barona ?-Neither at one Was he one of the knights of this or- nor the other. der ? —He was.

How far is Barona from Milan ?-Two Was he Grand Master of the order?- miles. I believe he was. It was so said in the Then am I to understand that you diploma.

have seen his mother, his brother, and Was there any other order conferred others of his relations, dining at her Royal en Bergami during that journey? -Yes. Highness's table ; you never saw his wife The Order of St Sepulchre.

there at any time or in any place ?-I Do you know whether that order was never saw his wife. purchased for Bergami?-I have not the How long were you in the service of slightest idea. I don't think it was. her Royal Highness ? - Three years.

Was there any other person who re- Did the Baroness Bergami never come ceived that order ?- There was ; Count to see her child at her Royal Highness's Schiavini and William Austin.

house during the whole of that period ? Were you present when that order was -I never saw her. conferred on Bergami ?-I was.

Re-examined.-You have stated that Where was it? - It was a place called you believed Bergami to have slept under the Temple of the Resurrection, near Je- the tent: what was your reason for berusalem.

lieving so ?-During the squalls which In going to Jerusalem, did you repose occurred whilst we were off the coast or under tents ?-We did.

Caramania, and which made her Royal

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Highness go below, Bergami told me son to think that any third person, male
that the sea came into the tent: now, he or female, slept in the teni?--I do not
must have been in the tent to have known know.

Can you swear that you never saw Ber| You have stated, in answer to my gami kiss the Princess ?-I will swear learned friend, that you thought it ne- that I never saw him kiss the Princess. cessary that some person should sleep I understood you to say, on a late near the Princess, under the tent. I now part of your cross-examination, that you ask you what, as you believe, was the thought it necessary that a person should ground of that necessity ?--It was never sleep under the tent with the Princess : mentioned to me, but I never considered I beg to ask from what you conceive that it otherwise than necessary; for the Prin- necessity to arise ?-I never represented cess to have been sleeping on deck by her- the necessity myself; but, on the occaself would not have been right at all. sion of speaking of it, I must confess I

You have stated that Bergami was thought it necessary for somebody to be made Grand Master of the Order of St near her Royal Highness. A woman alone Caroline; do you know who were ap- on a ship's deck at sea, I should think pointed the knights of that order ?-I perfectly authorized in having some perwas one myself, Flynn was one, so was son near her. William Austin, as well as Hieronymus, I beg to ask you whether you would and, I think, Cameron. I think Dr like your wife-(No, no, and some laughMochetti was one also, in consequence of ter)—would you have any objection, or his coming as far as Naples with her conceive it improper, that Mrs Hownam Royal Highness; but he was not able to should so sleep in a tent with a male percome on, by reason of his not getting his son ?-Every man, I trust, looks at his passport in time from the Austrian go- wife without making any comparison or

exception. I never made any compariBy Earl Grey.-When you stated that you thought it necessary that some per- Then you cannot form any opinion upson should sleep with her Royal High- on it?--Í cannot. ness, did you mean to state that you I beg to know whether you see any imthought it necessary that some male at- propriety, situated as the tent was, with tendant should sleep near her Royal High- the hatches open, in a male and female so ness I did.

sleeping ?-I do not conceive that there Under the circumstances under which

was any impropriety, because if there had you believe Bergami to have slept un- been, I must have felt it. I have seen der the tent, did it convey to your mind the Princess in so many situations during any suspicion of an improper connexion her travels, that I do not look upon it as between him and the Princess ? -No, it improper. did not.

What do you mean by saying that you TI E of LIVERPOOL.- Do you have seen the Princess in so many situaknow whether the Barona belongs to Ber- tions during her travels ?--I have seen gami ?

her under a sorry shed at Ephesus, unMr Denman wished to learn what der which we should hardly put a cow in means of knowledge the witness had pos- this country, in the midst of horses, mules, sessed.

and Turks. It did not strike me as imDo you know whether Bergami is in proper. possession of the Barona ?-I do not know You said that the Princess played the at this moment.

part of an automaton?-Yes. Has he ever been ? I believe it was You said that the automaton was sold, his, but I do not know.

and consequently bought. What did the Was not the name changed to the Villa automaton do? was she sitting, lying, Bergami ?-I think it was.

running, or what?-In a box, standing
By the Earl of LIMERICK.-On the up, I think.
occasions when you state that

believe Do


think that these acts stated by Bergami slept in the tent, had you rea- you are consonant with the high dignity

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of the royal personage about whom we Earl of DARLINGTON.-Do you believe have been speaking? - I do not think them that Bergami reclined on the other bed any derogation from her Royal Highness's with his clothes on? --I do not think that rank, knowing the pleasure she takes in Bergami ever took his clothes off either, that sort of entertainment.

in the tent. I never saw any clothes on Earl GROSVENOR.--Had you any rea

that bed. son to believe that after the affair of Omp- Do you know where her Royal Highteda, and the attack on the Princess's ness changed her clothes on the return house at Genoa, from that or any other from Jaffa ? in the tent, or below ?-Becircumstances, that her Royal Highness low, in her cabin, I should think. I neentertained apprehensions for her per- ver saw her change her clothes on deck. sonal safety ? “I know she did, because (A laugh.) she mentioned it to me.

I apprehend you never saw her ehange And in consequence of such apprehen- her clothes ?-No, not anywhere. sions expressed to you, do you know that I ask

you how long it is since you have she deemed it necessary to be more close- seen Capt. Briggs ? --I saw him at Portsly attended than formerly by the male mouth about two months ago. part of her family ?-Yes ; I'have heard Had you any conversation with him her frequently say, after the attack, that on this subject ? Did any conversation she would always have some male person pass between you and him on this subnear her.

ject ?-On the subject of this inquiry? By the Marquis of DownSHIRE. I Yes, about this inquiry?-wish to ask whether any circumstance The ATTORNEY-GENERAL objected to occurred at the residence of her Royal conversation being received as evidence. Highness, which, coming to your know- Witness.-Captain Briggs declined haledge, occasioned the quarrel between you ving any conversation on the subject. and Ompteda ?-It arose from the confes- And you have never had, to the best sion of a servant. I saw the servant on of your recollection, any other conversahis knees begging pardon for his crime. tion with Captain Briggs since you were A Peer.-When you saw this man on

on board the Leviathan ?-I never had. his knees before her Royal Highness, did I have only seen him once. she make any reply to what he said ?-- If


had ever had any conversation She forgave him.

with Captain Briggs, do you think you Duke of ATHOL.-Was it for the Prin. would recollect it? - I think I should. cess of Wales's safety you considered it By Lord ELLENBOROUGH.-You say necessary that a male domesticshould sleep Captain Briggs declined having any conthere? --- Her Royal Highness thought so, versation on this subject. Did you proand I did not think otherwise.

pose any such conversation ?-The obYou have already stated, that, in your ject of my guing was that. It was for opinion, it was necessary; but that that myself. opinion you did not communicate to her What was your reason ?-1 had heard Royal Highness. From your last answer, that Captain Briggs was coming as a withowever, it appears that the Princess of ness against her Majesty : I thought it Wales made a communication to you. I could not be so, and declared at the time ask, did her Royal Highness actually com- that I thought it could not be so; and I municate to you that there was such a thought I would go and ask him myself. necessity ? --Not on that occasion, but What did you ask Captain Briggs? after the affair at Genoa.

I asked him if it was a fact that he was What was the danger to be apprehend- coming as a witness against her Majesty: ed on board the polacre ?-I don't know What answer did he give?--He said any immediate danger.

he thought he should be called; and addWas there any danger ?—I do not know ed, that his testimony should be nothing of any immediate danger-of any per- but what was honourable and just. sonal danger. If I had thought there was Was that the whole of his answer? danger, I should not have been easy in I think 50; I don't recollect any thing sleeping below.


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