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of the Countess of Oldi?-I had a very describe this dance generally, if you can good opportunity. I sat next to her every do so? (Much laughter.) day at dinner.

The LORD-CHANCELLOR. -Recollect, I now ask you, whether or not the Mr Williams, that Sir William Gell has Countess of Oldi is a person of low and got the gout. (Laughter.) vulgar manners ? Certainly not.

Give me any description, verbally, of What are the appearance and demean- the manner in which this dance is usualour of the Countess ?-Very pleasing: ly performed ?-I believe every one has she is rather good-looking, and is a very seen the Spanish Bolero danced at our modest lady.

theatres: it is very like that. In one Upon any occasion, when Bergami has part of the dance the two performers come to see you, or you have been obli- come together, sometimes in an attitude ged to see him, and the Queen was not of defiance, and sometimes in an amorpresent, what were his conduct and de ous attitude. The same dance prevails meanour towards you, as to manner ? throughout the south of Europe. Every On all such occasions he was more re- body, ladies and gentlemen, saw it withspectful than was necessary. He gene- out making any particular remark. I rally required to be pressed before he sat believe it prevails from Madrid to China. down.

It is common in every part of Italy. You have been for a considerable time During the time that you were at Nain Italy? I have been there almost ever ples, in attendance on the Princess, were since the Queen first went abroad. there many families in the habit of visit

I want to know whether, according to ing her ?--A great many. Every body the habits of that country, it is usual for that was there, I believe. All persons of men-servants to go into the bed-rooms while the ladies are in bed ?- I believe it Did the Neapolitan nobility visit her? is not at all uncominon. I believe it is --All the Neapolitan nobility, and all very usual.

the English, I think, that were there. Did you know Baron Ompteda ?--Yes, Can you tell whether the English noI did.

bility, of whom you are speaking, were Have you known, yourself, of your own presented, or attended at the Court of the knowledge, of his dining with the Queen, then King of Naples, Joachim?-I be while her Majesty was Princess of Wales? lieve every one, without exception. -Yes, certainly ; I saw him at the Can you name any of those who were Queen's table, at dinner.

in the habit of attending either the Court Once, or more than once? -I cannot or balls of Murat?- The Marquis of Sli. remember more than once, at this mo- go, the Marquis and Marchioness of Coment; I mean at the Queen's table: I nyngham, the Earl and Countess of Oxhave met him at other tables.

ford, Lord Lynedoch, Lord and Lady You have been in the East, Sir Wil. Holland, the Earl and Countess of Llanliam? Yes.

daff, Lady Elizabeth Forbes, and many Pray have you been ever in the habit others. of seeing a Moorish dance ?-Yes, not And many others? -Yes, many others only in the Eastern countries, but in that I do not recollect. Spain.

Was it there or at Genoa that Lord Mr Park objected to any question re- Exmouth dined with the Queen ?- I do lative to the mode of dancing adopted in not know any thing of Lord Exmouth. foreign countries.

When you were at Rome on the last The LORD CHANCELLOR.--I see no ob- occasion, do you know whether Bergami jection to a question which tends to shew was received in the families of the Rothat a particular dance exists. The fact man nobility ?-I do not know at all, must afterwards be contrasted with that but I do not believe that he went out. which has been previously given in evi- By Lord ELLENBOROUGH.--Did you dence.

observe any thing in the conduct of the Mr WILLIAMS resumed. - Will you Princess towards Begami in her conver.

not sure.

sation, manners, or looks, to induce you to entertain the idea that there was an

JOHN WHITCOMB, adulterous intercourse between them ?- [Valet to Mr Craven, while at Naples. ] Upon my honour, I never saw the Queen Do you recollect, on the first night of speak to Bergami but on matters of bu- her Royal Highness's arrival at Naples, siness, though I was in the house three in what room Bergami slept?-No; I am months together.

I wish for a more distinct answer?- Have you ever seen the room in which (The question was read over to the wit- he slept ---Not the first room; I never ness)-I never did.

was in it. Did you observe any thing in the con- Do you recollect the second room in duct of Bergami towards the Princess which he slept ?—Perfectly well. that would have been different from that - Was there a passage communicating of an English gentleman ?-Nothing, but with that room at one end, and at the that he was

more attentive. (Sone other with the room in which the Prinlaughter.)

cess slept ?_There was a passage which Earl of LAUDERDALE. — Did Louis led from one end of the house to the other, Bergami dine at table at Villa Grande ? to the end in which Bergami slept at the - Sometimes.

other end of the terrace. At table with the Princess ?--At the

Do you remember where Madam De same table.

Mont, the Princess's femme de chambre, Did you ever see Bergami's mother? - slept ?-She slept in another room, over Never to my knowledge.

Dr Holland's, the stairs of which led from Where did Bergami sit at table, when the passage. you were there also ?-Generally speak- Have you ever been in that room?-ing, somewhere on the left of her Royal Yes, frequently. Highness.

Have you ever been in that room by Did he sit next her Royal Highness, night, as well as by day ? --Late as well or at a distance ? -Sometimes next, and as early. sometimes at a distance.

At the time you have been in that When you were at the same table ? room, has Madame De Mont been there When I was at the same table.

also ?-Yes, she invited me generally to Did you sit on the opposite side of the go there. Queen - I generally sat where there was When you have been in that room, has no company, on the right side of the there been any person there except yourQueen.

self and De Mont?- There was, someAnd Bergami on the left ?--Sometimes, times, Creci (Annesti we used to call her); but when the table was square, round but it was seldom long that she stayed the corner.

when I was there. I also beg to know what situation Have you, then, been long in that Louis Bergami held in the establishment room with De Mont ?-Very frequently. of the Princess at that time? I believe At the time you have been so long with he was chamberlain at that moment. her, has the door been locked or not?

Where might Louis Bergami usually Locked and bolteil. sit when he thus formed one part of the The Solicitor-GENERAL objected to company ?-Generally at the other end of the last part of the examination. It was the table.

impossible not to see the object for which By the Lord CHANcellon, at the in- the learned gentleman had put the last stance of the SoliciTOR-GENERAL.- question; and that, he apprehended, was When the Princess appeared in the Turk- not an object which could be legally purish dress, did she not wear trowsers ?- sued by him. He supposed that it was I happen to know what the trowsers were, unnecessary for him to argue the point. and I beg to explain them. (Explain, Mr TINDALL.-We will not, then, explain.) They were very much like push this matter any further, my

lords. the common petticoat, sewed slightly be- The LORD ChanceLLOR.—Really you tween the legs at the bottom; such as have pushed it already as far as you posthey are very often worn in the Levant. sibly could.

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Cross-examined.-In going along the How many other carriages had her passage had you Dr Holland's room in Majesty with her in that journey? Two the corner on your right?-Yes.

Was there not a small room on your What sort of carriages were these two ? left ?-Yes, there was.

One was a bascatella ; the other a caWas it not an unoccupied room?-I ratella. believe so.

On that journey, in which of the three Beyond that unoccupied room, and carriages did her Majesty herself travel ? next to it, was not the room of Bergami? - In the landaulet. -Yes.

Had the landaulet glasses, as is usual So that Bergami's room was at the end with such carriages ? —Yes, of the passage you first described, and at Had it wooden blinds ?-Yes, it had. the left of the small passage you now de- Had it any curtains ?-It had. scribe ? Yes.

What sort of curtains ? -Silk. Was there not a door from Bergami's Does the witness mean silk curtains room to the passage you have first de- that drew aside, or up and down, with scribed ?-I am not certain if there was springs ?-They were things which were a door.

pulled down by means of two strings that Speak positively; was there not a door kept the curtain combined, and were liftor passage ?-I think there was a door or ed up by springs. passage ; but whether there was a parti- Do you remember her Royal Highness tion between that door or passage and leaving Rome to go to Sinigaglia ?- I do. Bergaini's I do not know.

Do you know a person of the name of Was there any mode of going to Ber- Sacchi, or Sacchini, who was in her Royal gami's room by that passage? Yes, there Highness's service - I know Sacchi.

Did he accompany her Royal Highness By a door?-Yes, I think so.

on the journey you have just been speakYou have described Bergami's room as ing of ?-He did. being a small one, looking towards the How did he travel on that journey? garden. Was it a corner room near a From Milan to Ancona on horseback; small cabinet ?-It was a corner room ; from Ancona to Loretto, and from LoI cannot say whether there was a ca- retto to Rome, he set off, in the evening, binet.

a day before her Royal Highness, in the Was there not a small cabinet imme- caratella, and I mounted myself on horsediately beyond it?-I cannot say. back, and accompanied the Queen into

Was there not, in the passage you first Rome. described, a small staircase occupied by Did you mount on horseback at AnDe Mont?-Yes.

cona or Loretto ?-At Loretto. Opposite that staircase, or near it, was Now, when her Royal Highness left there not another door? I am not sure; Rome for Sinigaglia, did Sacchi travel I cannot charge my memory with it. with her, and how did he travel ?-He

Was it not parallel to the second pas- travelled in the caratella, as before ; and sage you described between the Princess's I on horseback, with the carriage. room and Bergami's ? - There was, I How long before her Royal Highness know, a sort of inward room or passage, did Sacchi set out on that journcy in the or something of that description.

curatella ?Two hours before.

What was it his business to do on the CARLO FORTI,

journey, which rendered it necessary that [Had been head cabinet courier to the he should go two hours before her Royal Viceroy of Italy. Entered the Princess's Highness ? --He had to order horses, and service when she was setting out from to pay for the horses. Milan to Rome.]

How did you travel yourself on that On the journey from Milan to Rome, same journey ?--Always on horseback. in what carriage did the Princess travel ? Did you accompany the carriage on -In a small English landaulet.

horseback ?--Always.


When you came near any stage, did to Rome, or from Rome to Sinigaglia, you go before her Royal Highness's car- that this accident happened ? --It was on riage? - Yes, about half a mile before the journey from Loretto to Rome. the end of a stage.

After leaving Rome to go to Sinigaglia, Do you mean to say, that at this half- did De Mont, or any other person except mile, before the end of a stage, you al- the Countess of Oldi and the Baron, ever ways rode before her Royal Highness's travel in the carriage with her Royal carriage ? - I do.

Highness ?—There did not. Did' Sacchi order horses for her Royal On that journey, was the Countess of Highness in the way you have described, Oldi always in the carriage, and always going before her in the caratella, during in the middle, as far as you saw?-She the whole of that journey from Rome to was. Sinigaglia?-He did ; and he paid for Did

you always see her in that situathem at the same time,

tion, in the morning, when her Majesty Did any other person ride as a courier arrived any where ?-Morning, as well for her Royal Highness on that journey? as evening, I saw her, for I was always

there. If there had been any one else, must As courier to her Royal Highness, was you have seen him ?-Certainly, because it the practice to speak to her Royal HighI was always there.

ness, or to any other person in the car: Did any other courier, or person on riage, at the time you were travelling? horseback, except yourself, accompany - When they arrived at the end of a her Royal Highness on that journey? - stage, and that the carriage was stopped, No one except myself.

then I knocked against the door of the Now, who travelled with her Royal carriage, and asked whether they wanted Highness in the landaulet on that occa- any thing. sion ?-There were in it, besides her While travelling in this way, in what Royal Highness, the Countess of Oldi, situation were the windows of the care Bergami, and Victorine.

riage at night? had they glasses or blinds ? On whose lap did Victorine generally - In the front there was the glass, and, sit during this journey ?--Very often she on the right and left sides, at all times was on the knees of her Royal Highness. during the night, they put up the blinds.

Did you see her (Victorine) sometimes Did you ever see the Baron kiss the in the morning sitting on the Countess Princess at any time on taking leave of of Oldi's knees ? Sometimes I did. her, or at any other time ?--No; I ne

Where did the Countess of Oldi sit in ver saw him kiss the Princess. (The witthe carriage ? - In the middle.

ness accompanied his answer by a serious Do you mean in the middle, between shake of the head.) the Baron and her Royal Highness ? Did you ever see the Baron take leave Her Royal Highness was on the right, of the Princess on any occasion ?-Yes, the Baron on the left, and the Countess I have. in the middle.

What did the Baron do on taking leave Do you recollect whether, during any of her Royal Highness ? - He kissed her part of the journey from Milan to Rome, hand, and nothing else. or from Rome to Sinigaglia, the Countess Did you yourself, on taking leave of of Oldi was in one of the other carriages ? her Royal Highness, kiss her Royal High; -At Loretto the Countess fell, and went ness's hand in the same manner ? --I into the second carriage.

have. Whose place did she take at that time? Did the other members of her Royal -She took the place of De Mont. Highness's suit do the same thing?

Where did De Mont go when the Yes, the chamberlain ; and it was done Countess of Oldi took her place ?-She by all those gentlemen who came to visit took the place of the Countess of Oldi. her Royal Highness.

Do you mean that she took Oldi's place Were you in the practice of kissing the in the middle of the landaulet ? --I do. hand of the persons of rank whom you

Was it on the journey from Loretto formerly served ? I did so to the Vice

Queen, as well as to the Empress Jose. She dined sometimes with her Royal phine.

Highness, and sometimes in a room by Cross-examined. When did you last herself. see Bergami? -The last time I saw him Where did Faustina dine ? -Always was at St Omer's.

in her own room. Did Bergami travel with her Majesty Do you mean to swear that Faustina the Queen as far as St Omer's ?-He did. always dined in her own room ?-I can

Do you know the wife of Bergami?- not swear that she always dined there; Yes, I do.

but I saw that she did not dine with the Where does she live?--At Milan. others.

I believe Bergami is called the Baron Where did Louis Bergami dine ? de la Francini ? -Yes, he is.

Sometimes he dined with her Royal HighIs his wife styled the Baroness de la ness, sometimes he did not. Francini?-I never heard it.

Have you ever seen Bergami's wife in LIEUTENANT John Flynn, company with her Royal Highness ? --I [Received the command of the polacre have never seen her.

in which her Royal Highness went from Whereabout does Bergami's wife re- Messina to Tunis.] side? at Milan, or in the neighbour- Do you know the situation of the bedhood ?-She lives in Milan.

rooms that were occupied by her Royal In what part of Milan ?-She lives Highness, and by Bergami, during the near the gate of Ticerina ; but I cannot whole voyage ?-I do. describe the place very exactly.

I wish to know whether, at any time, Have you ever been at her house ?--I in the situation in which the beds of those have.

two individuals were placed, it was posWhat sort of a house is it where she sible for them to see one another while in lives? - It is a neat house, that suits a bed ?--I say, no (emphatically.) private individual.

Did your duty lead you to attend her In what manner does the wife of Bere Royal Highness, and to see the arrangegami live there ? -She lives as all other ment of the apartinents ? --I have somepersons do.

times been called for by her Royal HighIn what manner :-In the style of a ness to know how the weather was. private person.

From what place did she call to you? I wish the witness would describe, -From her cabin. more particularly, the style in which she Did she ever call you from any other lives? --In truth, for my part, I have ne place in the night-time ? - Yes, when ver been in her house, to inquire what sleeping under a tent upon deck. she did, or did not.

What was Gargiulo's situation on board Has she any servants ?-She has ser- the ship ?-He was captain of the ship. vants, and a waiting-maid.--(Cries of Was he acting captain, or master ? -I No! no ! intimated that the answer was was acting captain, by the order of her not correctly translated.)

Majesty. All the orders from her MaHow many servants has she?

She has jesty were given to me, and by me to the a man-servant, and a maid, who performs master of the ship. the office of waiting-inaid.

Did Gargiulo's duty call him to attend Do you recollect

Bergami's mother ? the bed-rooms, or the person of her Royal Yes, I do.

Highness ? -No; most assuredly not. Did she live in the house of her Royal Was it his duty to attend her Majesty, Highness ?-She came once to pass a few unless an order was given him by you to days at the Villa Caprini.

do so ?- No. You say a few days; how many days Was he in the habit of coming into her did she remain ?-She remained two Royal Highness's room of his own accord ? months, more or less.

-He might have done it of his own acWhen the mother of Bergami was at cord; but he could not without receiving the Villa Caprini, where did she dine? some orders from me.

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