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time when he filled the function of Quar- In what estimation was Bergami held ter-master in the first regiment of Italian by the other officers ?-He was very well hussars.

liked, and considered as an honest man In what year was that ?-It was about (un hounete homme.) the conclusion of the year 1800, or the By Earl CathCART. What are the beginning of the year 1801.

grades inferior to the rank of quarterWhat was the general conduct of Bere master?--The lowest is that of brigadier ; gami at that time? The conduct of Ber. then that of mareschal de logis; and then gami at that time was that of a non-com- quarter-master, which, however, somemissioned officer, who had nothing to re- times signifies the same thing. proach himself with; and, in short, the You can probably inform us whether conduct of a good military man.

the rank of mareschal de logis corresponds Did you ever observe him holding any with the grade of sergeant in the infan. intercourse with the General Galemberti? try?-It does. --Certainly.

Did you ever understand Bergami to be Were they of the same country ? General Pino's own servant ?- No: there They came from the same part of Italy, is a difference, in Italy, between the oras I understood.

dinary office of courier, and the same ofDid you ever observe them at the same fice when attached to personal rank ; a parties or suppers ? I do not recollect; person in the latter situation is not comI believe not.

monly regarded as a domestic servant. Did you ever see him, not at suppers, but at evening parties ? I cannot re

EARL OF LLANDAFF collect to have met him ; but I well know [Was at Naples in 1815, when he frethat he frequented the house of General quently visited her Royal Highness, along Galemberti,

with the Countess. ] Where and in what year was it that What society did your lordship and you met with Bergami a second time?-- the Countess meet there ? -The generaIt was on the frontiers of Spain, either in lity of English there, and all Neapolitan 1808 or in 1809, when Marshal St Cyr noblesse, of course. commanded a division of the French ar- During the time that your lordship my at that time entering the Spanish had that intercourse with the Princess of dominions.

Wales, did you observe any impropriety In whose service, or in what employ- in her conduct ?-No. ment, was Bergami at that time? --He Did your lordship observe any thing was engaged in the household of General in the demeanour or habits-(I need Pino, and also attached to a division of hardly ask the question)-but did you the Italian army.

observe any thing that made it all in proWhat was the treatment that he recei- per for you or the Countess to associate ved from General Pino ?-As far as I had with her Royal Highness?--Not the least. the means of observation, I recollect that Was Bergami there?-Yes. he was treated by General Pino with Did you see him ?-Yes. much kindness, and entire confidence. Did you observe any thing at all im

Did you yourself know General Pino, proper in the conduct of her Royal Highand visit him subsequently ?-I visited ness towards Bergami, or of Bergami tohim whenever the service made it incum- wards her Royal Highness ?-Never. bent on me to do so.

Did your lordship ever afterwards, afDid you ever see Bergami at any of ter leaving Naples, meet with her Royal those periods ?-Sometimes, not always. Highness ? -Yes, at Venice.

Do you, of your own knowledge, know At what time of the year?-In June that Bergami sometimes dined at General or July. Pino's tableI-I cannot affirm that.

Does your lordship recollect at what In what manner did General Pino hotel you lived ?-I believe it was at the usually behave to him ?-He appeared to Hotel d'Angleterre. me to treat him on all occasions as an in- Where did her Royal Highness live? dividual possessing his fullest confidence. -At the same hotel.

not sure.

Did you there renew your intercourse Did the Marquis Gizilleghiri mention with her Royal Highness ?-I did.

any person to you as fit to supply the Was the Countess with your lordship place of the discharged servant :Yes, a there?-Yes.

person whom I afterwards found to be Did you there observe any thing im- called Bergami. proper --Not the least.

Will you state whether the Marquis reDid you ever happen to go into her commended Bergami as a person fit to be Royal Highness's chamber?-Yes, I went received and trusted in the service of her in the morning into her sitting-room. Royal Highness ?—I recollect that he did.

Did your lordship knock ? I cannot He recommended him very strongly. take on myself to say.

Do you recollect whether he stated that Does your lordship recollect ever go- he had any knowledge of Bergami's faing without knocking ?-I cannot recol- mily?-I recollect that he stated that he lect: I rather think I did-for this rea- had known Bergami's family long, and son, that I had a child to whom her that he was particularly interested in the Royal Highness took a fancy. But I am success of Bergami.'

Did you know Bergami before the MarDoes your lordship recollect having quis recommended him as a fit person to knocked -No, any more than not ha- serve her Royal Highness ?-Not at all. ving knocked.

Were you desired by her Royal HighWere you in Italy any time besides ness the Princess of Wales to make the the months you have mentioned ?--I was inquiries which you did for such a serthere two years.

vant? I was. Your lordship can say whether it is Did you communicate the result of the practice in Italy for men as well as such inquiries to her Royal Highness ? women to visit ladies in the morning in I did. their bed-chambers ? --It is very common Did you receive any communication for men, as well as women.

from the Marquis about Bergami?-Do men, as well as women, see women did. in bed? Yes.

Did you make known that communicaDoes your lordship know, from your tion to her Royal Highness ?-Yes. I own knowledge, and your own practice told her that the Marquis Gizilieghiri and experience (a laugh), that it is so ? had a person whom he wished to recomI have many times visited of a morning, mend—that he said that he could recomwhen the lady was in bed.

mend him strongly, having known his Was that in the ordinary intercourse of family for a long time, and that he wishsociety ?-It was.

ed to get for him a good situation. Your lordship speaks of ladies of high Did you state to her Royal Highness character and respectability?-Yes, so far any thing about the situation in wbich he as I know.

was to be engaged ?-I told her all that

the Marquis had saidl. The Marquis said The Hon. KEPPEL CRAVEN he hoped that he would be continued in [Was the Princess's Chamberlain in 1814, the family. and left her at Naples, being four months Did the Marquis say any thing about later than had been originally fixed. Af- Bergami's being promoted?--He said that ter leaving Milan, a courier was dischar- he hoped that Bergami, if he behaved ged.]

well, would be promoted. He likewise Do you recollect, whether, in conse- added, that he hoped that Bergami might quence of that circumstance, you applied remain as a servant out of livery in the to the Grand Chamberlain of Austria to house, if her Royal Highness stopped assign you a person to supply his place ? long at any place. -I applied to the Marquis Gizilieghiri Did you go to Naples along with her for that purpose, who had been appointed Royal Highness ?-I did. by General Bellegarde to attend on her Did any thing particular occur on your Royal Highness, during her stay at Mi- arrival at Naples?-We were met at a Jan, in the capacity of chamberlain. short distance from the town by the then

was told.


Do you

King of Naples : first of all by his offi- was that of the Genius of History, as I cers; afterwards by the King himself.

Do you recollect any person calling on · Did you see her in that dress I did her Majesty the day after she arrived at for a short time. Naples ?-Yes, the then King and Queen Will you state whether it was in the of Naples called upon her.

smallest degree improper or indecent ?-Do you recollect where her Majesty I don't recollect that it was at all indined that day?-She dined at Court. decent.

Was there any entertainment given at Do you recollect how that dress was Court after dinner ? ---Yes, a small con- about the breasts? - It was a dress of

white drapery, that came up very high to Do you know how late her Majesty re- the breast-very high. mained at that concert? --She left it about

recollect what dress she wore half-past eleven o'clock.

before that dress ?-I do not know enDid you leave it with her ?-Yes, I tirely; but I think that it was a Turkish was in waiting

dress; the last dress which she wore was On the second entire day, after her the Neapolitan dress. Royal Highness's arrival at Naples, do As far as you can recollect, at this disyou happen to recollect where she passed tance of time, might it have been possible the evening ?-I do; she spent it at the for her Royal Highness to have put on Opera.

the dress of the Genius of History over Did you go with her that evening ? her Turkish dress ?-- I don't know, beYes; her whole suite accompanied her cause I did not notice that dress much ; there.

but I think it certainly might have been Were there any other persons whom put on over the Turkish dress. you recollect with her?_We went from Would it be necessary that her Royal her house to the Palace, and from thence Highness's dress should be entirely chanto the Opera with the King and the ged when her Royal Highness shifted her Court.

dress from that of the Turkish peasant to Do you recollect the box in which her that of the Genius of History ?-It would Royal Highness was seated ?- I do; she not be necessary entirely to change it; I sat in the state-box, with the King and should think it might be got on by chanQueen.

ging only a part of her dress. Do you recollect whether there was Bergami, you have told us, was enga. any illumination in the house that evene ged at Milan : Did he attend her Royal ing?—The whole house was illuminated Highness from Milan to Naples, and in honour of her Royal Highness. were you in her service all that time

Did you return home early, or how, Yes. that evening ? -No, the Opera at Naples Did you ever observe any impropriety is always late, and we remained till the of conduct, or any degrading familiarity, conclusion.

to pass between her Royal Highness and Do you remember a masquerade, or a Bergami, during the time which elapsed masked ball, that was given by her Royal from Bergami's engagement at Milan, till Highness as a compliment to the reigning your departure from Naples ?-I never King ?-I do.

did. Do you recollect the dress of her Royal Have you dined subsequently at table Highness upon that evening ?--I do. She with Bergami and the Queen ?--I have. had three dresses; two of them I recol- Frequently ?-Three times. lect very well; the other I do not recol- On any of those occasions did you

oblect so well, as I only saw it for an in- serve any sort of impropriety pass be

tween them ?-Never. Will you mention the nature of the Do you know the Countess of Oldi?two dresses which you recollect ?-One I have seen her once. was a Turkish dress; another was the Is she a person of vulgar manners ?dress of a Neapolitan peasant; the third No (in a decided tone).



Do you remember having any conver- veyed to me from England. That being sation with her Majesty about William the case, I thought it necessary to caution Austin, before the journey to Naples ? - her Royal Highness about any outward Yes, I do.

appearances, which might be misconWill you state what that conversation strued. was ?-I think that I told her, before she When you saw her Royal Highness on set out for Italy, that it would be as well the terrace, how was she employed ? was if William Austin should cease to sleep she walking ? - She was walking. in her room.

And Bergami also; he was walking on Did you state to her Majesty any rea- the terrace?-He was walking there also. son for giving her that advice ?-Í said In the same direction with her Royal that the people of Italy might make some Highness ?-Yes. observations upon the circumstance. The Earl of Belmore.-Does Mr

Did you say any thing about Austin's Craven know whether her Majesty the age ?--Í said that he was of an age that Queen conferred any further honours might apply to such observations. upon Bergami, than elevating him from

Do you know what his age was at that his courier’s place to his station as a gentime I do not.

tleman ?-I do not of my own knowledge. Was it 6 or 7 years ?-It was 13 or 14, I know nothing further but what I heard according to my idea; but I had no means by_general report. of judging, except by his looks.

LORD COMBERMERE.—When you saw Did you dine with her Royal Highness Bergami walking on the terrace, how was in general?--Yes, whenever she had com- he situated towards her Majesty ?-He pany.

walked a little in the rear. When you were .so dining with her That is, as a servant attending his misMajesty, did it ever happen that you saw tress ?-Yes. the Baron Ompteda at her table - Yes, What harm was there in that?-I saw very often. On those occasions, which you

describe Then why did you think it necessary to be frequent, when the Baron Ompteda to give her Majesty the hint ?-I saw no dined at her Majesty's table, had Theo- impropriety, but to put her Majesty as dore Majocci any opportunity of seeing much on her guard as possible. him ?-He must have seen him when waiting at table.

Sir WILLIAM GELL, Did he often wait at table ?—Every [Had served the Princess as chamberlain, day when there was company.

and joined in communicating to her the Cross-examined. Did you ever, either recommendation of Bergami as a courier.] to Lady Charlotte Lindsay or any other On any of the occasions in which the person, state that you' had made repre- subject was mentioned, can you recollect sentations to her Royal Highness as to what the Marquis said of Bergami in the what had been observed, with respect to presence of the Queen ?-He said that he her Royal Highness and Bergami, on the knew Bergami's family, that they had terrace of the garden attached to the fallen into distress by the events of the house at Naples ?--I did say so, but not French Revolution, but the man himself to Lady Charlotte Lindsay ; I mention- was perfectly honourable, honest, and ed it to a person at Naples ; I mention- trustworthy, and would be found so in ed that I spoke to her Royal Highness any situation in which he was employed. about it, but that was with regard to He stated that Bergami was above the what “I” had observed.

office into which he was about to enter, You will have the goodness to state and he hoped that the Princess, if he bewhat you saw, and what you represent- haved well in the family, as he was most ed? I saw her Royal Highness walking certain he would, would gradually adin the garden, and Bergami near lier. I vance him in her household. knew that there was a spy too, at that Did you see the Marquis Gizilieghiri time, in Naples; I had received informa- take leave of Bergami at any time?-Yes, tion to that effect, which had been con- I did.

In what manner did he conduct him- tired, and indeed unable to attend her in self then towards Bergami? -I remember the way she travelled ; I had been prewhen Bergami was about to mount his viously much troubled with the gout. horse at Milan, the Marquis went up to Did you afterwards meet or see her take leave of him. It was in the public several times ?- I did. streets of Milan, and the Marquis was Do you remember the first of those oce dressed in his uniform as Chamberlain to casions ?-Yes, I met her Royal Highthe Emperor of Austria; he was also at ness on her return from Palestine, and the time attended, I believe, by his de- accompanied her to Rome, where I went puty chamberlain, and I think other Aus- into waiting. trian officers. The Marquis, on this oc- How long did you remain in waiting? casion, advanced to Bergami, took him During the period of her Royal Highround the neck, and kissed each of his ness's stay at Rome. cheeks, according to the general custom Do you recollect whether any persons of salutation in Italy.

of distinction visited her during that peDo you mean the custom among equals, riod ? -_Many persons of distinction waitor between a master and an inferior peró ed on her, and paid her their respects. son ?-I mean among equals, certainly; Have you any clear recollection on that perhaps no otherwise.

subject ?--I have; I presented many myDo you remember the Queen's having self. I distinctly remember, as a circumgiven an entertainment to the King of stance which I thought remarkable at the Naples ? –Yes, I was present, and re- time, that, whilst several members of the member it perfectly well.

house of Bourbon attended in their own Do you remember the ceremony of proper character, their name was adopted crowning a bust?-Yes, I remember it. by some princes of the house of Braganza:

How did it take place ? -The attention I mean of the reigning family in Portuof the company was directed to a door gal. The Count de Blacas also attended. which was thrown open for an instant, Have you been in attendance on her just this way, (Sir William here moved Majesty lately; that is, on any recent ochis hand to and fro, as if opening and casion - I waited on her Majesty seveclapping door), and a duchess, a count- ral days during her progress through the ess, and a marquis of the Neapolitan no- Roman territory, after she had succeedbility, were seen. One of the ladies pla- ed to the title of Queen of England. ced a wreath of olive upon the statute, When you saw the Queen at Rome, on and the door was instantly closed again. the last occasion to which you have allu

Do you recollect the sort of dress which ded, did you see Bergami :-Yes, several her Royal Highness wore upon that occasion ?-As far as I have any distinct Did you see Bergami as well in the recollection of that circumstance, it was presence of the Queen as when she was a dress resembling that of the Cariatides; not there ?-Yes, several times. the drapery was that of Mr Hope's Mi- Now, I first ask you, Sir William Gell,

whether or not, in the demeanour of the Did it resemble the drapery attached Queen towards Bergami, or in the deto the figure that you mention ?-It cer- meanour of Bergami towards the Queen, tainly did.

you saw any thing indecorous or improIn point of fact, was it a long and per ?—Not in the least. ample dress ?-It was.

In what manner did Bergami conduct [Sir William agreed with Mr Craven himself towards the Queen on the occaas to the reception of her Majesty at Na- sions when you saw them together ?ples, and what happened at the opera, Always with respect. He did every thing and at the theatre of St Carlos.]. that he ought to do. He did nothing

Did you quit her Royal Highness at that appeared to me extraordinary or parNaples; and if you did, what were your ticular. reasons for so doing?-I quitted her Royal Had you an opportunity of judging of Highness with her permission ; I was the conduct, demeanour, and manners,



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